Kevin Gates Discusses Young Money Rumors & Birdman Inspiration

Kevin Gates calls Lil Wayne his mentor, says Birdman inspired him to want to start his own brand.

Although New Orleans singer/rapper Kevin Gates isn’t signed to Young Money, the XXL freshman revealed that he has developed relationships with both Birdman and Lil Wayne. He also revealed that he’s managed by Fee of Young Money Cash Money Billionaires and Brian “B Rich” Richardson.

While clearing up his label and management situations, Gates spoke on being inspired to create his own brand after sitting down with Birdman during a one-on-one conversation.

“I’m still managed by Young Money…But I’m also managed by B Rich also,” he said during an interview with Vlad TV. “So, me and him been working…I was supposed to sign with Young Money. I was supposed to, but I sat around Birdman. And, you know, Birdman gon’ sit around and give you the real…I wanna do what you did. I want to get it out the mud. So, I just wanted my own brand once I saw how he did it it just inspired me. Yeah, Bird did it. He really from out the ghetto…But I believe he gave me the game cause I was soaking the game up. I like to look at the game. Analyze the game. And he saw that. He saw I was hungry for it. So, he was feeding me the game. Feeding me that knowledge.”

In addition to drawing inspiration from Birdman, Gates says he also received a great deal of advice from Lil Wayne and even recalled picking the rapper’s brain while in the recording studio.

“He [Lil Wayne] was more of a mentor,” Gates said. “He gave me a different approach with music. I used to sit in there and watch him—Well, I’mma relate it to this. I’mma give you this illustration. You know, to learn how to coke dope good you got to be around a good, dope cook. And you know most artists don’t give you their recipe. They don’t let you get in the kitchen with em…So, Wayne let me get in the kitchen with him. You heard me? Me and Tunechi, we in the kitchen late nights. Everybody in the studio sleep. I’m in there just ‘Yeah, what this do? What that [do]?’”

Kevin Gates’ interview with Vlad TV can be found below.



  • Anonymous

    yeah kevin gates definetly next big thing. all who likes hes new stuff should check out the mixtapes he published before 2011 under dead game records. very dope stuff.

  • Anonymous

    "Im still managed by Young MoneyBut Im also managed by B Rich also," what a moron hes getting double raped!

    • Double_Ghost

      Yea they're his MANAGERS, not his RECORD LABEL... He's signed to himself, so he can afford to have two people out there in the field making moves for him. Stupid

    • DaimyoJohnson

      Here, I'm gonna slow it down for you2 managers who don't step on each others toes and do twice the work which means twice the opportunities which then equals twice the bread. So what if he's paying them (whatever percentage negotiated) he's earning more than he would if he only had one. And besides, ever thought they might be booking him for completely different types of gigs? (.ie TV, opening @ major venues & tours vs. his own smaller tours)

  • BatonRouge

    He better than a lot of the artists on the Young Money label right now smh -

  • Belize

    my fav new artist out..that Luca Brasi CD was super dope

  • V-Nasty is God

    Is he replacing Gutta Gutta as the ugly ass light skin nigga on Young Money?

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