50 Cent Stole "In Da Club" Hook From Lloyd Banks, Bang'Em Smurf Says

Bang'Em Smurf refers to 50 Cent as Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Bucks' "daddy," says the group will flop.

During a newly-published interview with Mikey T The Movie Star, former G-Unit affiliate Bang’Em Smurf seemed less than impressed with the group’s reunion at Hot 97 Summer Jam a few weeks ago. He even shared his belief that the reunion took place because Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Young Buck were getting low on money.

According to Smurf, 50 Cent’s lack of camaraderie towards other artists has prevented the other G-Unit members from working with the artists he says are “popping right now.”

“I didn’t really feel no kind of way because I [knew] Banks, Yayo, and Bucks situation financially,” Bang’Em Smurf said. “You know what I mean? At the end of the day they money getting low, so they had no choice but to run back to 50. Because 50 got them in contracts and he won’t let them out. So, it’s not like they could get money anywhere outside of G-Unit. Because remember at the end of the day the industry don’t fuck with 50 and these niggas no more. Like look at all the niggas that’s winning. From the Khaleds to the French Montanas. To Puffy to Ross to all the major hitters right now [that] are relevant in the game. They don’t associate with 50. He burnt like all his bridges with them. So, at the end of the day that trickled down on his artists too. So, they can’t really get no major money with the niggas that’s poppin right now…It ain’t gon’ work. It ain’t gon’ last.”

Bang’Em Smurf later made quite the bold statement when he revealed that he believes 50 Cent stole the hook for “In Da Club” from Lloyd Banks. He also called 50 Cent’s Animal Ambition album a flop and said that G-Unit will flop as well.

“50’s Animal Ambition just dropped…he flopped,” he said. “Once he flop G-Unit is gonna flop even extra hard…Banks is not really a street kid or a hustler. He don’t know nothing about hustling. Getting money out there scrambling in the streets. So, in the industry it’s gonna be the same way. You know what I mean? They depend on 50. That’s their daddy…That ‘In Da Club’ hook was a Lloyd Banks hook. 50 took that off of Lloyd Banks and did it over. The biggest record in the world today was a Banks hook.”

In a series of interviews with Mikey T The Movie Star, Bang’Em Smurf has criticized Ja Rule and Prodigy for releasing memoirs and shared his thoughts on Slowbucks getting his chain snatched during G-Unit’s Summer Jam performance.

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  • Anonymous

    I swear Trinis are born HATERS.

  • The counter

    50 Cent Animal Ambition sells is at 81,136 right now. I think that's really good for an independent album because that's millions of dollars that goes straight to his pocket off the album sells alone

  • Blake

    Honestly 50/G-Unit got extremely popular way to fast and I think when you get to a certain point people just start to hate and are ready for the next thing... Still to this day they broke records in the industry that no other rap artists have surpassed yet so for an actual fan from the beginning you have a much better understanding of what actually happened. Its almost better to listen to their music now knowing that they are less popular. Knowing they make todays rappers a joke because more then half are fake as shit.. If you support G-Unit then you are a true fan of hip hop period...Idk Im just a fan of G-Unit clearly lol... For real though 50 can kill your favorite artist with a simple ass flow and a gun shot in the background.. Probably because your favorite rappers is lying -__-

  • BanksUnhappyInITCVideo

    I was watching the ITC video and realized that Banks was not in a mood that celebrates the success of a friend. It kinda make sense to me, but still I always knew the GUnit style was Banks invention...just a thought

  • Wes

    That was prob the best interview I ever heard.

  • chris

    The funny thing about dude is that he lost his chance to be part of maybe not g unit the group but g unit as a whole..according to 50 in a interview years ago the nigga couldn't separate streets from business and got kicked off the road with G Unit and they haven't been cool since..he was apart of early shit they did because on earlier mixtapes 50 had songs with him so he kinda fucked up because he had a chance and blew it..

