Live Coverage Of Total Slaughter

Total Slaughter is taking place at Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

Live coverage of Total Slaughter will be available via Battle Rap and Battle Rap’s twitter page.

Stay tuned for exclusive interviews, battle recaps and photography from the event.

For live coverage from the Total Slaughter event, click here


  • Anonymous

    lyrically, no way budden lost to hollow. no way lyrically that loaded lux lost to mook or hollow. the crowd were extremely bias to the underdog

  • WillieGMcKnight

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  • imho

    edit- budden would of won if he could flow right and didnt bitch up 3rd rd..but hollow took it due to consistancy not bc he was nicer.

  • imho

    the whole thing was terrible.. mic problems all night, choking, and dont get me started on that shit they called a battle with hollow v budden. terrible, budden bitched up at the end actin like a female droppin the mic at a slight boo lmao started off nice arsonal n big T was cool. mook n lux was ok to mook went in..but the whole thing was a failure and eminem to good to show up to his own event.

  • SSMe1986

    WTF was that? Eminem should drop Joey now because of that lame shit.

  • Qubix

    Winner is....Hollow (Official) and Joe was 0-3, 0-4 should I say since he dropped his mic after getting booed. What a sissy. Method Man should destroy this dude again, plus when is he leaving Slaughterhouse? That group would be so much better without him.

  • ryhmecheck

    Shit was garbage! budden never paid his dues "If they keep booing I'm going to stop gosh darn it." Proved to be the weak link in Slaughterhouse

  • Anonymous

    this nigga budden is bodying hollow at this moment

    • Anonymous

      ...said nobody in the crowd. Well maybe the 2 or 3 Mood Muzik fans and Slaughterhouse/Eminem fans

  • Anonymous

    My money long so how he gonna have a laugh at my expense." -Joe

  • GCut

    Eminem and the Shady camp should be embarrassed by the poor execution of this event online. No stream and limited PPV cable providers. Unfortunate.

    • sam snead

      It should not be ppv in the first place, the market is not that large for an event like this at $20 a pop

  • DJ85

    Anybody know if there is streaming Video? I just see pics. This is gonna be crazy. Just saw the Breakfast club interview with Hollow and Joe. pretty dope.

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