Tupac Shakur "Holler If Ya Hear Me" Musical To End Early

The production will close at what Variety says "amounts to a total loss."

The Broadway musical Holler If Ya Hear Me, which was inspired by the work of late rapper Tupac Shakur, will end its run early, on July 20, after poor box office performance, according to Variety.

The attendance for the show at Broadway’s Palace Theater was 45 percent of overall seating capacity last week, says the story, which also said that reviews of the production have been mixed.

Variety says that Holler If Ya Hear Me was an $8 million musical and that the closing of the production will result in “what amounts to a total loss.”

Holler If Ya Hear Me is inspired by Tupac’s lyrics, but serves as a non-biographical narrative about two friends living in the inner-city in the Midwest. The production was written by playwright Todd Kreidler and features support from the late rapper’s mother, Afeni Shakur, who is one of the musical’s producers.

The play stars slam poet, musician and actor Saul Williams. The production is directed by Kenny Leon, who also directed Denzel Washington in the current Broadway iteration of A Raisin in the Sun.

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  • Anonymous

    This was a stupid ass idea to begin with.

  • Anonymous

    what retard gave 8 milli to this fucking hack saul williams? what are they sniffing up there? and yall think kanye is delusional? the tupac supporters make kanye look like a fully self-aware self-deprecating humble infant

    • Anonymous

      Haha you mad? Fuckass go fuck your mother while you talk all that bullshit. You sound angry over nothing.

  • Anonymous

    thank god this bullshit is over. now we just gotta ignore one more gayass feature film and pacs gayass legacy can finally be over.

    • Anonymous

      You're probably a Drake fan huh? Hahaha go kill yourself, you're annoyed over what exactly? Calm your female tendencies, stop sucking so much dick like your mother.


    LOL niggas aint goin to no broadway plays-n white folks for sure aint goin to no broadway play about 2pac! How the fuck did a stupid idea like this even get funded?

  • Anonymous

    I agree with whoever said this was a bad idea. Noble attempt, but who is the target audience? I think the movie will do much better.

  • 2pac is m.o.r.e.

    Pac is the nmost overrated and contradicting rapper ever. - in the beginning he was a weak copy of Chuck D - His first 2 solo albums were nice but nothing special. - MATW is his only classic - AEOM contains too much filler - Pac had Always a bad beat selection - Always the same lyrics: heaven for a thug, thug injail, smoking weed, drinking henessey, i love all black women, all black women are bitches - Brought a lot of negativity in the rapwolrd. - Never had a criminal past before he became a rapper.

    • Anonymous

      The man stood for something, unlike all the bullshit you hear on radio. Guess you little shit stains like listening to Drake or whatever gay shit is popular huh? Fuck out of here.

    • geezy

      Totally correct. Wasn't a poet at all. Overrated.

    • Fuck You

      you don't know shit you little cunt

    • Anonymous

      Fuck that Pac was way more about just that shit.. I'll tell you what, I would rather listen to PAC then all these fake ass rappers talking about ass shacking and money and fake thug/gun play records any day!!!

  • Anonymous

    todays fans are more stupid then i thought tupac was bigger then rap

  • jnjkn

    actual 2Pac fans are not broadway type of niggas... this was expected

  • 2pacfan

    They tried to make a quick buck off the legend and failed.

  • Anonymous

    Damn NY niggas always be like we know what real hiphop is but yall never support shit!!! I know it's a Broadway musical but shit get out there and support this shit!!!

  • RC

    In all honestly did anybody really expect a 2Pac inspired musical to perform well on Broadway?? Seriously all respect to Pac but the audience simply ain't there, few people who are hard 2Pac fans are gonna go to a musical, and I highly doubt the musical crowd are gonna be Hip-Hop fans in general. A noble effort but if try we're gonna pay homage to 2Pac's work outside of Hip-Hop music a film was the better way to go.

    • Anonymous

      ^grow up child take that ymcmb trolling youve been doing the last 3 years somewhere else @op Exactly. I dont why they even dropped $8m on this. I just found out it existed last week on the news

    • Anonymous

      The truth is that no ones checking for 2pac. Hell even his posthumous sales later declined. Drake is more suited to broadway with his incredible singing than 2pac.

  • dentaldamboy

    If they did this based on Wayne or Drake lyrics, it would run on Broadway longer than Cats or Phantom of the Opera.

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