Waka Flocka Flame Names His EDM Album "Turn Up God"

Waka reveals the title and approximate release date for his EDM-based Hip Hop album.

Waka Flocka Flame has been known to turn up and it has been known for some time that he has a connection to the EDM world.

Back in April of last year, Waka told HipHopDX he had plans to release an EDM-based Hip Hop album and now, there may be a title to go along with the project. The Atlanta-based rapper recently told XXL his debut EDM album will be called Turn Up God and says Diplo and Steve Aoki, among others will be involved.

"That shit's fire. Turn Up God, fire, man. It's just me having fun. I really get to do me. That shit's crazy," he said when asked about the album. "Diplo, Steve Aoki, The Zombie Kids, Borgore, DJ Carnage and I just did this remix of Dillon Francis' new record, that shit's about to be mayhem."

Waka Flocka Flame has toured with Aoki in the past and recently told DX Steve Aoki "put life back in me musically." Aoki and Waka have come together on EDM tracks in the past. "Rage The Night Away" is an Aoki song featuring Waka. Waka Flocka was also featured on Yellow Claw & Diplo & LNY TNZ's song "Techno."

Waka also told XXL he's finishing up Flockaveli 2, which he is aiming a winter release date for and says he's targeting fall for Turn Up God. Interestingly, he said the first time he heard EDM music was in London or Paris.

"First time I heard it I was in fucking... I think I was in London or Paris," He said. "You know when you go into a club and you hear that techno shit. Then one day I heard it the "Brick Squad Anthem." I’m like, "Oh, shit." The club was rocking, nigga, and I’m like, "What the fuck? Why the hell I don't know about this?" And one of my boys was like, "It's the new shit, they love you." And I was like, fuck it, and I was in Europe doing hip-hop at night, and I'd go fuck with that [after]. So I got like two, three months of training on it. This is a market too."

Read the full piece here.

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  • reazonero

    Flocka been talking about the EDM scene foe a while now. I remember seeing an interview where he said he was gonna start messin with this genre

  • Lil Jon set the trend

    This shit is wack. Lil Jon doing these lame EDM single "Turn Down For What" and now Waka Flocka Lame jumping on it. If that's not biting I don't know what is. I just hope EDM-style music doesn't go too far in hip hop.

    • lol

      did some searching and turns out he actually announced an edm album in November. Lil Jon released his song a month after Flocka made the announcement

  • Anonymous

    turnip might be one of my least fav vegetables

  • Anonymous

    A society who doesn't value the weight of the word God is destined to collapse.

  • WillieGMcKnight

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  • glo

    i aint even goin play wit it, harlem world foreal chill u can fool wale and them- killa

  • saved by the BILLS

    Camron- U kno ( shy glizzy diss ) just came out today

  • Anonymous

    EDM is not gangsta but hes chasin that paper trying to get 150k a show like them djs

  • Astute Observer

    I know he's pretty good and all, but sometimes I can't take this nigga seriously cuz he's so fuckin ugly. Just sayin. Him and Gunplay some of the ugliest niggas around.

  • lol

    Disclaimer: Not for lame ass niggas who be tryna play Immortal Technique or U-God at a party.

    • lol

      Rather listen to Wayne's dumb ass than Immortal Technique's corny tryhard bitter ass

    • Anonymous

      Nigga said "U-God" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • What?

      Who the fuck play Immortal TEchnique at a party??? Immortal TEchnique is for people that have a brain. He spits some real shit, not no party and bullshit lyrics! You fucking lames need to shut the fuck up and keep listening to wayne, you cock suckaz

    • lol

      lmao oh shit I didnt realize it said fucking EDM in the title excuse my ass. The fuck is this nigga thinking making an EDM album smh

    • Anonymous

      if you put on some techno at my party you getting beat down worse

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