Questlove Responds To Iggy Azalea "Fancy" Backlash

"You know, we as Black people have to come to grips that Hip Hop is a contagious culture," he says. "If you love something, you gotta set it free."

In an interview with Time, Roots drummer Questlove details his role as an Executive Producer for a new VH1 music show called SoundClash. During the interview, Questlove also responds to backlash against Iggy Azalea’sFancy” being unofficially considered the “song of the summer” by many and offers up his own view of the hit.

“Here’s the thing: the song is effective and catchy as hell, and it works,” he says. “Just the over-enunciation of ‘hold you down’? [Laughs] It makes me chuckle because all I can see is my assistant holding a brush in the mirror and singing it.”

“I’m caught in between,” he adds. “And I defend it. I see false Instagram posts like, ‘She said the N-word! She said the N-word!’ I’ll call people out—’Yo, don’t troll.’ I know you’re ready to give your 42-page dissertation on theGrio about why this is culture vulture-ism. You know, we as black people have to come to grips that Hip Hop is a contagious culture. If you love something, you gotta set it free. I will say that ‘Fancy,’ above any song that I’ve ever heard or dealt with, is a game-changer in that fact that we’re truly going to have to come to grips with the fact that Hip Hop has spread its wings.”

“I’m not going to lie to you, I’m torn between the opinions on the Internet, but I’mma let Iggy be Iggy,” he later says. “It’s not even politically correct dribble. The song is effective. I’m in the middle of the approximation of the enunciation, I’ll say. Part of me hopes she grows out of that and says it with her regular dialect — I think that would be cooler. But, yeah, ‘Fancy’ is the song of the summer.”

During the interview, Questlove also addresses how the SoundClash concept itself came about as a result of a back-and-forth with his former manager about the possible development of a music show.

“I said, ‘What if we have a show that took artists out of their comfort zone?’” he says. “They’re in a big, giant airport hanger and there’s three stages. You surround the audience so even the person in the back row will eventually be front-row once their artist performs...It’s sort of like Jamaican sound clashing. You do different rounds. Round one is the artist doing their song, round two could be a stripped down version of their song or a cover song. Maybe round three, you put Chris Martin with someone like Odd Future. And you take Earl Sweatshirt, what happens if he goes with Imagine Dragons? That was the mission. As we get further on into the episodes, I would like to go more extreme, have people come out of their comfort zones and do crazy collaborations.”

VH1’s SoundClash is scheduled to premiere tonight (July 23) at 9pm.

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  • ...

    How is this song a game-changer? Its the same stupid shit that is already on the radio. Because she's white? She doesn't sound white. There's nothing game-changing about this.

    • Nigga Please

      Game Changer in the sense of it's a "free for all" you don't have to be good or "Real" or black or a male etc...

  • jew

    white people killed hip hop

  • dee

    Questlove has to like everything now cause she will be a guest on late night. He no longer has his voice or opinion cause all the corny shit they do and the corny guests that will be on late night. He has to be PR 100% of the time now.

  • nobodiessmiling

    a few of yall can understand this. a song/album is a banger when u are hanging out in the hood and u hear a particular album everywhere. a hooptie drives past banging it. a foreign two thousand something is banging it. your folks on the 18th floor banging it. your homies in the backyard banging it. a old head might quote a verse or two. u don't need multi media too tell you whats hot. its the backdrop of our world as WE know it.

  • white women are the right women

    I agree with Quest. We live in a global society. People from all walks of life should be able to make whatever music they want to. Why are niggas so salty? Sit back and enjoy Iggy's booty. Find yourself a fit, educated, White woman and enjoy the finer things in life.

    • Anonymous

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    • white women are the right women

      You'll notice that I stated "fit and educated". I don't do fat. One of the many reasons why I stay away from broke hood rats. If women expect me to be in shape, they need to be in shape too.

    • Anonymous

      willing to bet you only get insecure fat thirstball bitches

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  • da Mayor of MN

    Finally intelligent commentary from a real legend. Discussing race and hiphop with time magazine. Amazing, roots is too dope. I appreciate this and agree with him absolutely

  • commonsense

    Does anyone know the history behind soundclash? this is a Jamaican style of competition that would bring face off between the best sounds systems Stone Love vs Bass Odessy or Beenie Man vs Bounty Killer etc. This is nothing new,

  • Anonymous

    Questlove needs cookie money

  • Anonymous

    Let's see Questlove's ass; until then, end of discussion. Questlove calves are thicker than Iggy's torso!!!

  • Anonymous

    I told everyone back in 2005 Fergie was the test run.

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    I wish Iggy didn't wrap in that terrible southern accent. that ish is the worse, funny thing is the way she talks is completely different than the way she raps.. her rap voice is the worse, almost cringeworthy. And Clifford definetly writes for her.

  • Yo MTVSlaps

    QuestLove has been working his way towards Uncle Tom status for a minute. He has officially arrived. Black people stay losing. White record labels, White A&Rs, White journalists, now White Rappers - all pretending they are a part of the culture. smh.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not gonna call him an Uncle Tom cause he has a lot of equity in the hip-hop community. But he is spending it fast.

  • 614grind

    People stay hatin on Iggy while giving Drake a pass.

  • Anonymous

    questlove is a porch monkey

  • Anonymous

    just like with evreything else black people do white people going 2 steal this from us 2

  • Anonymous

    Questlove is the one writing 42 page dissertations and then says "I know you're ready to give your 42 page dissertation" what a corny hypocritical fag.

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Ain't nobody following this nigga. I doubt anyone 25 years old or younger even knows who the fuck he is

  • Anonymous

    House nigga bitch, Kimmel is ya boss so watch ya mouth and be a good ni99er before you lose ya gig on TV. Clear Channel forced stations to play that bullshit and now some house ni99er says its the song of the summer when nobody in the hoods where HipHop originated even plays that bullshit.

    • anonymous

      kimmel is a white guilt fag who tries to be black and makes white people apologize to minorities constantly

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    • Anonymous

      kimmel is not his boss fool its fallon

  • Anonymous

    "set hip hop free" my application to the Corporation.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO what it is with all these house negros pushing this kumbaya, let's-turn-the-other-cheek, love-your-enemy agenda

  • WTF

    WTF this dude almost co-signed the bitch. I Feel like fucking throwin up! Here are the lyrics to the "song of the summer", a supposedly HIp HOp song. I said, "Baby, I do this, I thought that you knew this." Can't stand no haters and honest, the truth is And my flow retarded, they speak it depart it Swagger on super, I can't shop at no department better get my money on time, if they not money, decline And swear I meant that there so much that they give that line a rewind So get my money on time, if they not money, decline I just can't worry 'bout no haters, gotta stay on my grind Now tell me, who that, who that? That do that, do that? Put that paper over all, I thought you knew that, knew that I be the I-G-G-Y, put my name in bold I been working, I'm up in here with some change to throw

  • Anonymous

    Questlove's ankles are thicker than Iggy's waist!!!

    • Lex

      Why did you feel the need to post that? Go suck on a elephant dick, b. I hope your first born becomes a serial killer, b. If you have a daughter, I hope her husband beats her, bruh.

  • Anonymous

    impossible is nothing.

  • tigerking79

    Questlove is a culture vulture. He constantly disses Hip Hop, yet defends every single commercial pop artist. Pathetic he is defending this racist ass promotion.

  • Anonymous

    I still want to eat her booty. Maybe I'll find the answers then

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