Hollow Da Don Wants Game As Battle Opponent

Hollow Da Don says Eminem wants him to take on another name in the industry.

Hollow Da Don defeated Joe Budden at last week’s Total Slaughter in New York (July 12).  

Apparently, Eminem wants Hollow Da Don to  battle another emcee in the industry. 

Hollow Da Don made this announcement via twitter and asked his Twitter followers who they think he should go up against. 

"@Eminem wants me to take out another industry name I guess, yall tell me who it should be @thegame or @CASSIDY_LARSINY we got 6 figures," he tweeted.

The options would either be Hollow Da Don versus The Game or Hollow Da Don versus Cassidy.  

If he were to battle The Game, Hollow suggests that the battle can take place in Los Angeles. 

He has received numerous responses from his followers on Twitter regarding who he should go up against next. 

Hollow Da Don has yet to receive a response from either emcee.

To read the full story, visit BattleRap.com.

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  • huh

    This fool is forgetting GAME will use his(hollow's) own style to rap circles around him then knock him out too. SMH

  • The real Me again

    A word to the wise...........GAME STR8 BEASTIN ON THESE NICCAS

  • Jack Herrer

    Hollow Da Don aka Swallow Da Dong, is a disrespectful punk. He needs to be humbled.

  • triPAUD

    a lot of dickriding stans here. shout out to Hollow Da Don keep doing ya thing hold ya head. and all this Cassidy talk..Cassidy don't want it with Cyssero. Cyssero the virus destroyed Cass already then Meek destroyed him

  • Pgunna

    Game? Shit try some Papoose, now that's a battle. Cassidy would be awesome too.

  • WillieJTorres

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  • jhjkhjkh

    Game would be the funnest option imo. Cassidy would be sick too. They should take Freeway into consideration also Or how bout Em mans up and goes for it himself

  • Anonymous

    "Its competition, say what you will, but dude lost. Plus who fucks with Budden? Nobody. Budden almost retired after pump it up son like fo real" Who fucks with Budden? Eminem. Interscope. VH-1. B4 that deal he dropped a handful of albums, and has always had a loyal fanbase. Even if he did retire, it wouldn't be from lack of funds. What the fuck has Hollow done other than get a swelled head battle rapping? lol Clearly there's no demand for this rent a nigga. He's the type of cat who will drop his first album on E1, sell 20k, then retire to a halfway house.

  • Anonymous

    Man this phaggot is dying for attention. Inventing shit that never came from EM's mouth. He is a cocky bitch with no respect. Insulting Joe Budden during interviews and shit.. When you haven't done anything mention worthy in your "career", you can't act that cocky and disrespect dudes who actually have had a lot more success than you ever will. This guy needs to be put back in his place asap.

  • Reallydough

    Hollow vs Chris Brown, oh shit even better, hollow vs Tyga

  • matthew

    Hi Folks , it's codeine over ice.... you know what's up . we got top quality Actavis with codeine cough syrup and some grade A Kush . . if you need some call/ text : (804) 592-0732

  • Anonymous

    Hollow verse: You used to pole dance at the strip club Probably a closet nigga, sucking dicks up What you say to that, bipolar nigga? First, you scream "G-Unit" then you switch up Game verse: My 64, Snoop, Dre, Eazy-E, Aftermath, Chronic

  • MillieMillz

    Man hollow you WEAK! Joe LET YOU beat him because your soft cry baby self was screaming the battle was rigged before u got on stage! Joe was ROASTIN u!....Now u think u on top of the world? Cassidy would SLAY U The Game would end up knockin u out on stage! Why dont u battle Mook? OOOO Mook already roasted u everytime you stepped to him! LMFAO CLOWN!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Game isnt even a battle rapper. Hollow is lookin for the easy road on some coward shit

  • Anonymous

    joe won the entire match based off the first round only. i dont even like joe hollow is much better but facts is facts



  • Anonymous

    Cassidy would eat this nigga for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, desert, midnight snack, left over night, after a 5 secnd rule. Like breh you ain't that tight.

    • Anonymous

      old school jadakiss, styles p, Cassidy vs. the new cats hollow, etc, whoever... these young cats don't have lyrics, the got bs stories to tell,

    • jase

      Cyssero tore Cassidy's ass straight out the frame. Cyss straight up merked him.

  • Anonymous

    hollow vs gucci

  • Anonymous

    Hollow is a small time nobody. Budden doesn't care about the result. He's had something called a career for years. Game is too big a name to get roped into this nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      ^ Joe Budden still has more success than this cocky prick ever will. Hollow needs to shut up and know his place. You can't disrespect people who been winning more than your pathetic ass ever will. I really hope this dude gets knocked the fuck out with his big mouth. He's on a cloud right now, trying to get more attention. I guarantee Eminem never said any of this shit that he is talking about in this article.

    • Anonymous

      You play sports? Prolly not cuz a hoe ass nigga is one with no heart like you. Its competition, say what you will, but dude lost. Plus who fucks with Budden? Nobody. Budden almost retired after pump it up son like fo real.

  • thugga

    hollow vs papoose give my nigga pap this money

  • From Az

    I thought Joe got him 2-1, and only really lost the last round because he put the mic down aint no rich rapper in the world afraid of no battle rapper that battle rap is for play there's a reason these guys are stuck battling b/c if they could do more than that they would be getting paid real money. Its really a shame, these guys got all the bars, all the punchlines in the world, but can't write a hook to save their life

    • wq

      u really think it's impossible to write a hook,or that most of these damn hooks are actually written by the rapper? ppl only care if you write the bars. a lot of songs got hooks by other niggas. everybodys favorite child eminem had multiple hit songs where the hook was already on the song when it was sent to him.

