Aaliyah Film Replaces Zendaya Coleman With Alexandra Shipp, Executive Producer Wendy Williams Says

The Aaliyah film is moving forward without Zendaya Coleman, as Alexandra Shipp takes the starring role in the Wendy Williams-executive produced Lifetime film.

Wendy Williams has announced that she is set to work on the Aaliyah Lifetime film that recently made headlines when it received criticism from the late singer's family.

"I'm excited to exec produce the Aaliyah @lifetimetv movie w/ @DebraMChase. Prod starts later this month and @AlexShipppp will play Aaliyah," Wendy Williams says via Twitter.

As Williams notes, Alexandra Shipp is set to replace Zendaya Coleman, who recently dropped out of the film, reportedly due to criticism regarding the TV movie. 

Jomo Hankerson, the cousin and head of Aaliyah's former record label, Blackground Records, recently addressed the potential TV movie. 

“We feel like [television's] really not the right platform,” he said. “Aaliyah was a legend. She was a hugely influential artist on our culture… I think that she deserves the treatment of a ‘Walk The Line’ or a ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ A big, major movie.”

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  • Amy Ruth

    Why can't there be dozens of movies on Aaliyah? Let all the networks compete with the movie theaters. Let's have EVERY BODY pay tribute to this beautiful girl who left us too soon. Enough hate already. There's enough hate in the world. Why can't there be MANY MOVIES! I'd watch them all wouldn't you??

  • Ebony

    I Agree With Aaliyah Brother this Movie Is Major Should be in Movie Theatres instead of TV lifetime already Messed up an went behind Aaliyah Family an Didn't ask Them an started making the movie without their say so . An Wendy Williams Shouldn't be Exec Producer Of This Movie ..... No One Jnows The Real Story But Aaliyah

  • Anonymous

    Don't know who the bitch is, nor do I care. Now that I know Wendy Williams is behind this, I won't be watching. Zendaya was a much better choice.

    • Anonymous

      niggas out here really considering wendy williams a credible source lmao sheeeit, for all we know, zenday may still be involved with the project, and this alexandra girl may not even exist lol

  • Anonymous

    This movie better be good. For more entertaining videos Yall Should Visit (Thegrandreport,com) They Have Some Good ones on there too

  • Anonymous

    Get Lollita Price to pay Aaliyah!!!

    • Tay

      Yesssss! She would be great for the part. However she did say if the family wasn't involved or apart of the project she wouldn't want anything to do with the movie.

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