Lord Jamar Discusses Jay Z Wearing Five-Percent Chain

Lord Jamar explains why he believes the white man is the devil.

During a newly-published interview with Vlad TV, Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar, who has been a member of the Five-Percent Nation for 30 years, shared his thoughts on fellow artist Jay Z wearing a Five-Percent Nation chain last year.

He says that he’s unaware of what Jay Z’s standing with the organization is, and clarified that he is not upset with the Brooklyn lyricist’s decision to wear the chain. Lord Jamar then added that if anything, the rapper wearing the chain raises awareness about the Five-Percent Nation.

“There’s been little hints,” Jamar said. “I’ve heard him for a while now dropping little things in his music. Saying little—Giving slight acknowledgement to the Gods. And shit, even to us. You know? ‘Only God can judge me, so I’m gone. Either love me or leave me alone.’ And especially on the last album. On that Holy Grail he got a song called ‘Heaven’ where he’s shouting out the Gods basically…But as far as actually coming out and proclaiming that he’s God and coming amongst the Gods and building with the Gods. And making knowledge born. Making understanding understood. He has not done that. That’s something that if he is interested in obtaining the knowledge of self or if he has been studying unbeknownst to us, that’s something that we’d like to know. Because we’d love to welcome him in and make sure what he’s learning he’s learning correctly.

“But usually someone who’s not in the Five-Percent Nation doesn’t wear our flag,” he added. “You know what I mean? That’s something that’s usually reserved for people within the Nation…I’m not upset with him. It’s not like I’m upset that he’s wearing it. I think it’s actually—It’s helping to raise awareness about us.”

Lord Jamar was later asked if he agrees with the alleged Five-Percent Nation belief that the white man is the devil. He replied with a yes, but then broke down the Five-Percent Nation’s beliefs about devil and God as well as black and white.

“Yep,” Lord Jamar said when asked if he believes the white man is the devil. “But now with that being said white people come from the black man. And the original devil, the strongest devil is a black devil. So, are white people devils by themselves? No. They come from a stronger version of the devil, which was the original black man. And when we speak of God and devil we are not speaking in the same terms that you would think of a God and devil how you’ve been traditionally taught as far as within religion. We redefine what God and devil is and what it means to us. And it’s not anything spooky. It’s a frame of mind, basically. And even white and black is not necessarily a skin color. It’s a frame of mind. So, is the white man the devil? Yes, he is.”

The release of Vlad TV’s interview with Lord Jamar comes weeks after Jay Z presented rapper Jay Electronica with a Five-Percent Nation chain during his performance at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this month. Jay Z gifting the New Orleans lyricist with the chain was recently addressed in a letter Minister Louis Farrakhan wrote.

“So, if someone offered me what Brother Jay Electronica was offered by Brother Jay Z, I too would accept it with the biggest smile on my face, for I too, as all of us in The Nation of Islam, are The Five Percent: Poor Righteous Teachers who are called to teach the 85 Percent, and free them from the chains of slavery and subservience as tools of the 10 Percent,” Minister Farrakhan said in his letter, which was posted on the Final Call website this week.



  • regulator

    yo jamar. can i punch you in the face? bitch ass nigga

  • Joseph Barnt

    Only one racial group has the power to pretend that racism does not exist. White skin is a benefit, a source of power and privilege. Nonwhite skin is a liability. White society collectively imposes its power on people of color and benefits from the exercise of that power. The opposite is not true; none of the other racial groups in America have the collective power to control or dominate white society.

  • G Science

    Peace. People always want to ask the gods what they think about the white man. We have had white Five Percenters since our early days. We are not anti white or even pro black. Anyone that does devilment can be a devil. The white man is not a main focus of our teaching. We are more concerned with taking care of our families, educating young people, running businesses, etc. The core teachings are that the original man is the highest being in the universe and his true nature is to be civilized, righteous and productive.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar, please never stop pissing these white devils off, lol a bunch of white ppl saw this and their faces turned bright red like a baboons ass.

  • Anonymous

    Bruthadee a devil Be here yapping about whitey at the same time hating on a black who more official than him

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  • Anonymous

    All those pyramid organizations like that are clandetine theives anyway. They get all of there so called knowledge from stolen or disgruntle masonic brothers who couldnt move up in masonry so they decided to start they own organization. If it wasnt for the whiteman, these cats would even be hollering about a 5 percenter since an Egyptian brother who was a mason was the one who started the Shriners in 1870 in white mainstream masonry. If this never took place, I guarnatee you wouldnt be seeing none of these 5 percenter, NOI or cats claiming to be Moors. Trust me. The onlhy way I support these cats if only they keep black folks out of jail and thats all. But these organizations were still created from theivary. Thats the Truth so i dont pay none of that crap no attention.

