Dizaster On Punching Math Hoffa: "I Was Wrong"

Dizaster also reveals that the pair has been in contact with gang conciliator Malik Spellman, who brought the rival emcees to a "middle ground."

Yesterday (July 16), battle rapper Dizaster took to Instagram to offer an apology to Math Hoffa, who he punched at the end of their battle at King Of The Dot’s “BOLA 5” on June 28. 

Throughout the post, Dizaster discusses how the feud has affected both of their lives and admits he may need help with his anger problems, later saying, “I have real issues.” 

“Im done with all this u aint gonna see me bad mouth math once....,” he explains. “I have zero hate for this man , and all the extra shit has spun everyones feelings outta control and im willing to take any measures to make it right for hiphop/battling and math..i have to be the bigger man regardless how much blood shed u people want....please no more negative wack shit this is affecting both me and maths lives in a personal/family type of way and neither of us want this...we just got off on the phone with Malik spellman (the legendary gang-wars peacemaker) who basically brought us to a middle ground and both me and math are not on no shit and we want to move on which means "no further action" so everyone else should fall back WE ARE SQUASHING IT.....math knows it wasnt a setup and regardless I was wrong no matter how much i justified it in my head...cuz at the end of the day regardless who right or wrong this art is about love and entertainment ....i love math like a brother and He is a good dude that wanted to finally do right and i let my pride get in the way...i dont hate math on the contrary if he was ever in a situation where hes fighting id have his back in a heartbeat. Cuz hes one of us hes not an enemy his part of our culture we came up together in and built with out hands...Im not a hatefull person i just feed off negativity and let it consume me.......my anger has always been a problem tho my whole life its got the best of me , and im not perfect infact i might need help with my anger problems as my temper its gotten outta control and the math situation is that of many ive gotten into in the passed year. ....i have real issues. And people need to understand that none of u know us or know what we go threw or what we been threw u only know as much as we tell u...and ive always bottled in my problems so ive been like a volcano and it so happend math got the end of it.. ...so maybe people should always think..."we dont know whats really goin on with that man" every person has thier issues and i just wanna start focusin on bettering mine and movin forward. #increasethepeace”

To hear what Math Hoffa said in response to Dizaster’s post, and to dive deeper into the feud between the two, visit Battle Rap.

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  • Anonymous

    this bitch had so much mouth now he wants to apologize. we all know why....revenge was brewing for him and that crack mouth lushone, they knew it. BITCH BOYS

  • Canibus

    Those are Tom Cruise mom's shoes.

  • Anonymous

    What a pussy. This was Dizaster's chance to finally be his own man and gain some respect. What's he going to do next, sing a song outside Math's window with a tearful I'm sorry? You beat his ass. Move on without remorse.


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  • Anonymous

    Lol at Math if this is true!!!

  • Anonymous

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  • anon

    props to math for wanting to put this behind him. Not many people would do the same.

  • Anonymous

    this dude is a broke as bitchboy!

    • Anonymous

      & your point is? SO tired of you little fags around here basing everything in life on money & record sales.

  • Anonymous

    SMMFFH These Battle rap fans need to leave it alone. Henry Mansell, LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE. Jay Balfour, LEAVE IT THE FUCK ALONE. All this so yall can get hits to your gay ass Battlerap.com bullshit. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE, If you a real nigga, LEAVE IT ALONE.

  • Chris

    So....you created this war for yourself. Now you want to point the finger at everyone else for not being compassionate about your problems. Put the pieces together man, your widely viewed on the internet. These are the consequences you face for making the mistake. "#increasethepeace" is a contradiction to the friction you created....You expect to get peace from violence. I don't even know what this guy is thinking.

  • OG LA dude

    And for the record Malik is a joke out here in these LA streets..he has no street cred..I know the dude and I know the real G's out here..shits all reality TV bitch drama..weak as fuck..so many clowns in the world.

    • Anonymous

      You don't know shit, except the monitor you stare at as well as the keyboard, fronting like you're a tough guy. GTFOH

  • OG LA dude

    first of all who is Dizaster? I mean I know you battle rap..I saw the fight video..but who are you? are you Arab? white? Armenian what? you trying to be hard and gangsta? then you want to make amends..dude stop kidding yourself. yea maybe you do have "issues" what have you "been through" gang banging, prison? what..doing interviews from a rooftop that looks like Hollywood..I mean did you grow up in the streets? what have you been through..I think you're scared and now you're apologizing because your little rap "nigga" fantasy just got real !!

  • Anonymous

    Real rap diz, take care of that 1

  • Anonymous

    "Dizaster also reveals that the pair has been in contact with gang conciliator -" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

  • Anonymous

    Understanding himself is the biggest step this man has taken. Can't stand him, but I respect this part of him. Regardless, battle rap today is crappy, and just resembles angry spoken word poetry. Nobody can rock with a beat anymore.

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