Lil Wayne Admits Not Being Able To Battle In New Episode Of "Weezy Wednesdays"

Lil Wayne says he "ain't fuckin' with Murda Mook."

In episode 21 of his “Weezy Wednesdays” series, Lil Wayne addressed the Battle Rap culture and the battles on the card at Saturday’s (July 12) Total Slaughter. 

Speaking generally about the battle culture, Lil Wayne states “it’s very dope” and that “it can’t be done by many.”

“I did hear that [Joe] Budden lost,” Lil Wayne says. “Not sure who won out of [Murda] Mook and [Loaded] Lux yet, but as far as my opinion on battle rapping, I think it’s a cool sport. What I mean by that is, I think it’s something cool to do. I think what they do is very very, very fuckin’ cool. Very dope. It can’t be done by many. I can be the first to say that it can’t be done by me. I don’t know how to Battle Rap. You don’t see me diss. I don’t diss people. I don’t really know how to do that. But what I think about Battle Rapping, I think it’s dope. I think it’s awesome.

“What I think about Murda Mook and Loaded Lux battling again? I think that’s fuckin’ crazy,” he continues. “Because them two niggas is fuckin’ bananas although my nigga [Jae] Millz and Mook they kind of went at it and you know I gotta go with my nigga Millz [laughs]. But I’m letting you know now, Mook, don’t come at me, dawg. Don’t swing at my neck, I’m bowing out, pause, [laughs]. I’m letting ya’ll fans know now, I ain’t fuckin’ with Mook.”

To hear more from Lil Wayne, and to watch the interview, visit Battle Rap.

For more Battle Rap coverage, please watch the following DX Daily:



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  • Anonymous

    He's not a broke wigger trying to hype up some Z list illiterate white trash venture.

  • Tony Montana

    Every dog has his day Wayne give up the mic amigo



  • Anonymous

    cant rap a decent lyric anymore either.

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    Nigga you have to be able to rap before battling, get that right first.

  • Fux with me

    this nigga looked cracked out and battle rap is corny.

  • Anonymous

    That picture's creepy as hell

  • Anonymous

    "but as far as my opinion on battle rapping, I think its a cool sport. What I mean by that is, I think its something cool to do. I think what they do is very very, very fuckin cool. Very dope. It cant be done by many. I can be the first to say that it cant be done by me. I dont know how to Battle Rap. " JUST LIKE SKATEBOARDING BUT YOU TRY AND PRETEND TO DO THAT. I KNOW FOR A FACT WAYNE COULD BE A BETTER BATTLE RAPPER THAN SKATER

  • Anonymous

    Lil wayne fans swear he joking naw he aint fucking with mook aint fucking with alot of niggas.

  • hoxo

    This explains Ghoulish

  • big jye supreme

    Confusing... I could have sworn Lil' wayne had diss records on his mixtapes. Now all of a sudden he doesn't diss people?

    • Anonymous

      wayne only diss when it's beneficial for him. like the carter 4 had bad pre-sales. he quickly dropped that jay z diss.

  • Anonymous

    Of course he doesn't battle rap, he can't even rap. He has someone ghostwriting for him.

    • Anonymous

      wayne could use gillie's help right now

    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      "I never wanted to be in a position where I had to defend Wayne" lmao fuck outta here u geeks

    • Anonymous

      ill ghostwrite yo white girl onto this nigga dick. make justin hunte his paper you fuckin slut

    • Anonymous

      The rapper can write his entire bars but other people might have written a melody or the hook or the song may have originally been theirs. Getting a writer credit is more about prestige rather than if you actually wrote any lyrics. This is the way it's done in the music biz, songs get tossed around from artist to arist, with a pre-written hook or whatever. It's only rappers that have to write they own bars.

    • Anonymous

      look at any hip hop album. MMLP, anything. there's a ton of ppl under the "writers" liners. they put producers and other people who contributed non-lyrical aspects to the song.

    • Blaze Tec

      I wanna know something then. And regardless of what people think I don't ask this flippantly or to diss on Wayne (or any rapper). But almost EVERY rapper's album, say in the liner notes, they have like three or more people under the WRITERS section. For example, let's take Wayne. Fireman has Dwayne Carter, Bigram Zayas, Matthew DelGiorno listed as writers. I always thought a true writer, a true lyricist is someone who has solely HIS/HER name under the writer's section. And this is beyond Wayne BTW. Underground, mainstream, most all have two or more writers. Isn't this as bad as ghostwriting? I know ghostwriting is given a bad stigma because it's basically an unknown person writing your stuff without getting credit. But, acknowledged or not, doesn't this all count as having help writing your lyrics? Meaning, some of the best bars may not even come from you?

    • Willy

      I never wanted to be in a position where I had to defend Wayne. But you should research into his song-writing before saying stuff like that.

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