Bobby Shmurda Calls Incarcerated Brother His Inspiration

Bobby Shmurda also says he didn't know he could gain fame the way he did.

Bobby Shmurda, who recently signed with Epic Records after gaining buzz through viral fame, spoke with REVOLT about his rise so far. 

“I didn’t really know this could happen,” Shmurda says. “I'ma give them what they want. That's what they want? I was just being myself...If being myself got that. I'ma do it all day. I entertain the block all day and the trap all day. "

During the interview, Shmurda was also asked about his inspiration.

"My inspiration is my big bro," he says. "He locked up right now. He's gonna come home, too. He rap too. He the one that had me rap." 

Sha Money XL announced Bobby Shmurda's Epic Records signing recently

"Deal is done @bobby_shmurda #EPIC no one does the underdogs better then me. Brooklyn this 1 is for you," Sha said via Instagram. 

For Complex's coverage of Bobby Shmurda's recent signing, view the video below.



  • Anonymous

    still waiting for him to give lloyd banks some love for stealing his song and blowing up off it with a fruity dance... im sure his incarcerated brother would clown him if he could see him shaking his booty like he in the gaybar

  • Isaiah Washington

    It's crazy what a banging beat can do for this generation! But to be honest this dude is overrated! He reminds of just another Chief Keef. But I can't hate on him on his success because if I can make song like his and people like the vibe I'd probably do the same thing but in a more positive way though.

  • Anonymous

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  • SoBrooklyn

    Do NOT say thi is for BROOKLYN! Thi crny lil dude is not repping BK we ave so many Talented arts tha ae being overlooked!!

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    Just another wack ass, faggot ass, so called rapper. There's a new stank rapper coming out almost every day. When will it end!? The rap/hip-hop genre has become so incredibly oversaturated. Computers/technology are making it too easy nowadays and is the main reason for the genre becoming so saturated. Back in the days you had to craft beats using equipment like the SP-1200 and shop your demo. What a shitty ass generation.

    • Truth B. Told

      You're right about everything, however, this is the digital age where you can famous just off of a click of a mouse. People practically live on the internet, so you won't be hard pressed to find the next superstar on Vine or Instagram. Record execs are adapting to these times and its paying off in a sense. This isn't 1983 where niggas blew up after years of selling CDs and mixtapes out of the trunks of their cars. Music is all about evolution and eventually things have to change. As long as there are shitty, soon-to-be one hit wonders like this coming up, there will always be real hip hop emcees to call out this trending bullshit, so that's a plus.

  • Anonymous

    who's this nigga never heard of him,

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