  • IHateMorgy

    More of this racist old dude getting some shine. brilliant job as always danielle harling

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, This guy just spoke right out his a**. Is the white man the devil, yes, but they white man came from the black man so the black man is the devil too. STFU please. I've had enough of this clown talkin sh*t. Don't ever give this fool the chance to speak again. So sick of this fool.

    • Anonymous

      Jamar aint my hero but ill bet you nothing out here, you think how you live according to whitey laws makes you a better man We call you pussy

    • Jaks

      Shut your ignorant ass up dummy! You don't have Knowledge, wisdom or understanding of what Jamar is speaking on so you judge from an unenlightened position. Instead of asking questions the first thing you do when you don't understand something is dismiss it as being stupid and not making sense.

  • Anonymous

    Why do people keep interviewing this dumb ass. I've never heard such ridiculous shit come out of someone's mouth.

  • Anonymous

    "And the original devil, the strongest devil is a black devil. So, are white people devils by themselves? No. They come from a stronger version of the devil, which was the original black man." So their god is the devil. The original black man was the devil. What a stupid fucking religion.

    • MMK

      YES, WHITE PEOPLE ARE DEVILS. YES, THAT INCLUDES ME. By Michael Muhammad Knight No, I dont believe in Yacub, the evil scientist who grafted the devil from the Original Man, or the 23 wise scientists who trained Master Fard Muhammad to end the devils 6,000-year rule; nor do I believe that Elijah Muhammad is alive on the Mothership. These are myths, like our myth of the Prophet flying into space on a horse. But theyre true in a way that runs deeper than facts. I didnt see it at the time, but my teen conversion to Sunni Islam was, in part, an attempt to undo whiteness. I loved Malcolms righteous anger, the way that he damned everything in my world, making Islam my teen rebellion. While immersed in Malcolms autobiography and Public Enemy lyrics, I met my father for the first time. When he turned out to be a white supremacist who threw around the N-word and professed racial separatism, it proved to me the truth of Malcolmwhich was, of course, the truth of his teacher, Elijah Muhammad. I could only access Malcolm, however, through his short life after breaking with Elijahwhen he went to Mecca, experienced transcendent brotherhood with Muslims of all colors, and joined the larger Islamic tradition. Islam, Malcolm promised, was the only solution to Americas race problem. Inspired by his autobiography, I formally became Muslim at a Sunni mosque in Rochester, New York, and in my senior year of high school spent two months studying at Faisal Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan. Absorbed in Sunni Islam, I would not have accepted Elijah Muhammad or Louis Farrakhan as Muslims, but eventually found cracks in Malcolms fairy tale. In terms of racism, the Middle East lagged a century behind America. Bahrain had only abolished its slave trade in 1937; Kuwait, 1947; Qatar, 1952; Yemen, 1962; the United Arab Emirates, 1963; Oman, 1970. Saudi Arabia had officially abolished slavery just two years before Malcolms pilgrimage, but still possessed a slave population of 300,000 and executed its captured runaways. In July 1965, less than six months after Malcolms assassination, a United Nations report revealed that King Ibn Saud still possessed hundreds of slaves. More challenging than the crimes of kings and nation-states was the existence of racial inequality at the very core of our tradition, with narrations of the Prophet himself owning black slaves. Classical Shia texts quoted Ali as warning against marriage with black people, since they were a distorted creation, and an 18th-century Maliki jurist had said that only unbelievers would claim that the Prophet was black. In stories still included in the Saudi books today, pre-Islamic goddesses such as al-Uzza are portrayed as deranged black women, pulling out their hair in grief when their idols are smashed. When it came to the disease of racism, I learned that Islamic authenticity was not attached to moral authority. Louis Farrakhan has something for the real Muslims, if theyd listen to him. In summer 2008, I returned to Pakistan, and learned from the billboards and my own reception on the streets that Pakistan remains a white supremacist country; I could be God there if I wanted it. In December, I made my own hajj to Mecca, and overheard an Arab mocking a black man as Abd (slave) outside the Haram on a Friday afternoon. Sorry, Malcolm, the fairy tales dead. The answer to white supremacy isnt Arab supremacy. If a religions purpose is to explain the presence of evil in the world, Elijah Muhammad has done his job, even teaching some devils. Reading whiteness as a social construct, the Nation of Islams teachings become an appropriate response to American history. If youre born white in a white supremacist society, and you inherit that privilege and negative culture, then yes, youre the devil. Take out the Yacub stuff and the spaceships, and Elijah Muhammad makes perfect sense. The myths just dress it up, telling the truth with fiction. Elijahs son, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed touched on this when, during his reform of the Nation towards mainstream Islam, he spoke of white devilry as a mindstate. Islam, Malcolm told me in his autobiography, removed the white from Caucasians minds. Minister Farrakhan has also stated that the problem was not white skin, but a mentality that created real devils when used as the basis for a social order. For some time, Ive been dipping into the Nation of Islams initiatory text, the Supreme Wisdom Lessons, a series of question-answer dialogues between Elijah Muhammad and his teacher, Master Fard Muhammad. And I build with the Five Percenters, a movement that began in 1960s Harlem with a man named Allah. A former member of the Nation of Islam, Allah left the mosque and began sharing the Lessons with youths on the streets. Though the Lessons taught that devils could not be reformed, Allah took a white student under his wing, a teenager who he named Azreal. According to Five Percenter tradition, Allah gave Azreal the keys to heaven and hell, allowing him to come and go as he pleased. Nearing 60 and still in the movement, Azreal loves to tell stories about Allah. After watching civil rights demonstrators on TV getting sprayed with fire hoses, Azreal came crying to Allah that he was ashamed of being white. Allah told him that he could not be blamed for his skin. Allah loved everybody, Azreal told the New York Times in 1969, after Allahs assassination. Whiteness studies pioneer Noel Ignatiev famously called to abolish the white race. He didnt mean physical genocide. The way that I read him, Ignatiev comes off like a Muslim Son putting in his 35-50 (read your Lessons). Allah had reportedly said that when god and devil walked hand in hand, there was no longer a devil. A respected elder of the Five Percent once told me that if I was righteous, I couldnt be called a devil. In his own Mecca, Harlem, Allah had experienced a rebirth similar to Malcolms hajj experience. Like Malcolm, he gave the snake a chance. Ignatiev declared, treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity. My engagement of the Five Percenters sometimes feels like a ritualization of that treason, the surrendering of this devils head. Its also my own heritage as an American Muslim, a gift that I wish I could give to the rest of the Muslim world: here, take Master Fard Muhammad. Take the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Take this man named Allah. You need them as much as us. Michael Muhammad Knight is author of The Five Percenters: Islam, Hip-hop, and the Gods of New York.