  • J dirty

    Cassidy already said he wouldnt battle this dude tho....And Budden lost man.He dropped he mic in the 3rd round and was bein a byatch the whole battle....Game aint gunna do it either....wanna see Hollow Vs Mook.

  • Anonymous

    joe budden destroyed this no-name nigga. does he want to get murked like that again?

  • JMG

    This is corny as fuck already. Hollow having to name drop Eminem to try and promote battling a signed MC. Why not Hollow going at a signed MC on wax? Or dropping an album with a diss record? I am not understanding why shit has to be setup for him to do what he does normally against an MC making a living doing otherwise. For what? Battle rappers are acting like Streetballers, where they want to show they are better than pros, but pros can do what they do and street shit, but not the opposite. Hollow needs to stick to battling battle rappers OR step his rap game up and do an album.

  • Anonymous

    I want to see papoose in there. For more entertaining videos Yall Should Visit (Thegrandreport,com) They Have Some Good ones on there too

  • Joe beat hollow 2-1 period

    Joe beat hollow hands down. No contest.. papoose would be an interesting opponent Against hollow

  • Kev

    Now he's feeling himself. #AmericanPie Game and/or Cassidy would eat this guy alive and he'd never be heard of again......

  • Joe beat hollow 2-1

    Joe beat hollow hands down. No contest.. papoose would be an interesting opponent Against hollow!

  • Anonymous

    joe budden 2-1d hollow. Hollow lost to joe hands down.. Papose would be interesting against hollow

  • Piru

    Keep it real my nigga , Game is too aggressive for you and Cass it too skillful for you .

  • Mapampa

    For those who don't know, Cassidy already said he wouldnt do it before the Joe Budden vs Hollow Da Don battle. As far as the game, he is a dope rapper but he wouldn't stand a chance against Hollow Da Don because he ain't no stage battle rapper.

  • yo momma

    hollow who????????????????????? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz next

  • Anonymous

    fitting picture once again. the pic choices r better than the articles

  • Anonymous

    against game it wouldnt be on some rappin shit , real talk. game would uppercut swallow the don harder than that busdriver did to the bitch.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see a battle rapper bring game down a few hundred notches.

  • HollowVsGame?

    Hollow literally made the judges pause the battle so he could get in Joe's face and call him a bitch, and Joe just froze up. I'd like to see him try that on Game. Game would knock him the fuck out. If you want to see skill, chose Cassidy, If you want to see a fight, choose Game.

    • jase

      Haha. Real talk. Game a damn psycho. I don't think he could just keep it on the mic with a nigga up in his face dissing his kids or some shit. Be lights out for Hollow. Best just let game be my nigga. Cassidy on the other hand ain't gonna flip out on you so it's worth a go with him.

    • Kev

      Imagine him approaching Game like, "That LA tat used to be a butterfly. You used to strip in the club tryna make a dub...." Game would snuff him lol.

  • mcdonald

    Men Cassidy will Murder Hollow da don , and sing a song in his funeral , i suggest he battles the Game , that is Okay

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy would make this interesting.

  • game is a coward

    Game has a big mouth just like 50 when they are in the studio but they are afraid to battle on stage.

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy can battle but mostly industry rappers but i see him get frightened off in real ciphers against rappers like Lux

  • Cassidy Kills

    Give this fool some real competition.. Cassidy would murder him in a battle. And fix the mics, get a new host, and get a better audience. Sway was a horrible host. He was trying to act like Future from 8 Mile and it was horribly wack. And the audience was acting like they were in a library.

  • SJ7

    Hollow will RAPE Game.

  • MTy

    Please stay away from Cass for your career's sake Hollow. He's not one of these rappers who just want to try out battle rapping, dude built his career from battle rapping. Dude battled himself on one of his albums. Please stay away. Won't be pretty for you. lol

  • Anonymous

    "@Eminem wants me to take out another industry name I guess, yall tell me who it should be @thegame or @CASSIDY_LARSINY we got 6 figures," he tweeted. The options would either be Hollow Da Don versus The Game or Hollow Da Don versus Cassidy." Well no shit, Sherlock.

  • Anonymous

    He obviously just trying to battle non battlin niggas I'd like to see him go at someone who's laid for that shit like Busta Rhymes, lmao yeah I know it sounds funny but Busta been in them cyphers he know how to freestyle

  • Anonymous

    These battle rappers for all you signed niggaz

  • Anonymous

    Kidd Kidd would Destroy

  • JJ

    Now all of a sudden Game is battle rapper? I fuck with his music but he aint no battle rapper

  • HUH

    Let Cassidy get that check. That's something people would want to see.

  • CTE its da worl

    Young Jeezy would destroy this clown CTE representing

  • Anonymous

    got 2 words for the nigga: ja rule

  • big

    Please pick the game , Hollow has no chance against Cass. Cassidy is built for battling , niggas saying Cass is irrelevant please respect legends.

  • divine1-2

    Cassidy's name shouldn't even come out Hollow's mouth. Cassidy would absolutely tear Hollow out the frame, EASY. He's better off bumping heads with The Game. I fucks wit Hollow heavy, but I believe Game would have a chance against Hollow.

  • pSmurf954

    Nigga does not wanna battle Cassidy... That battle with Game would be goddamn funny on both sides

  • Anonymous

    hollow could barely hold it down against an awkward Budden

  • Anonymous

    He should definitely go against Cassidy to shut that nigga up for once and for all. He is washed up and would get bodied by Hollow. 3-0 easily.

  • Anonymous

    i want to see hollow vs gucci mane. gucci would leave the nigga cold after 1st round

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy to come back and reclaim the battle throne

  • DJ Benz

    Would like to see Hollow vs The Game...That has more Shock Value....But Cassidy? Man I think Cassidy would get an Easy W, from wha i remember Cass to be

  • FT


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