Snoop Dogg Mocks LeBron James, Fans Of Cleveland Caveliers & Miami Heat

Snoop Dogg posts several memes of Miami Heat fans as well as Cleveland Caveliers fans and praises Kobe Bryant as LeBron James leaves the Heat for the Cavs.

In the wake of LeBron James leaving the Miami Heat to re-sign with his former team, the Cleveland Caveliers, Snoop Dogg is among the several rappers that have addressed this with commentary. 

Snoop commented on the move via Instagram with a series of posts. In one post, the rapper laughed at a meme that features people running behind LeBron James. The meme reads: "Heat 'fans' be like, 'Race you to Cleveland.'" In another post, Snoop laughs at a meme of a man waist deep in a trash bin. The picture has the following printed on it: "Niggas in Cleveland like...'Where the fuck I put that LeBron Jersey?'" Snoop also praised Kobe Bryant by mocking the LeBron James Instagram post the NBA star made after announcing his decision to sign with the Cleveland Caveliers. 

While the rapper may have mocked LeBron with several posts, he also shared positive words for James, as reported on DX Daily. 

"Drinks on me. Congrats Cleveland on Getn the king bac on his throne," he said. 

Several Snoop posts are as follows: 




  • Wiggins Da Gawd

    DX should write a piece on Drake saying he's looking for real estate in Cleveland as soon as LeBron went back to the Cavs By the way fuck y'all fake ass Heat fans don't come jumping on cleveland now fuckboys

  • Anonymous

    Lebron fans be discrediting Snoop and not addressing the facts in those pics some lame gay ass idolized fans fuck all of u

  • Don Dutch

    I saw snoop at four Clippers games last season, and the Clips weren't even playing the lakers. Snoop left his team before Lebron left the heat. This nigga says one thing but asserts the opposite, snoop is a lame ass fuck boi.

  • Anonymous

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  • me

    coming from the same dude who RAN from Deathrow ... and the West coast sound. then left No Limit time they stopped being hot. snoop has a lot of nerve.

    • Anonymous

      I don't know how accurate are these Facts you just said but does that change the fact that almost half the people in my uni class suddenly became Cleavland fans while I remember just 2 weeks ago when my summer class started at least 3 of them were wearing Lebron shirts talking about how the air condition was a scam... Fuck you for bringing up shit that dont have to do shit with the story

  • Hiphopdx is dead

    Jeezus the dumbest shit makes news these days. Sad.

  • R.Pgh

    No, Kobe didn't leave, he just put the Lakers in cap room hell to the point they can't afford to put a decent product on the court.

    • Dann

      He got a max contract WTF is everyone talking about Chris Bosh is making as much as Kobe is GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT SHIT!!! Melo Bron and many others are making just as much as KOBE is. KOBE the greatest player since Jordan. No one is crippling anybody finanically.

  • Anonymous

    Dang, get off of his d!ck you fake a$$ criple (Crip) snoopy.

  • Lebron Is No MJ or Kobe

    But he didn't & didn't turn it into a on going thing either. Now remove LeBron's scrotum from your tonsils & uvula.

  • Anonymous

    he fronting like kobe wasnt trying to leave too at one point

  • Anonymous

    I love how rappers take these moves more personal than the players do.

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