    • Anonymous

      It aint a religion bitch

  • Anonymous

    So a white man can be black and a black man can be white. Interesting.

    • H

      lol..Or using sunbeds and getting lip fillers ..O shit wait a minute

    • A

      wrong and wrong. it's the same as transgender. watch as soon as they forcefully give trannies their "rights" we gon see trans ethnic people. white ppl getting nosejobs to look black and vice versa.

  • Anonymous

    His whole statement is a contradiction in it self and he aint even know it. For those who support him: f*ck you and your double standards. If a white guy would say that the black man is the devil, y`all would crucify him, but if it is the opposite then he is "speaking the truth". Foh. I could excuse this opinion 15 years ago, not in 2014. Speaking of "the white man" as all white people are the same, thats racism at its best.

    • Anonymous

      how the do you think the white man has all the black nations of the earth living in such a hellish condition, because the white man is a crafty devil who make wrong fair seeming and right wrong. Hes has muslims waring and killing each other and claims to be the peace maker all around the the earth in every country and thats just the tip of the iceburg so now get a definition of devil

    • Anonymous

      Stupido Whiteman been preaching for years anything associated with black is bad Black magic, black cat, black teens, black gangs, black neighborhoods, black clothing Watch tv and the commercials and see he been programming you to bow to white power. Do a 24 hour observation and see for yourself

    • digga

      i got to agree. if a white man said this, we would be ready to crucify him. see the problem with black folk is that we just saying racist shit because we been hated on and it's not right. the white man is not the devil one the black man. we all have a choice to be righteous or evil. how the hamas throwing little kids on the frontline to die or afghans who kill their young because they are raped but the white man is only evil? religion is blinding people and lord jamar is wrong with this BS but he has a right to believe in anything he wants but don't judge anyone by saying they are dumb deaf, and blind because they don't believe in your beliefs. that's nonsense.

