Common Says He Didn't Give Kanye West A Wedding Gift

Common on Kanye West wedding gift: "Seriously, I didn't give him nothin'."

During Common's visit to Bravo's Watch What Happens Livethe rapper, who has worked with Kanye West extensively throughout his career, revealed what he got Kanye West as a wedding gift

"Um, my presence," Common said. "Nah, nah. That's all. Seriously, I didn't give him nothin'. I just sent him my album."

Throughout his career, Common has spoken highly of West. This year, for example, he described West's impact on Hip Hop with The College Dropout

“That’s a monumental album from a monumental artist,” Common said. “You really can’t think about Hip Hop without thinking about Kanye at this point…Since he’s been in the art form and the culture, he’s had an impact like—man, it’s unprecedented, really, as an emcee and as a producer to do what he’s done in 10 years. And College Dropout was one of them albums that bridged—it bridged a lot of things, man. I’m glad to be on there, man.”

During the same Watch What Happens Live segment, Common was asked about a quality that makes Mary J. Blige a diva.

"She just roll with a thick crew," he says. "She roll with a lot of people. 

The emcee was also asked to explain what sets Queen Latifah off.

"What sets her off is a good drink, some wine and some House music," Common says. "She on after that." 

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  • wttff

    cant believe this is a story ... wow ... this website has to be losing readers ... just wow ... no more substance

  • my dick is big in skinny jeans

    Common you dumb fuck!! you could have gave him a teddy bear.

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  • Anonymous

    fuck buying them a gift they dont need it and likely wouldnt appreciate it

    • Anonymous

      "if you dont have a fatherly or motherly protective instinct over blue ivy and north west get lost we dont want you here in this nation" Hahahahaha I almost fell off my chair with that one.

    • Anonymous

      nigga if you dont have a fatherly or motherly protective instinct over blue ivy and north west get lost we dont want you here in this nation

    • Anonymous

      I laughed. I cried. I smiled. I danced.

    • Anonymous

      i feel like it was such a substantial event that a part of us all got married that beautiful day

    • Anonymous

      Why do you give a damn really? Did you get married?

    • Anonymous

      because OP gets emotional reading kanye articles and is personally hurt by his celebrity crush enough to hate himself and say "he prolly wont be MAN ENUFF to love me"

    • Anonymous

      Common is one of Kanyes closest freinds, why wouldn't he appreciate it? smh

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