XXL Lists "7 Rappers That Have Turned Down Major Label Deals"

Macklemore, 2 Chainz and Chance The Rapper are among the artists XXL lists in its story on rappers who turned down major label deals.

XXL has complied a list of "7 Rappers That Have Turned Down Major Label Deals.”

Chance The Rapper is one of the artists named in the publication’s list. It says that he turned down a deal with TDE, home to Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul, among others.

"All of those guys are my good friends,” Chance The Rapper said, according to the article. "That whole camp is great. They're close friends.”

Macklemore and 2 Chainz are among the artists named on the list.

To view the full list of "7 Rappers That Have Turned Down Major Label Deals,” visit XXL.

For more Chance The Rapper coverage, watch the following DX Daily:




    Again the worst hiphop journalist ever strikes with a pointless article.

  • Anonymous

    chance is still a nobody with no album and buzz

  • WillieJTorres

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  • Anonymous

    Chance is trash I can't believe TDE offered him a deal...wtf?

  • Anonymous

    They should change the list's name to "7 Smart Rappers". It sounds more accurate.

    • Anonymous

      why not with labels you go in debt as soon you put your name on that contract that fat adavance is a loan

    • Anonymous

      if troy ave was smart he would have took the label money and ran no way hes gonna make any real money in rap independently or otherwise.

  • metthew

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  • lol

    Never heard of Dee-1. If he had signed that contract maybe that wouldn't be the case. Troy Ave is lame as fuck and a hater. Fuck this August Alsina nigga lmao Chance the Rapper corny imo but he's got tons of hype...for now. Pretty much what I said about Troy Ave applies to Joey as well except I'm pretty sure I'd rather listen to Troy Ave rather than some nigga who's just using 90s throwback as a gimmick. 2 Chainz uhmmm lol. and Macklemore probably top 5 corniest rappers out.

    • lol

      Yall do realize you all sound like complete dumbasses? Seriously, only a dumb ass nigga would straight up hate on a nigga and jump to insults. Thats how I KNOW yall some dumb ass niggas. Plus all these niggas really do suck so I don't get what yall mad about.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, Macklemore is corny but he sure did hit close to home for you singing about your kind, the gay community.

    • Anonymous

      sounds about right

    • Anonymous

      youre a fuckin faggot teenybopper

  • Anonymous

    isnt 2chainz signed to def jam though? his last 2 albums were released by def jam wtf is xxl talkin bout.

    • Anonymous

      it says he turned down signing to young money. BS article if you ask me he still signed to a major

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