Star Confronts Hot 97's Ebro Darden At Total Slaughter, Says He'll Slap Peter Rosenberg

"Let's run up on Ebro from Hot 97, he's been talking really greasy," Star says before approaching the radio host.

Less than a month after a back-and-forth Twitter beef, radio personality Star of ‘Star and Bucwild’ confronted Ebro Darden at the Total Slaughter battle rap event on Saturday (July 12).

VladTV’s video of the incident shows Star again referencing Peter Rosenberg being slapped for comments made about Chuck D.

“Lets run up on Ebro from Hot 97, he’s been talking really greasy,” Star says in the video. “Lets see if he’s really about that life.”

When Star confirms that he called Ebro a snitch as well, Darden, who provided commentary at the event, says, “you’s a fucking liar, nigga.”

During the conversation, Star asks the radio host “why are you here right now?” given his record of disparaging battle rap to which Ebro replies that he “was invited and paid.”

Star also refers to Ebro’s on-hair co-host as “Rosenslob” before claiming he’s “gonna slap him in his mouth.” Erbo says he doesn’t “think [Star] would do that” before the former Hot 97 employee responds that “I would slap him dead in his mouth in front of you” and asks, “should I give you the slap?”




  • anon514

    EBRO and Rosenbitch are the weakest ones. HOT97 needs new on air personalities.. aint nobody got time for them. except rich kids in LI and CT

  • Coldshouldah

    Ebro is still a fag! Your turn son.

  • Coldshouldah

    Fuck ebro, lame ass prima-donna. Fat dirty beard looking as fool. With his big ass wide face. He think he's important. Lol. And fuck his male cheerleaders too.

  • Anonymous

    Fcuk hot 97 and fuck ebro.

  • yo meth where my killa tape

    shot 97 youtube channel is the realist/funniest shit around star the best 'radio tv personality' ever. I swear that nigga has me LMAO when he gets at people or is just talking bout the random situations he gets into

  • Super Nigga

    LMFAO Star got me dying.

  • Star

    Fuck yall. Can't you see I'm sick? I got the bug from Lord Jamar.

  • Anonymous

    wasnt star just saying ebro was his guy last year tho? but now hes a snitch? gotta lay off the coke

  • Anonymous

    that was funny as hell

  • Drake's counselor

    Star complains about lack of color, ha! The whitest nigga in the biz.

  • Anonymous

    (1) Star needs to work on acting his age. (2) The problems with urban radio is the ebonic-speaking ignorant jackasses that do nothing to inspire the minds of listeners. Hip-Hop has become an absolute joke.

  • D.G

    Keep getting at these Lames Star.....LOL

  • POPE

    Star is a joke. he was cool bout 17-20 years ago lol. he should go back to writing stories for the source.

  • Coldshouldah

    Ebro is such a lame person. This moron always talking about "I'm the coolest programming director, I'm a superstar in my own right, I'm a celebrity". Get the fuck out of here. Hes a nobody, an idiot that no one likes. This moron thinks he's important. He's feeling himself like if he was actually somebody and meant something to the culture. When in reality he's just a fat, dirty bearded pussy. That fucking guy is so damn corny and annoying. His stupid ass was trying to bring up what the battle rappers are wearing and swag and all this other faggot shit that he cares about until Royce 59 pretty much told him to shut the fuck up, that it's about lyrics. I'm telling you guys, ebro is a metrosexual pussy. He's what's wrong with hip hop. He needs to get fired. Moron already ruined NY music, ruined Hot 97, and always says the dumbest shit. I'm glad he looked so stupid on total slaughter, no one likes that homo. I think a lot of people would love to slap that idiot. Had star slapped him, Ebro's pussy ass would have sued. That's the kind of person that lil bitch is. Just like when he snitched on lil Kim. Fuck ebro.

    • Coldshouldah

      Ebro is still a pussy, no matter how much it bothers you to see me say that. He's still a bitch that no one likes. Your turn again son. Lol.

