Troy Ave's History Of Offensive Tweets Detailed By SPIN

Over a series of years, Troy Ave has asked his Twitter followers if they'd rather have a "mentally retarded son," "gay son," or "whore daughter."

A SPIN magazine contributor recently uncovered what some may consider an offensive series of tweets from Brooklyn rapper Troy Ave. The SPIN contributor, Andrew “Noz” Nosnitsky, discovered that the New York City lyricist has tweeted the same hypothetical question since 2009.

In 2009, Troy Ave asked his followers what’s more embarrassing, having a “visibly gay son” or a “mentally retarded son.” And in October 2012, he posed the same question, but with the addition of “whore daughter” and the hashtag #IfYouHad2PickOneChild.

Troy Ave also asked his “gay son” or “mildly retarded son” question in 2010.

Not one to hold his tongue, Troy Ave recently called out a number of his fellow artists for being “weirdo” rappers. Among those he called out were Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and Flatbush Zombies.

“Yeah, Kanye’s a weirdo. It’s a lot of rappers that’s weirdos…I like a lot of Kendrick Lamar’s records too. It’s a lot of weirdo rappers that’s out—It’s mad weirdo rappers. Y’all don’t understand it,” he said during an interview on Hot 97 last November.

For more Troy Ave coverage, watch the following DX Daily:



  • Anonymous

    Troy Ave should ask his 10 followers if they think he's gay cause not even Cat Stacks would spread for this broke nigga.

  • Anonymous

    lol he been thinkin bout that question for 4 years

  • troy chav!!

    he be blastin people with that keyboard back de fuck up

  • Choppah

    Why the fuck does DX write articles about articles? Troy ave should add "a child that would eventually work at DX" to the options.

  • Anonymous

    hahah he really wants to know about that son question.

  • LeonSFortier

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  • jnjjknjn

    he didn't say anything fucked up.. no one wants a gay or retarded son or a whore daughter. dumb article

  • jaysonbangz

    What the fuck was the point of posting this article? Shout out to troy ave...he's a young nigga on the grind coming up in the game and his hard work is paying off...fuck these bloggers yo

  • Anonymous

    My co-worker is gay he said he been fuckin Troy Ave on the low Crown Heights nigga been on some suspect shit lately

  • Anonymous

    Nigga look like Steele from Juice and sounds like 50 cent hitting puberty. Real gs see through that fake hard shit he's trying to do. Next he will get shot and try use the buzz to sell records. He only talks that shit because rappers nowadays are bitches, all the hard niggas are ogs now. These young niggas are bunch if wankstas.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Corny but not as corny as 5o cent

  • Anonymous

    This nigga be saying the most suspect shit ever on his twitter Somebody showed me one of his tweets he said "Girls are so gay!" Smh who he thinks he's fooling

  • Anonymous

    #IfYouHad2PickOneChild LMAO someone gotta bring this hashtag back If you had to pick one child who would it be? 1. Troy Average 2. Young Thug 3. Chief Keef

  • ima go wit 3

    easy the whore daughter cause you can always beat the fuck out the last fool to hit it and scare off the other thirsty niggas

  • Danielle Harling SUCKS

    Again another pointless article about TWEETS? Really? You gonna copy and past some tweets? What the fuck is wrong with you? STOP THIS BULLSHIT AND FOCUS ON REAL HIPHOP NEWS!

  • ab

    lets just be real troy aint blowing up like fif or gonna be the next big thing in ny..there is not 1/10 of a buzz fif had. he wont sell commercially if a white iggy on ti's label sold 60k on her debut opening week.

    • Anonymous

      meh, in canada they probably have to play a certain amount of drake cause of content law

    • Anonymous

      i wouldnt admit to that if i were him lol. i wonder if t.i. helped pay clear channel off to force all their radio stations to play her single atleast 150 times each

    • Anonymous

      T.I. executive produced her album so she might as well be on Grand Hustle since he gets a publishing check off her sales, TI will be eating off her forever.

    • Anonymous

      iggy is not on ti's label she left grand hustle and signed to island before she blew up but they still cool with each other. he is on her new album and she will be on his but hes not getting all the money he could have if she stayed with him.

  • Anonymous

    finally. The first rapper who's not afraid to speak his mind. Before it was just weirdos who hated him, now gays will hate him too. Oh well.

    • hahasda

      someone is gonna clap this chubby motherfucker i got a 9 id do it

    • Anonymous

      but why has this question been on his mind for 3 years? does he have a mildly retarded or gay brother?

    • lol

      lol?? BEEEN had rappers who dont give a fuck what they say. Troy just be trying to talk shit for no reason he like a lil chihuahua barking at a bunch of pitbulls nigga forreal gonna get tore up one day

  • MouseThaKid

    how is this really that offensive? These are current issues that can be embarrassing even if the parents love their kids it can still be hard

  • Anonymous

    wtf is mildly retarded? the best part is troy isnt smart enough to go back and delete all these tweets


    All this lame ass nigga ever does is hate. It's really fuckin annoying to see this niggas name associated with some hatin ass shit everytime someone writes an article about him but I guess that's because there's nothing else to him. Fuck this lame ass nigga.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like he can be either

  • Anonymous

    very strange that this has been on his mind for years

  • Anonymous

    #IfYouHad2PickOneChild 1.Mildly Retarded Son | 2. A Gay Son | 3. Whore Daughter 3. Whore Daughter: because she can change

  • Anonymous

    He has a lot of suspect tweets one of them says "I was watchin the Keri Hilton Video Ladies if u had 2 Pick 1. Kanye Or Neyo?"

  • Anonymous

    so Troy is gay?

  • Anonymous

    if you look back and read his old tweets he was dissin everyone including Kanye and Nas. I forgot what he said about Nas but a few years later he was posting pictures with him talking that legend shit.... thats when I knew he was a clown.

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