Kanye West Blasts Fans In Unearthed Reality Show Scene

In the scene, Kanye West speaks about why he doesn't like people walking up to him at airports.

Kanye West participated in an unrealized 2010 reality TV show starring his travel agent at the time, Brett Grolsch, who calls himself a "travel agent to the stars" in the unearthed clip posted by TMZ

"I'm trying to avoid airports at all costs," Kanye West says in the clip. "People like to say really stupid stuff to me. But, I'm fine, you know. That's completely politically incorrect. Okay, man, no I really like being at airports." 

West then says people ask him if he's Kanye West when he's walking through airports. When he replies that he is, they tell him to "quit lying." 

West also says he pretends he's on the phone to avoid being bothered, a strategy that doesn't always work. "People have no respect for the phone and stuff." 

Last year, West was involved in an altercation with a photographer at a Los Angeles airport. In a video of the altercation, West was shown wrestling the photographer to the ground. The photographer was later reportedly treated for contusion and muscle strain at a hospital. 

For more on Kanye West, view the DX Daily below.


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  • Derp

    "Are you Kanye West" "Yes" "Stop Lyin!!"

  • Judgementer

    Make no mistake about it, DX is in it for the hits. Article title: Kanye west shoots fan in Paris Content: There was a fan (actual fan that blows air) in kanye's hotel lobby and he decided to shoot a video of it with his camera phone. GIVE ME A JOB DX! I promise there wont be any typo's.

  • The Clap

    808s is a masterpiece.

  • Anonymous

    He said in the video he tries not to snap on fans. Misleading title

  • Anonymous

    Where did he blast his fans? DX, like usual, wanting hits on their article, I guess they have kids to feed. Shit turned into HipHopTMZ to the fullest.

  • xkaedoggx

    BREAKING NEWS FLASH: Kanye is a douchebag. Seriously, 2007's Graduation was the last great album he did, he's just a cartoon character at this point. It's been that long.

    • j

      Kanye's never put out a bad record, aside from Cruel Summer which was just a label comp. He has the best discography in hip hop.

    • smh

      You say you're a huge Kanye fan but you don't like Graduation, 808s, MBDTF, or Yeezus? smhsmh, you're not a Kanye fan. You're a College Dropout/Late Registration fan. Huge difference. Ignorant.

    • Yuh

      Yeezus really is genius. If you're a "huge Kanye fan", you'd like Yeezus.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^But if he goes back to the way his old shit was, which there's a good chance, you'll start sucking his dick again. You're not an OG, you're a bitch.

    • tha OG

      So true after graduation kanye fell off fuck kanye west!

    • Anonymous G

      I wouldn't say Graduation was Kanye's last great album. I would say it was Late Registration. I thought My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was over produced and although it has some great hits on it there are a few songs I dislike. Never was a fan of Runaway, Hell of a Life, or Blame Game. So Appalled is only good for the hook and Kanye's verse and I played Devil in a Blue Dress out. Overall I think MBDTF is only above Yeezus, which in my opinion was garbage.I've listened to that album over and over and over and I just cant get into it and I'm a huge Kanye Fan.

    • Anonymous

      If you think Graduation is his last great album, you're a fucking idiot. Then again, you do have "x"s at the beginning and end of your name, like you're on xbox live. So yeah, you're a fucking idiot.

    • Anonymous

      Twisted Fantasy was great and I'm gonna go against popular consensus and say Yeezus is genius too, it's just harder to wrap your ear around for most ignant niggas that expecting boom bap beats with their preconceived notions.

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