Drake's Rappin' 4-Tay $100,000 "Who Do You Love" Payout Disputed By Manager

Exclusive: Rappin' 4-Tay discusses Drake, Cash Money relationship after "Who Do You Love" controversy.

Yesterday (July 16), TMZ.com reported that Drake's record label agreed to pay Rappin' 4-Tay $100,000 for lines the Canadian rapper borrowed from 4-Tay's 1994 song "Playaz Club” and used on his verse on YG's "Who Do You Love” single.

TMZ cited 4-Tay's manager, Herman Watson, as its source, but in an exclusive phone conversation with HipHopDX, both 4-Tay and Watson say the number reported by the celebrity gossip site not even close to the actual settlement.

"The real number is sky-high” Watson says. "That [$100,000] they reported is a low-ass number. TMZ made it seem like It was a one time thing to shut him up. There's also royalties involved, and continuous payment. This is forever. This is a part of his 'Playaz Club' package from here on.”

Rappin' 4-Tay was celebrating the agreement and said that when it comes to Cash Money Records it's all love. 

"In all actuality, Baby and Slim, the Williams Brothers, those are my folks,” 4-Tay said during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "They're family and it's family over everything with them. I'm speaking for myself as well as Cash Money Records when I say live and let live.” 

Watson says he felt the need to set the story straight after being inundated by fans on the Internet.

"We had a lot of the fans on the Internet saying, 'Why did you settle for that?’” Watson says. "We don't want that misunderstanding. We're not gonna disclose the numbers, but it's way more than that shit that was reported."

In addition to financial gain, Watson said this also looks to be the start of a fruitful working relationship between the two emcees. 

"At the end of the day, Drake is a fan of Rappin' 4-Tay,” Watson says. "He didn't have to do what he did, and it's crazy because Baby told 4-Tay to be patient 'cause he has a movie coming out, and if anybody remembers, the first time 4-Tay worked with Cash Money Records was on the soundtrack to their first movie, Baller Blockin [which was released in 2000]. So now, all these years later, it works out that there's a new movie coming out and they want him in it. And now Drake did this, so those ties are coming back and there's definitely gonna be a track in the works and a lot more coming with 4-Tay and Cash Money as time goes on." 

Rappin’ 4-Tay also says that Drake doesn’t need to pay attention to people who criticize him.

"Drake, get your money,” he says. "As a matter fact, also, lift up your shoes and step on them haters.”

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  • drake runs rap

    whatever money drake decided to toss was a favor and nothing more; it's only fair. plus, its only right that the greatest rapper alive fairly compensates one of rap's oldest and ancient living relics just to shut him up.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Didn't think you could sue for that. Yall Should Visit (Thegrandreport,com) They Have Some Good Videos On There too

  • RR

    This whole thing is great. Never thought I'd see Rappin 4-Tay in the news for the rest of my life. Guy was dope on the mic though. I always felt like he should have been a lot bigger than he was...

  • CC

    Check Out 4Tays new Single with Baby Bash and the Voice of I got 5 on it, Michael Marshall. Pure G-Funk: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfqOAJgMGLo

  • Anonymous

    I don't get why he paid the dude. It's not copy right infringement

  • Anonymous

    "Baby and Slim is my folks..." These so-called "pimps, playas & and gangstas" are destroying Hip Hop... Eating off of hip hop alright, off it's death... FUCK YALL SELLOUTs

    • Anonymous

      Yeah cause they're putting guns to artists heads saying sign or die. It's 2014 if you're not aware of the issues with a major then shame on you and you deserve to be broke

  • Anonymous

    What a fucking money grab, baby should tell him to grt fucked and appreciate whatever shine and 100 grand drake gave the dude

    • Anonymous

      Amateur, your opinion doesnt apply here. These people in the business handled the business.

    • idiots

      Y'all idiots it is copyright infringement about 75% of his verse were from 4 tay he only changed names and a couple words! Get off drakes dick damn!

    • ab

      because all artist do it..jay took biggie lyrics and flipped them the same way drake did...thing is 4tay must be broke.

    • Anonymous

      Because buddy is saying the number they are ACTUALLY getting is way above the 100 grand they were initially reporting, plus royalties etc, he didn't rob his lines word for word, 100 grand I get but way more plus royalties is fucking ridiculous for a stagnant artist who hadn't done fuck all in 20 years...good thing biggies camp isn't knocking of Jay z and j Coles doors.

    • Anonymous

      How is it a money grab when drake used his lyrics doofus

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