Vince Staples Criticizes Migos' Imitators, Explains Common Co-Sign

Vince Staples says Common's respect for his work "comes from a genuine place."

Vince Staples, who appears on Common'sNobody's Smilingalbum, recently spoke about what it means to get a co-sign from the Chicago veteran emcee.

"It(TM)s tight," Vince Staples says in a XXL interview. "He do a lot in this shit. He got bread. I tell you " when a motherfucker is really rich, they don(TM)t have to pretend they like it. You get what I am saying? It comes from a genuine place. They obviously just like your music. That(TM)s the best thing to me."

During the interview, Staples also talked about how he feels regarding the Rap industry.

"I(TM)m aight," he says. "It(TM)s all hard work. As far as how music is going right now, there(TM)s not a lot of people who kind of have their own thing going. You got a bunch of boy bands and a bunch of motherfuckers who are envious. We got 80 Migos songs out. Everybody want to be the Migos and all the sucker shit. There(TM)s nothing wrong with that. I personally don(TM)t care. That(TM)s just the nature of the game. It(TM)s just cool to have somebody feel that type of way. I(TM)m never gonna stop worrying about myself. I am just be making songs."

Common spoke with HipHopDX about collaborating with Staples in 2013.oeI got my man Vince Staples on a song,Commonsaid in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX at the time. oeI like him. He(TM)s cold on the mic. When I heard him rapping, I was like, ~This dude can really rhyme.(TM) It made me want to write.

For more on Common'sNobody Smiling,view the DX Daily below.



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  • lol

    he need to stop associating with Mac Miller's lame ass too

  • lol

    Vince is tight, been following him since 2010-2011. That first tape he put out was fucking tight, Winter in Prague was cool, Stolen Youth was fucking terrible (but had cool features), and then Coldchain Vol 2 was ight. I just hope for his next project he brings back that old charm.

  • Boston hip hop fan

    This kid is so slept on right now. He's definitely made some noise but he hasn't had the breakout he deserves yet. He's a real good lyricist with a concept and story to his music. #respect

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