    • Anonymous

      way more to it than that he bailed him out many times before he said enough is enough

    • Anonymous

      Nah theyre beef started when Smurf went to jail and 50 wouldnt pay his bail after GRoDT just sold millions. He felt slighted because he said he was the one sleepin on 50's couch and riding around NY looking for the dude that shot him

    • Anonymous

      true he was giving niggas orders in the streets or ordering shootings saying it was coming from 50 when 50 didnt know bout it

  • young

    this bum still doesn't know how the music biz works. g-unit reuniting is strictly to generate show revenues. them not releasing anything since 2007, then the fake beef orchestrated by 50, then the reunion : all to tour again. whether they sell records or not is immaterial. secondly, smurf is opining on all this skyping from an internet cafe in whatever place he was deported to. how is this bum that has 50 cents to his name calling out other dudes' finances? sour grapes my n(((a

  • T Balla

    50 latest album was just a sound check. Don't get shit twisted, this guy has made hundreds of millions so i think he know what he doing. Give them a lil taste of me with animal ambitions, bring my squad back, give it a lil time game gone come back, they gone reconcile, game gone drop his lil blood money comp then his next album the documentary and fifty album street king immortal gone have collabs with the two to seal the deal. Your hearing it first from T.Clark right now..

  • Anonymous

    yo that dude is just jealous 50 cent is doing big thang these dayz he got movies tv series albums so people need to stop hating on 50

  • Anonymous

    If fifty really wanted to make another hit he's still got em!

  • tu

    50 Cent and Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks co-OWN G-Unit. FYI 50 waited until the contract with Interscope ended so he can bring the Unit back. The only reason they stayed "low" was because SMS headphones and Jimmy wanst going to let G-Unit shine.

  • jooce

    Does this clown know that French did the same numbers as 50 first week and he's with a major? Khaled did like 29k first week lol. Ross with all the radio play in the world just so happens to do 179k every first week and to me that lets you know its bs.If you show me another artist who does the same exact numbers back to back, I will show you my prom pics with Beyonce. I hate to say it but when it comes to numbers there is only a few cats moving units like that and that's Drake, Wayne, Kendrick, Jay and Kanye. Every other artist is on a lower tier and I'm not talking about ability im just talking sales.i know I didn't mention Em but he is on a tier by himself. Trust me French just like Ross is being forced on people's eardrums. I don't know one person that has a French album. Last point is why is this man talking about he knows their financial situation? I hope 50 puts them on to business outside of music. He has a deal with Disney to manufacture the headphones and that's the kind of stuff these guys should be looking at not some wing spot.

    • Anonymous

      Smurf is hiding his hurt of being deported and this is his way of staying in touch. He's been in the streets and jail for too long to go be a 9-5 guy. Pretty sure he has some currency and a hustle somehow but really about it when it comes to that guy. At least shyne be seeing dudes in different countries and will get people to listen to a song

  • In da club sucked

    I dont even like 50 or banks but y is this clown talking and y r people even listening

    • Anonymous

      for real son, hes in trinidad starving who the hell would wanna do a phone interview with this never been asshole

  • Anonymous

    How much money this dude getting where he is? No job skills, no education, no musical talents as if this would matter. Don, go to school, learn a trade and try to be productive; getting deported from any country is not the end, leaving in your bummy past is lame.

  • beliz lies

    Lies .. smh if this was true don't you think he would have said this a decade ago... attention seeking nigha ..

  • Anonymous

    then why hasn't banks wrote another 1

  • imho

    i feel like bang em smurf is the guy in the group that didnt get the rest were on to bigger things so he stayed in his hood mentality and didnt and still hasnt realized when to move on and u dont have to live that life anymore..never went from street to corporate mindset.

  • fuccya

    The way he "criticizes" sound soooo immature lmao

  • Anonymous

    first 50 stated wy beore wankster tht jam master prodse but before he got shote hade biggest song in 98 classic and dis evry on jz missy juvinial bose to men called robing a indasry niga then when tony yayo in jal he came out with millions from 50 and stoll in the club bull shit dr dre made beat he onily sins the best bank broke two platinum albums get a clue

    • Anonymous

      hes phony because he doesnt give a fuck about the music hes making, hes just doing whatever to stay hot. and getting g-unit back is just an example of that.