    • EDWARD 87

      @ 1st anonymous good point . But I suppose subliminally we have been taught to either laugh or fear the black man through TV, Movies,Newspapers etc By the way I'm white

    • Anonymous

      That's not actually what he's saying. He saying being a devil is a state of mind and nothing really to do with skin color as such. Although he will maintain the devilish mindset is what white people where created for. There's a distinguished difference between black men and the original black man. And right now we're all under a devil influence black or white. So to addressing your point, could a white man call a black man a devil. If he's right in his analysis then he's right. No argument, and visa versa. It's NOT a blanket statement like what you're taking it as. If you find that contradictory then I can't really explain it any better.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO @ Lord Jamar.

  • Anonymous

    Meh. It is what it is. LJ is actually pretty clever.

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  • Aq

    this article already got 80 comments and is one of the most popular on this site. this is why they keep posting this you goons. and youre feeding into it. vote with your dollar and each comment is a dollar in their pocket. i had to throw my dollar in, in the hopes of deterring dollars in the future. think long term niggas

  • Anonymous

    Here we go again jamar vs the Devils comment section!

    • Anonymous

      And the whiteboys fall for it every single time ready to express their bigotry on a black music site

    • Anonymous

      "LMAO Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit, this article finna do platinum numbers in the comments section!!!" Shit not even Eminem gon do all these numbers This is click baiting at its finest

  • Anonymous

    This might be the dumbest nigga on the planet~!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm white and when did so many white people start pulling the race card? I feel bad for u week minded white people!!

  • Anonymous

    lord jamar is one of the few people thats not afraid to tell the truth.

    • Anonymous

      Correction, He's one of many people not afraid to speak shit. He's very smart don't get me wrong, but he talks a lot of horse shit form time to time.

  • Anonymous

    Brain washed has been's jump up to get beat down.

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up, why would you guys report on this shit? Not one fucking article about dizzy wright or his upcoming album, or yela wolf, or Mgk, or even fucking Wayne for that matter, all kinds of shit to report on, SMH

  • Anonymous

    We had crack heads in my hood like this too ..

  • JETLIFE116

    I pity him because I'm 20yrs younger & way wiser/aware than he is. Nigguh has officially went full retard.

  • Danielle Harling Baiting Y'all Niggas

    LMAO Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit, this article finna do platinum numbers in the comments section!!!

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  • JustSayin

    Lord Jamar said that black people are worse/stronger devils than white people, but what black leader was worse/stronger than Hitler? What black controlled slave trade was worse than the system of chattel slavery ran by Europeans and white Arabs? While there are white ruled countries that have the weaponry to wipe out humanity and many other species, there are no black countries with that capability. Lastly, black people were traveling to the Americas long before Columbus, but it wasn't until white people arrived to the Americas that the indigenous people began to be wiped out.

  • Anonymous


  • XcX

    I`ll beat the shit out of this racist fuck.


    That niggr needs to be lynched

  • Anonymous

    lord jamar is a troll and all yall fall for it. his wife is white.

  • dejemen1

    Cant stand this idiot any more.

  • Anonymous

    So racist, should really redefine his "teachings".

  • Anonymous

    to dx staffs, please set up 'Lord Jamar's opinion' section somewhere in your site and write down every bullshit from Jamar as much as you want. just don't put it on fucking NEWS section. please.

    • Anonymous

      That response showed us all you pussy I looked and knew you a fukboi from the jump

    • 65464556865476956464565442478897945

      awww somebody catching feels. Anon 2 is a bitch Anon 1 is a bitch. FUCK EVERYBODY HAHAHAHA hmmm yeah anyway alksdghlsdhlsdfhgfdhgfdhgdfghdfhlgkdfhgkldfhgkdhflkhgkldhfgkldhgkldhfkghdfkhg some bullshit ah ahah yeah what was i saying askldf;dslkghkhhlkhkldfhgkldfhdkgdfhgkdlf sheesh damn (cough) alhgjkhg;ldhfkgfd;kdghkldfdhgkhfkghdklgh wtf man need to layoff that shhhhhhhhasdfzzzzzzzzz itt

    • Anonymous

      Respond with accurate info to discredit what he says or stfu pussy He said blacks are worst devils for they are misinformed and he been calling out whites who culture vulture Why are YOU MAD bitch

  • LordeHARDERthanLordFail

    this is a new low for L JAMAR and hhdx...

  • rdcj

    Lord Jamar timing is all messed up. He needed to preach 20 years ago and put out quality music in 2014 like he did back then.

