Prior to the act getting started the crowds, who continually streamed into The Grog Shop, were treated to One Be Lo AKA One Man Army formerly of Binary Star. The MC launched into his former Binary Star staples as well as new joints off of the debut solo album, “S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M.”

Next to grace the stage was Def Jux’s own – Hangar 18. The trio comprised of Alaska, Windnbreez, and Pawl differentiated themselves from the norm with their witty multi-syllable flow and entertaining stage performance. With topics ranging from “Bar Hoppin’” to “Where We At,” Hangar 18’s antics were very original and well received by the audience.

Following Hangar 18 was Diverse – the Chi-Town MC whose movement was evident by his call-and-response to the crowd. With a commanding presence and asking the crowd to follow along with him say, “I Love Black Music,” the predominately Anglo-Saxon audience were incline to agree with the MC’s statement. Diverse energized the crowd with his non-stop flow. It seemed as if he didn’t take a breath at all. The crowd, though, thoroughly entrenched in the music that is True Hip-Hop, they were anxious for Jean Grae.

With the crowd clamoring for the Goddess MC to come up onto the stage and bless them with their presence, Jean played antagonist until they met her approval. Ever so a Queen, she withheld herself from setting foot on the stage until the walls vibrated with cheers and salutations. The self-proclaimed, “Heidi Fleiss of Words,” graced the stage with a swagger of a seasoned veteran with a story to tell. Heads were definitely open as she ripped into such songs as, “What Would I Do,” where she implies to anyone who has an issue that she’s, “about to have n!ggaz madder than big titty girls who getting breast reduction.” She delved into her disillusion with the industry with, “No Doubt,” and had the crowd bouncing along to the track; “You Don’t Want It.”

The show ended with, “Keep Living,” where she somehow got the attendees to do the, “first ever Electric Slide during an Underground Hip-Hop show.” Which they willing. At the end of the night, Jean had her true-believers and converts all singing her praises, alluding to the fact that Jean Grae is THE illest MC doing it right now, period.