Eminem, Dr. Dre Perform At London's Wembley Stadium; Video Released

Odd Future and Danny Brown opened for the Aftermath Entertainment artists.

Eminem brought out Dr. Dre for his performance at London’s Wembley Stadium yesterday (July 11).  

During the Detroit rapper’s set, the two collaborated on “Still D.R.E.,” “Nuthin’ But A ‘G’ Thang” (with Eminem performing Snoop Dogg’s lyrics) and “Forgot About Dre."

Eminem also delivered renditions “Love The Way You Lie,” “Rap God,” “Berzerk,” “The Monster,” “Without Me,” “The Real Slim Shady” and “Stan.”

Odd Future and Danny Brown opened for Eminem.

Videos of Eminem and Dr. Dre’s performances are as follows: 

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  • Olumide

    I was there last night and it was amazing. Y'all hating ass DX commentators need to calm down and criticise things that are actually wack, not one of the greatest Hip Hop acts of all time when he's busy making history.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed, people just shte cause it's cool too, real hip hop heads know what's up, wish i was at that show!

  • Loquiall

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  • Anonymous

    All the people on this site pootin and poutin bout how trash Eminem is, meanwhile he just performed in a stadium with 70,000 people watching.

  • Anonymous

    word is Godfather 50 is making an appearance tonight.


    Doesnt that old nigga get tired of showing up and doin those old songs? Too bad he never dropped that detox.You aint relevant in music if you showin up to gigs n singin shit you did over 20 years ago with nuthin new up yo sleeve

    • Anonymous

      i feel you. dre got enough money now so i think he should just do some community service for the hip-hop community and start putting out new detox songs for free every single week for like 2 years.

  • Eminem

    Eminems has been trash since 2003. He's been coasting off pop singles ever since. Thank you for your time and attention in reading my comment and many blessings to you.

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