Common Addresses Black Captain America & Woman Thor

Common: "It's a beautiful thing."

Common has addressed news that Captain America is set to be Black and Thor is slated to be recreated as a woman in upcoming issues of the popular comic books. 

"It’s a beautiful thing," Common says in an interview with TMZ. "It’s the way the world is. The diversity in comic books is just showing where we are as people. I think we gotta see superheroes in diversity so we all know we’re all together."

Vulture reported about Captain America recently, noting the following:

"Marvel chief creative officer — and longtime writer/artist — Joe Quesada confirmed rumors that Cap's longtime ally Sam Wilson, a.k.a. The Falcon, would be taking the adamantium shield from original Cap Steve Rogers," the site reported. "As of this fall, Captain America will be a man of color." 

Time recently wrote an opinion piece on Thor being a woman.

"The mighty Thor, that symbol of masculinity, aggression, violence and war, is going to be a woman," the publication says. "And it makes total sense."

Common's interview is below, followed by a DX Daily on the Chicago emcee who is set to release Nobody's Smiling later this month.



  • Anonymous

    I don't want Thor to be a woman! Wtf?

  • Anonymous

    America becoming more and more the gay capital of the world. All those rappussies with skinny jeans, lipgloss and pink sneakers. just horrible.

  • dre

    Cap's shield is made outta vibranium not adamantium. just dayin'

  • JhonDaAnalyst

    I love Common, he's so full of shit. I drink and I like chocolate booty!! What up Serena???! I would have been Green Lantern, but they didn't want to see a brother play Stewart before Jordan on the big screen. Period.

  • 7 Execution Style Murders

    I'm ALL for minority shine, but this bullshit done crossed the line! Fuck all this politically correct shit that's destroying the US! Fa66ots and saddity hoes/dykes really pushing hard for this "we are all the same" nonsense! A black CA and a bitch Thor, I'm not into comics, or ANY GARBAGE super hero movie, but this shit is just too far! Black people could give a fuck less if CA a honky or negro, he gonna be an uncle Tom anyways! REAL inner city black men can't connect with that shit! Black man in a suit, following whitey around, the hoods don't fuck with that! It's to appeal to them Oreo negroes! And the Thor being a BITCH is just mind boggling! Motherfuckers starving for equality, then motherfuckers need to create NEW fucking heroes from scratch! I hate the US trying to ban/ erase blackface, Koreans with big teeth, Mexican rats, nazis all that from our children! They need to KNOW the truth, the world isn't pretty, racism is active and always will be! For as long as white people continue to get handouts that minorities don't, this equality fantasy world will remain that, a fantasy! I live reality, the world is fucked up, it ain't change when hitler died, n it ain't changing now! outies

  • RPatrick

    Erm, so. Vibranium shield, not adamantium.

  • Anonymous

    Black Captain America??? I need to check that out, ain't fucked with comic books in a while

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