Wu-Tang Clan, Bone thugs-n-harmony Joint Project Potential: "Everybody Is Down," Krayzie Bone Says

Krayzie Bone: "Eminem is a beast, one of the deadliest emcees you'd ever listen to."

Krayzie Bone, who recently posted fan-art of a fake Wu-Tang Clan, Bone thugs-n-harmony collaborative album on Instagram, was asked about the likelihood of a joint project between the two groups during an interview with Vibe

"Man, we have never had the opportunity to connect and do something with Wu-Tang, but I’m good friends with RZA and Method," Krayzie Bone says. "The other cats I haven’t got to hang out with as much. Met Raekwon a couple of times. He’s cool. Met Ghostface, but you know—every time I talk to RZA and Meth, we talk about doing something. It’s long overdue. It’s just getting everyone’s schedules together and actually making it happen. We’ve talked about it. Everybody is down. I have ideas, because it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’d like to start off with a Bone and Wu cypher—get everybody warmed up and just kill it. That’d be crazy." 

The fan-art that Krayzie Bone recently posted features a Wu-Tang Clan logo behind the Bone thugs-n-harmony logo. It appears to be titled Shaolin To Cleveland: When Worlds Collide. Krayzie's caption: "This Really Needs To Happen ASAP!!!!!"

Recently, Krayzie Bone spoke with HipHopDX about Bone thugs-n-harmony's $1 million album, which it plans to sell one copy of, and how it was influenced by Wu-Tang Clan's plan to sell one unit of Wu—Once Upon A Time In Shaolin to the highest bidder. 

"When I heard about what [Wu-Tang Clan] was doing—and I think it was you who told me about it—I just thought it was a brilliant and genius idea," Krayzie Bone said to HipHopDX. "I thought to myself, 'It’s not that many groups that can do something like this and have major results from it—Wu-Tang being one and us another.' I took it back to my dudes and they thought it was a [great] idea. Ever since I told Bizzy [Bone] about it, he’s been on my neck everyday like, 'Yo, we need to do this, Kray! We need to do this, I’m telling you. I love Wu-Tang, but I think we’ll have much better results, I’m telling you.' We talked about it for a while, then we were coming up on this world tour. We said we need to do everything simultaneously. The idea for that is to make it the final group project. What better way to go out and to solidify the [Bone thugs-n-harmony] brand. I don’t see no other way. It has to be big. We have to make sure we reach everybody. So I think doing it like this will be huge, especially for our last group album." 

Krayzie Bone: "Eminem Is A Beast" 

Krayzie Bone, who remade Eminem's "Rap God" in 2013, also spoke about his admiration for the Shady emcee during his Vibe interview. 

"I’m just a student of Hip Hop," Krayzie says. "I think Eminem is a beast, one of the deadliest emcees you’d ever listen to. A few fans were telling me, 'If anybody can rap on [‘Rap God’] and make it sound good, it’s you.' So I did it, let a few people hear it. I was just going to put it in the vault like I do a lot of stuff, but people that heard it were like, 'You gotta put this out ASAP.' I’m glad I did." 

For more on Krayzie Bone and Bone thugs-n-harmony, view the DX Daily below.



  • Anonymous

    Bone bone bone bone

  • mite tite

    As a hiphop fan this sounds extremely exciting but time consuming so I honestly would rather they focus on their own projects. Krayzies solo was suppose to drop yesterday it didn't so focus on that and stop talking abt other possible albums

  • Dice

    Bone fans still waiting on chasing the devil, so why talk about anything else

  • Anonymous

    Bone should just do a bone album

  • Anonymous

    Krayzie needs to drop ctd

  • wu face

    I'm a wu fan but between 93-97 besides maybe tupac and biggie nobody had the type of run that bone thugs did

  • hahaha

    Bone thinks they'll have better results? hahaha... thats why only hiphop media picked this up and wu-tang made world news to the point the story was fucking everywhere. Haahaha, these niggaz is dumb.. noway in hell have they been more consistent.. nobody can fuck with wu-tang's run between 93 to 97. Bone never hit the success internationally like Wu-Tang... not even close!

  • Anonymous

    This would be some krazy shit if it happens

  • Anonymous

    Bone and wu 2 good to be true

  • bulletproof wallets

    BTNH done fell off in 1998 and ain't made a decent song since. A song or two, maybe. A whole album? "C'mon son"

    • Anonymous

      You must have went deaf in 98, thug mentality 1999,, Resseruction 2000, the gift 2001, thug world order 2002, thugs story in 2007, strenght and loyalty 2007. Fried day by bizzy in 99 one of greateast weed songs ever

  • Anonymous

    Just drop ctd krayzie, stop talking abt other projects

  • mike payne

    Not a good idea love both groups but they don't mix good musically,,plus its like 14 members in between them that won't work finacially

    • Camgran

      This is were HipHoP goes wrong, what happened to the culture of pure HipHoP, why must it be about money? These groups have been icons in HipHoP for many years. They have so many different styles and backgrounds. Why is it that we cant embrace the fact that they Represent pure HipHoP. I don't have a problem with this possible project! HipHoP now is just a joke, controlled by money instead of being an art form like it was supposed to be. I say, BRING BACK THE TRUE ART OF HIPHOP! i LOVE THIS IDEA!

  • Ruvunja

    Would love for this to actually happen but with the size of the egos involved just in each group, wishful thinking. As for Bone Thugs thinking they're bigger than Wu,I mean, damn,Wutang is worldwide and aint nuthin to fuck with.

    • Ruvunja

      might be they sold more than Wu but as far as global impact? sheeit, the Wu is like a flippin' cult. Their whole catalogue reads like a religion. And tho I am a fan of BTNH as well, I don't think I've ever broken down their lyrics and rewound that shit the way I do Wu.

    • 504 boi

      Most be a wu fan, both groups are great bone thugs have been more consistent than wu, sold more records, more platinium and gold singles, more awards, matter of fact they just be out wu for greateast rap group since 93,

  • Anonymous

    who cares some lame ass 43 year old rappers acting like they form the mobb and shit. So sad. retire old men

    • MPZ

      Gotta respect the originators (Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) by far the greatest rap group of all time and Krayzie Bone which IMO and many others is the greatest rapper of all time and space. Bone Thugs and Wu-Tang make these young rappers look pathetic...still

    • Anonymous

      nigga shit

    • Camgran

      This is the problem with HipHoP. No respect for the founders! This is what makes HipHoP as lame as it is lately. Look at Country, Rock, all fans respect where the roots were layed. Iconic figures are celebrated all the time, and used as mentors for current music. This keeps the music alive! In HipHoP, all we do is criticize and say "icons is irrelevant" . We forget that the 40 year old's kept this alive and that is why we still have this genre of music. If you look at the origins, it was said that HipHoP will not last 10 years. Look at it now!! We need to embrace our History and learn from it.

    • Anonymous

      Shut ur fucking mouth, go listen to you shitty young thug or rich homie quan

  • Anonymous

    Ok, now this would be dope. The rap game need this! Yall Should Visit (Thegrandreport,com) They Have Some Good Videos On There too

  • Anonymous

    Hi I am a new rap fan. I just started listening to Lil Wayne Carter 4. I have spent the last 30 hours in a nervous sweat after I found out my baby Wayne shot hismelf in the chest at an early age, and had to be cradled by an off duty celebrity cop

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