  • LordJamarsCousin

    Someone please give lord jamar 5,000 bones so he"ll stfu. please, the poor kid just needs some money. no one even knows where he came from or what group he was a part of in rap... just throw some change his way

  • jimjim

    does this muthafucka gets paid for running his mouth

  • nixnox

    why do they keep interviewing this guy....

  • Aflex1481

    He also refernces Alister Crowley alot- is he also a Santanist?

  • Anonymous

    Did you expect to read comments from people who actually know about the nation? ROFL Watch them leave thoughts to verify exactly what he's saying.......and he's telling you blacks are devils too Jay/ jaz used to record at the ansaar studio on bushwick ave in bklyn.....dr york....the gods helped build this hiphop thing This one of them convos where we gonna see if you a true fan or a follower so use caution before you submit

  • Anonymous

    remember when Lord Jamar got fully naked in the shower with that crippled guy with dreads for some rent money.

  • Mr. Cracker

    He is just mad that I fucked him raw dogg in the ass with my big fat white dick...next time he deserves a mushroom tattoo on the cheek..

  • A.D.B.

    Piece of shit! What has this man done for society or make a positive imprint in this world?? Just a heart full of hate and negativity...

  • duke togo

    WTF?! Lord Jamar defitely need to relax... ore and more he sounds like attention whore so....get a life bro...

  • Anonymous

    Danielle Harling sucks. Why do you spread hate and negativy? fuck this gossip shit.

  • Anonymous

    why doesnt lord jamar wear a cute little suit like jay electricity and his pack of misguided teens

  • Anonymous

    "white people come from the black man. And the original devil, the strongest devil is a black devil. So, are white people devils by themselves? No. They come from a stronger version of the devil, which was the original black man" LMFAO this guy is too much

  • Anonymous

    this Five-Percent Nation and the Nation Of Islam are fuckin jokes black people are really lost to believe this kind of shit and feel the need to follow these movements fucked up mind that's all

    • Anonymous

      Malcolm Little went from Dirty Red the drug addict prisoner to gaining the supreme wisdom lessons taught by Elijah his teacher to becoming one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century

    • Anonymous

      Lol That wasnt even me me but YOU the lost cause R O B O T fetch BOY ---------------- whatever helps you sleep at night

    • Anonymous

      Lol That wasnt even me me but YOU the lost cause R O B O T fetch BOY

    • The Nation

      Sheesh last time I checked Islam/Christianity was the same "holy ghost" that yah shitting on + ya worship a child molestor way of life my ass. The only ya need to be worshiping is the PROPHET MOST HIGHEST THE ALMIGHY R-U-L-E PRAISE JA RULE

    • tigerking79

      Elijah Muhammad and The Nation of Islam had Malcolm X assassinated. So how is that following righteousness, when you kill some one out of Jealousy.

    • Anonymous

      it's against the laws of nature, you can't just put three into one Islam is not a religion its a way of life for the followers of Elijah Muhammad stems from the logic of righteousness down to fact and scientific evidence And actually why not state why you are telling people to shut the fuck up with a clear argument or objective? ------ cause it's a lost cause talking with you

    • Anonymous

      Because they think internet service equates freedom of speech Opinions are no longer based on facts or educated information. Lot of these comments come from suburb white teens and misinformed black youth who follow

    • Anonymous

      it's against the laws of nature, you can't just put three into one Islam is not a religion its a way of life for the followers of Elijah Muhammad stems from the logic of righteousness down to fact and scientific evidence And actually why not state why you are telling people to shut the fuck up with a clear argument or objective?

    • Anonymous

      Im willing to bet bands you aint no true christian and they know more about the bible than you ever did They read and abide by the scrolls more than you EVER did


      "all this holy ghost crap and then trinity learn some history before commenting" seriously dog, do a favor to yourself and shut the fuck up FUCK Christianity....that shit aint nothing nut bullshit..respect that person's point of view..Anybody with any sense would realize that organized religion is a fuckin man made hustle...

    • Anonymous

      "all this holy ghost crap and then trinity learn some history before commenting" seriously dog, do a favor to yourself and shut the fuck up

    • Anonymous

      yeah the should go to christianity and all this holy ghost crap and theb trinity to get yourself fucked up mentally, learn some history before commenting

  • Rau

    Aah yes, been a good week since we've had a "Lord Jamar discusses.." article. Seriously, does this guy own a share of HHDX or what's the deal?

    • Anonymous

      If he is, this would probably be the worst business deal in hip hop & news since Benzino & The Source

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