When Game dissed Lil Durk on "Chiraq to L.A.," Chief Keef retweeted the track. Recently, Young Chop was asked what he thought about the retweet.  

"On some real shit, I can’t even tell you," Chop says in an interview with XXL. "Like, I don’t even be paying that shit any attention, because once I see it I’m going to call them directly. I did call him after that like, 'Why the fuck are you tweaking?' You feel me? That was somewhat disrespectful. I don’t care what you and Durk got going on, because it's kind of friction with them two. I don’t know what the fuck it is. Everybody don’t know what the fuck it, is but them two.

"Niggas really grew up with each other," Chop adds. "Everybody in 300, we family in real life and I’m just not getting it. But it ain’t going to come to a point where niggas get beat up. It will never come to that point."

Chop was also asked if Keef revealed why he retweeted the track.

"Naw, he never said nothing," he says. "I still don’t know to this day why he retweeted that. But the Game and Durk thing is squashed and let God be with them. Shit, we moving on. I’m not trying be in no bullshit. We getting money. Why we got to bring that into the industry? It's bullshit. Bad enough we losing family members out here in the real; we living in the real." 

Durk responded by saying that Chief Keef disrespected Chicago by siding with Game. For more on the Durk, Keef feud, view the DX Daily below.