    • Anonymous

      Lot of music he makes I dont like either but saying phoney is a stretch.

    • Anonymous

      mac miller? nigga you gay

    • Anonymous

      yea i like meek mill, mac miller, kendrick... never liked 50s music at all, tho.

    • Anonymous

      50s music seems phoney to you? lol who do you listen to? any new rappers?

    • Anonymous

      yea, how to rob was good. thats probably the only song i like from 50. i never liked his music. the only thing good that came from the g-unit era was the documentary album. i dont like 50s music at all. 50 just seems phony to me. i dont give a fuck about how much money hes got or how much time he spends in the club.

    • Anonymous

      it woulda been funnier if u had just wrote english, muthafucka! do u speak it?

    • Samuel L Jackson

      "English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?!"

  • Anonymous

    This broke ass nigga needs to shut up

  • Anonymous

    Bang Em Smerf always lookin like he having an allergic reaction. Why is your face so swole?

  • Chris Sosa

    Banks did a song with Montana called champion along with Jadakiss, it's crazy if it's true that Banks did the original In da club hook, Banks is in the top 5 rappers alive now

  • HHp

    He don't work with?......Ross....Montana, and other hyped up lames.....COOL He worked with (and still can work with).......Eminem, Kendrick, and other talented MCs.... ....way cooler

    • Anonymous

      50 dont wanna work with them losers who all sing kumbaya beside the fire most of them are suckas and frauds. i mean they let french montana eat with them after he filmed khaled's momma... what kinda of sucker shit is that

    • HUH

      Nah Smurf telling the truth.

  • anon

    all smurf do is hate. yea yayo and buck prolly was hurting. but banks done put out hella tapes since the unit broke up. Cold corner 1 cold corner 2 (classic) v5 and v6? and im sure theres some im forgetting.

  • FUckBangEmSMurf

    Is this all this Bang Em Smurf guy gonna be talking about? This has been a decade long... Shut your fucken face fool and go flip some burgers .. No one listening to your music.

  • kingheron

    This bitch ass nigguh keep 50 dick in his mouth. His life revolve around g-unit. That's all he talk about. I never heard 50 mention this lame dude.

  • PAhiphopFAN

    And it all worked out for the best. 50 got rich off the hook, Banks got rich off of 50.

  • Anonymous

    More bloggers supporting Fif on websites than records AA sold....but that' none of my business tho.

    • Anonymous

      You went thru all of that, lol Thanks for showing us the man is consistently selling more than 7k a week, which is more than what your hero is doing........that hate is starting to backfire on you son

    • Anonymous

      it just sold another 7k so we almost there kid,

    • Anonymous

      Based on the sales pattern, Fif will break 100k by Thanksgiving!!!! Shitting all on Ross!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah....knockout numbers!!!! The album debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 chart, with first-week sales of 47,000 copies in the United States.[45] In its second week, the album dropped to number 15 on the chart, selling 17,000 copies.[46] In its third week, the album dropped to number 23 on the chart, selling 10,000 copies.[47] In its fourth week, the album dropped to number 39 on the chart, selling 7,200 copies, bringing its total album sales to 81,136. #FOH

    • Anonymous

      Almost 100k,10-15 stans on this site, numbers looking correct. Ross gotta new album out not yet gold and far from plat thats already forgotten in the average fans' eyes Yall dont wanna talk about that tho

  • Anonymous

    50 is one of the last real niggas out there, he actually won't fuck with trash like Montana, Rick Ross, young thug, diddy he gets enough features and is respected enough. Wait for SKI I bet we'll see eminem, g unit, Chris brown, trey songs, drake, maybe Wayne , Nas , jadakiss, hopefully DMX

    • Anonymous

      50 is garbage but I can agree that he is an N-Word like you said, he is trash and his music is trash which is why his album flopped.

  • Anonymous

    this is like the 3rd phone interview i heard him doing where he just talks about 50 from his third world phone line

  • fouen

    soooo ! if i recapitulate.. they all live in 50's house cooking food for him.. if i refer to the videos i saw on youtube. '' under contract ''. That mean they will be 50 cent hoes until they die? or... they go flip burgers at a mcdonalds?