    • derrr

      ahahahahahahahaha like a white girl I literally cant anymore....mad at comments on a hip hop website?...lmao you really do take this shit seriously dont you ;) I stopped listening to hot97 and power105 when I was 16...that was back when big boy did morning radio here 6 years ago so I could give a fuck about an ebro I had the option to turn the radio off and I did have the same option but you choose to bitch and moan about radio dj's on the hiphopdx comments lololol thinking its going to do something lmao you must still have a car with a tape deck in it so youre forced to listen to the radio lmao ahahahaha thanks for entertaining me at work tho my young incest fetus ill be here till 6 est ;)

    • Coldshouldah

      Didn't know I was getting you upset son. Lol. I mean really? You're getting your panties in a bunch acting like Ebro's your man because I'm speaking the truth about him? Now you're just feeding the fire. Good job. I want to make you angrier so I'll keep reminding you how much of a faggot ebro is and how no one likes him except you. By the way, ebro is still a fag.

    • derr

      ranting about a radio station you cant even listen to lmao hahahahahahaha

    • derrr

      lmao who gives a fuck about an ebro im trolling you because you take wayyyy too much time out of your day to do this i mean jesus christ two essays in one day dude? because you really think youre doing something by typing these essays...on hiphopdx of all places...go sign up somewhere if youre going to spend this much time typing rants out lmao but carry on

    • Coldshouldah

      Haha. Someone seems very very upset that I'm speaking badly about that faggot ebro. Lol. If the essay is too much for you, then don't read it. I don't want you to strain yourself. The thing is ebro is soo insecure and so full of himself at the same time that the idiot will actually go and read the comments to any lil story about him because he has this delusional view of himself where he thinks he's important. He's called himself a pioneer, a superstar, blah blah etc etc. lol. What kind of man toots his own horn? A pussy who's a megalomaniac, that's who. I really wouldn't be surprised if you're really him, honestly! Him on the net pretending to be some random person defending him like if he actually has people who like him. Oh, and if you know about me supposedly being trolled in the other article about him, is it safe to assume that you pay very close attention to anything and everything related to ebro or me commenting on him? The irony of your comments is comedy. Either way, ebro so still a fucking corny douchebag. I love how stupid he must have felt when Royce pretty much said "man shut the fuck up with this faggotry about swag and how they're dressed, it's about lyrics" I know it makes you mad, so here's one more, Ebro is a fucking pussy no one likes.

    • derr

      FUCK i misspelled talking FUCKKKKKKKK

    • derrr

      i owned a book like 5-6 years ago but i traded it for 2 dutches...that shit is overrated lmao i did read an article in the source though if that counts you misread my half a sentence there my young jizz point was youre writing paragraphs about someone you dont like at 7 in the dont get paid for taking about that person you dislike and therefore you must not have much going for you in life ;)

    • Real Talk 100

      I read dudes comments fairly easily, reading/writing 5-6 sentences is only an essay to illiterate fucks "educated" in failing, incompetent government schools, pecking at their keyboards like monkeys. I'll prove it, whens the last time you read a book? Do you even own a book? Sorry did I just write too many sentences for your retarded ass lol? DUMB FUCKS

    • Anonymous

      aaaaand you got the shit trolled out of you in that last article thinking you were arguing with ebro writing essays n shit lmao

    • derrr

      paragraphs at 7 in the morning about people you dislike...what a life

  • what did the 5 fingers say to the face?

    star cool wit ebro like he said they had drinks that's why he aint gon put hands on him n shit even tho he refers to him as the 'slave' at flop97 lol.Its not even the chuck d quote that he wants to slap Rosenberg for he just really doesn't like him for something rosenslob said bout star a while back.

  • Anonymous

    Star seems to a really braindead person. Fits well with Lord Jamar, these 2 should get married.

  • Come On

    First of all this is old news Rosenberg apologized to chuck D and he excepted. I don't know why Star is trying to drag this out. He's try to make himself relevant, He's acting like a kid and not a grown man. He wouldn't slap Ebro cause he Ebro would wreck his crack head ass. Anybody who sides with Star in this is just as much of the problem with our community as he is. They have moved on from this it's not even his battle.

    • Anonymous

      The real problem is we are quick to accept apologies from outside forces an din the process extend unmerited forgiveness, yet, we will murder/kill/humiliate/disrespect our own. Mad respect Star. Fuck EBitch and RosenWEAK.

    • Anonymous

      accepted is the word you were looking for

  • JamesTheNiggaHatinDolphin

    Ebro and Rosenburg are a better look for hip hop than this washed up crackhead running around tryin' to start shit.

  • The-Influence



    i hate that these radio niggas act like they still matter. does anyone even listen to the radio anymore?

