Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" Benefitted From Clear Channel's "On The Verge" Program

The "On the Verge" program required radio stations to play oeFancy at least 150 times.

Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” benefitted from its inclusion in Clear Channel’s “On the Verge” program, according to The Washington Post

The “On the Verge” is an initiative created to give artists greater exposure. To choose the artists, brand managers at Clear Channel select songs from different genres and have program directors vote on which songs they believe their listeners will respond positively to.

Once a song is chosen, it is required that each of Clear Channel’s 840 stations play the song at least 150 times. 

Azalea, who is set to re-release her debut album, The New Classic, in September, appeared as an "On the Verge" artist via "Fancy" on April 3.

Since then, the song has broken Billboard records. Azalea became the only artist since The Beatles to have her first Hot 100 records rank at #1 and #2 at the same time, with “Fancy” and by way of her feature on Ariana Grande’s “Problem.” 

Recently, Billboard made a list about Azalea, “Iggy Azalea’s Fancy Takeover: 10 Key Ingredients to a Summer Smash.”

For additional Iggy Azalea cover, watch the following DX Daily:



  • Wale's Hat

    "Azalea, who is set to re-release her debut album, The New Classic, in September, appeared as an "On the Verge" artist via "Fancy" on April 3." For being a website about Hip Hop, you guys manage to fuck up a fair share of otherwise easy to find facts. Album's been out since April.

  • InDaBuildin_007

    Bitch look like she the type of white bitch to wake up n not shower, her bootyhole probly stank n got shit crumbs

  • Really?!!!?

    In the 90's we made corporations make decisions on what is played now they make decisions for you. In the 90's we had pac in rotation and biggie and wu doing guest features on R&B songs. now every song rap and R&B has ghostly niggas repeating hey, hey hey hey in the background

    • Really?!!!?

      Unfortunately these payola schemes and low album sales are actually good for hip hop in my opinion. all of these factors will lead to the de-commercialization of hip hop leaving the music to the true artists. We can already see the shift when you hear comments like the mix tape was better...

    • Anonymous

      They gonna ignore this for the sake of what they call "evolution" even though the proof of the fix is in their faces. Aint no way they gonna wake up one day and do the right thing. Heads need to make that rap contemporary happen and let these programmed robots fall with this sinking ship.

  • Anonymous

    One word: Payola

  • Anonymous

    Heh go figure. It's no wonder the song blew up the way that it has.

  • white women are the right women

    Baddest chick in the game right now! That pussy probably tastes like honey.

  • CAL Boss

    Nigga, who gives a fuck about radio stations and shit! I can't believe I even read the entire article. I just wanna watch this bitch's fucktape.

    • kimberlyjmiguel

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    • Anonymous

      This is exactly why you sayin f#ck radio tho.....but clear channel owns iheart radio too... But go on ahead son, keep looking for that tape lol

  • Anonymous

    started from the bottom

  • Anonymous

    Think about the major & minor cities with actual music scenes and look at the amount of stations and program directors, see how they influence these fans with suggestive marketing and how they run with it. Those fans rely on mtv & radio to keep them "in touch" because they live outside where its really happening. Now look at the weekly sales and see those same fans who look at stats and sales for validation. Most of them are gonna avoid and forget this news because it exposes them.

  • Anonymous

    So this is what's responsible for her... Someone should stop this program ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    But you pussies swear radio aint the problem. I talked about this on the jay electronica threads but yall swear you pick whats hot. This article said nothing about the people, just 800 workers who played it 100x and now its hot.

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