  • Anonymous

    Fiddy can only sell when he collabs with white rappers and singers.

  • Anonymous

    Yep French gets another platinum plaque for his single with CB and Rozay still has the best selling rap album of 2014 while Khaled is dropping his 8th album damn near and he aint even a rapper.... Winners. Banks could have had a much more productive career of he would have been allowed to make music with other rappers that his Daddy had beef with.

    • tigerking79

      Only thing French Montana has done is sing on some other rappers song. He hasn't one of his own songs come out yet. Can he even rap. Or is he just New York's version of a corny motherfucker who can't sing or rap.

  • Danny Boy Death Row

    FUK lord Jamar But I ain't mad at cha But. Real talk lord Jamar peeled off his skin at a party I was Cookin at and in tha back room he was Russian spy

  • Bitchasslordjamar


  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is this idiot doing with his life. What kinda moves is he making?

  • blakeee

    1. Banks is an independent artist so I don't know why he said they are all tied up in contracts 2. If they are all hurting for money and 50 is such an asshole why would he even be willing to reunite G-Unit? 3. If 50 was making records with ross and all these other lame ass rappers he would still be in the same boat. The reason why 50 is not as big as before is because he refuses to make the type of hip hop that is popular these days. So if you are a true fan of hip hop and know your shit then you wouldnt even think to type a comment saying anything close to 50 sucks... Just sayin

    • Anonymous

      Not to ramble on even more but honestly 50/G-Unit got extremely popular way to fast and I think when you get to a certain point people just start to hate and are ready for the next thing... Still to this day they broke records in the industry that no other rap artists have surpassed yet so for an actual fan from the beginning you have a much better understanding of what actually happened. Its almost better to listen to their music now knowing that they are less popular. Knowing they make todays rappers a joke because more then half are fake as shit.. If you support G-Unit then you are a true fan of hip hop period...Idk Im just a fan of G-Unit clearly lol... For real though 50 can kill your favorite artist with a simple ass flow and a gun shot in the background.. Probably because your favorite rappers is lying -__-

    • blakeee

      A Drake feature would be dope I guess. Honestly, at this point he can pretty much make any type of record with anybody he wants too and to me should still be considered an authentic artist because he really was never so quick to work with any of these so called popular artists to begin with... Even when his second album dropped we had that mainstream candy shop record to go along with everything.... But following that album is also a shit ton of dope G-Unit tracks, mix-tapes, and albums that came out so its like what else can you ask for? And since Ive actually heard all of 50s music and G-Unit as a whole its been pretty much been drilled in my head that if 50 wanted to sing on the entire album it would still sound Gangsta as fuck!..... Nah I'm Talkin 'Bout?

    • Anonymous

      These youngins dont know about no jam master jay Lot of them only paid attention because of shady

    • Solom

      50 is from Jam Master Jay... People don't know Jam Master Jay gave RunDMC their Street Cred...

    • Anonymous

      Yup totally agree man, 50 is one of the last real rappers, you won't see him working with wanksta trash like French Montana, diddy, Rick Ross, or young thug. Drake let 50 make a g unit remix on his song so expect a drake feature in the future, probably on SKI

  • 50 Cent

    I just wanted to teach you a lesson but you still haven't learnt shit all those years you fucked yourself up don't blame me

  • Gargamel

    BREAKING: "50 Cent & Lloyd Banks tag teamed Smurfette, Papa Smurf says"

  • Papa Smurf

    Just letting everyone know he is not from our Smurfs village - Papa Smurf

  • Anonymous

    isn't that why people work? to get money? lol

  • P

    From a Nigga I don't even know who he is, saying Puffy, Ross, and French are the top of the top in the rap game just shows him how much of a bubble gum, pussy poppin, faggot this dude is. Nigga 50 could merk your ass for 5k. Better watch your back little lady!