    • Anonymous

      That's how I feel. I don't live in New York and I don't listen to the radio, so why should I have to care about things like this?

    • the hater

      i watch stars radio/talk show on his youtube channel 'shot97 radio'. funniest shit ever he sits there drinking smoking newports getting at everyone

  • HotZionist97

    Fuck Ebro and Rosenslob. Ebro suggested another diss name for Rosenslob, is he serious? Corny muthafucka. Hot97 was the shit when Star was still running it now its literally bullshit. Of course Star isnt going to smack him on Camera, he is too smart for that! What race is Ebro anyway? And how is he a judge when he doesnt even like battle rappers? Eminem is fucking up man


    About fucking time. Ebro and Rosenherb need to be banished from the radio forever. I'm with Star on this one.


    real shit if you thought that any one of these niggas would risk what little bit they have, slapping each other, WHILE THE CAMERAS IS ROLLING...YOU deserve the L! like get fkn real smh! star aint bout to do shit, think he gonna risk a lawsuit that he would LOSE? that shot 97 would be a WRAP! ebro and hot 97 is on its last leg, why would ebro risk what little juice he got left? especially since lately it seems like he trying to establish his "ebro" brand or whatever...

  • dnucks

    these guys are just putting on a can tell..they really cool behind the scenes..

  • Anonymous

    I wuld murda that nigga like #blao

  • Anonymous

    Ebro is fake but Star holds the L

  • KoolHerc

    Funny how yall out of town Black Folks think your HipHop till you come to NYC. Listen, and listen clearly, HipHop is NOT a black "Thang", It's a NYC thang. Visit, shm

  • KoolHerc

    HipHop should have stayed in NYC. Ever since it passed Philly it got diluted, diluted, and diluted. smh...

  • Anonymous

    wow, kinda sad.... like youngins get all this blame for how they act, but then there's grown folks, in and out of hip hop, that act like this.

  • Anonymous

    This is so corny. We have a bunch of grown ass men, niggas with families and financial obligations, running around acting like they're in high school. SMH motherfuckers threatening each other, or spreading rumors etc. Y'all know what the fuck I'm talking about. Niggas are too sensitive. Now I ain't suggesting niggas should let physical threats slide. But come on, threatening to slap a motherfucker over some shit that doesn't concern you? Fuck outta here. I can't take that shit too seriously. But if you're going to run your mouth, you better be very careful about who you threaten. I've seen some shit first hand where what one cat thought he knew about someone else, and who that cat really is, ended up with that nigga shot the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      real fucking talk. I mean, both of these cats know nothing is gwannin, so why front? fucking keep it an argument instead of saying that shit they aint gonna do

  • Anonymous

    your fake. movement sucks dick. get outta here already.

  • CAL Boss

    Star is a crazy ass nigga and sometimes I question his thought process, forreal. But I gotta respect this nigga because he keeps it real no matter what other fuckniggas might say. He aint afraid to say what's on his mind.

  • Shone Jones

    Chuck, Ebro, Star, Jamar and Rosenberg all lost. There are no winners here. Vlad is laughing at your asses, yet you're too blind to see it.

    • Anonymous

      blaming the man with the camera is very telling about your thought processes or lack of

    • Anonymous

      First thing I thought when I saw his name in story. Vlad instigates and makes money from it. These losers are either working for Vlad or being duped by him. Start Lost, Ebro lost Vlad won. Hip Hop should pay them all no mind.

    • Anonymous

      Vlad tha instigator, stacking black males against each other on some divide n conquer shit through his Glaadtv platform

  • 354

    should of slapped that lame fuck-boy e-ho

  • Anonymous

    they need to fire everyone at Flop97 and let this Star guy take over.

  • Anonymous

    This man does not GIVE A FUCK! LOL no one is scared of EB-HOE

  • Anonymous

    star the realest nigga in rap media. he dont give a fuck. pistol on his side 24/7 and licenced to carry. crazy nigga said he's applied to be a cop 6 or so times but they keep rejecting him.

    • Anonymous

      "crazy nigga said he's applied to be a cop 6 or so times but they keep rejecting him." cosign he said many times the only thing keeping from that job is his criminal record lmao son had the heart to check jimmy henchman at his office ever since that day I been knowing he's official there's also footage of him threatening prodigy live on air during that takeover situation lol the nigga star dared him to come see him and he ain't showed up smh

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