  • kang

    bang em jurk no one cares about your words you can't come back in this country loser

  • Loquiall

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  • Hip Hop Fan

    Put The Game back in G-Unit, then the reunion would of been more successful..

  • don don

    lol didn't french montana flop he was on a major and sold 30 k

  • imho

    so 50 used to shit on game for writing 4-5 songs on documentary but banks wrote 50s biggest hit hell ever have, and the 1 that got him world wide fame..damn first 50s album flopped now this..sheesh luckily hes killin them gunit remixes or he wouldnt even be mentioned.

    • Word7

      @ Pope exactly!!!

    • POPE

      hell ja been talking about how he gave jay z "can i get a" hook for years. big shit.

    • 2Far

      How many hooks did 50 give to the rest of G Unit? And y'all worrying about a hook that was flipped around.

    • Ohreally

      lol Its a difference he changed the hook around, writing niggahs songs is something else. Everybody from Jay, Nas, KRS1 mad cats get an idea from someone in their camp then flip it around. Banks didn't have the track to the song so why would it be a hit for him?

  • real shit

    its 50 always sucks... 50 flop...50 this 50 that..yadayadayada . Its so obvious that the only reason Ross,french, puffy and them dudes are relevant is because rappers all came with each other to save themselves. Wayne ran away from 50. there only way to survive is to dick ride each other.

  • Rozay O'Donnell

    Bang'Em Slurp is such a bitter dickrider. He's still salty after all these years because 50 played him. Get over it, man. That was 15 years ago; time to move on. While Fiddy is eating filet mingon in his fancy 40 room mansion recording hits with G Unit, Bang'Em Slurp is somewhere in a room for rent in the projects eating a can of Beanie Weenies still stewing over 50's betrayal

    • Anonymous

      You dont know what pussy is beyond pictures, thats why you online calling yourself a woman stanning for a man trolling a website but all of a sudden wanna be real about current events You food boy

    • Rozay O'Donnell

      I will when you stop eating your mama's clit, you no pussy getting, no named faggot.

    • Anonymous

      Eat a growth hormone dick f#ckboy

  • Anonymous

    Yall complain about lord jamar and jay electronica talking without dropping music but this guy a deportee with no music ever but you patriotic pussies give him a pass

  • casper21

    Doesn't surprise me that the hook may have been banks'. The real backstory to a lot of songs and albums which never really come to light until years, sometimes over a decade later would surprise ppl. Just cuz an artist puts out a track doesn't mean he wrote it, produced it, or that it wasn't meant for someone else entirely, that it was recycled 100 times. Rarely do we get good music these days that was strictly made with some intent. Singles are accidental smashes mostly. I've changed the way I see hip hop as a genre over the last 2 decades. But the real back stories are really interesting and informative about how the industry really works. So big up fif, your biggest career smash hit was pieced together, now go help feed your pups, don't leave them starving begging for scraps.

  • Frosty

    French Montana is popping? Ross is popping? Khaled is popping? Yeah ok, talk about delusional. Funny he mentions names that 50 had issues with and not rappers who are actually making hits and are more popping than any of these clowns.

  • JB cool

    What is Smurf Banks wrote the song or got the hook is two different things b. They all made money but you can't fuk your bread off an expect another niggah to finance your life forever. Stack paper and make moves. If 50 didn't scooped these niggahs up from the corner where would they be at my niggah!!

  • Anonymous

    There's an interview out there of Buck in 2007 when the whole beef was blowing up where he said that Banks wrote the In Da Club hook.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what this dude say, standing around like Joan Rivers throwing his 2 cents into everybody business, like he somebody to go to for advice. Only reason anybody know who this clown is because he cared 50's bags around during his first couple tours before he fired his ass for somebody who carried the bags better. Now he just pop up like Lord Jamar outta nowhere talking shit for websites that use it as click bait. Why don't you ask him when his new record dropping?? Oh yeah, nobody gives a fuck.

  • Anonymous

    50 said " Banks said go ahead and switch the style up " lol.....

  • Anonymous

    50 got rich and fucked up the table for all the members. 50 dont realize what he says n does affects more than just him.

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