Lil Wayne Details Suffering Seizure At Cash Money Show

Lil Wayne recalls arriving on stage on helicopters during performances with the Hot Boys.

As part of his Weezy Wednesdays video series, New Orleans rapper Lil Wayne recalled taking part in Cash Money Records’ elaborate live performances years ago. He says that Birdman and Mannie Fresh would enter onto the stage by walking out of a huge, diamond Rolex while the Hot Boys arrived on stage via helicopter.

In order to surprise the audience with their arrival on stage via helicopter, Lil Wayne revealed that those in the Hot Boys were wheeled to the middle of the arena in laundry carts and would then sneak onto the helicopters unbeknownst to their fans.

In addition to their elaborate entrances, the Young Money lyricist revealed that there was an oversized Cristal bottle on stage that shot water at the audience and that during his performances he was making it rain well before he was featured on Fat Joe’s record, “Make It Rain.”

“We used to come out on stage—Baby and them used to come out of a Rolex,” Weezy said. “Baby and Mannie Fresh used to come out of a big ass, diamond Rolex. It used to open up and they would come out on stage. This was back in the days when shows and production for shows was—You would go over the top. Nowadays you got a show you see screens and a person, which is okay cause nowadays that means the music is standing up for it. And that’s awesome. But back in the days Baby and Fresh they would come out of a Rolex. Not to mention they would have this big Cristal bottle. When I say ‘big’ it had to be about 30 to 40-feet in the air. And they would have this rope that they can pull and the Cristal bottle would shoot water.

“As the Hot Boys we used to come out on stage—The way we would come out was we would get wheeled,” he added. “Since every show was in an arena—Thank God. Knock on wood. Every show was in the arena. They used to have—Obviously it was a team that played there…The laundry hampers for these teams are fuckin—Since it’s a whole team they’re fuckin huge…Us four we would all get into these hampers and the people would just roll em through the crowd…They would roll us to the actual middle of the arena. So, meaning in between the crowd and everything. And nobody knew. And we would get under these [clods]. We would go under the [clod] and we would get into helicopters. And everybody knew if you a Cash Money fan back then, you knew that the Cash Money sound was a helicopter…The crowd going crazy. Everybody looking at the stage like ‘Here these niggas come.’ And from behind them the helicopters raising up. And they’re like ‘What the fuck?'"

Lil Wayne later spoke on a seizure he suffered mid-performance during a Cash Money Show, a seizure that led to him missing three to four shows. He says that once Baby announced to the audience that he would not be present for medical reasons, the crowd’s energy changed completely.

“Me with that dumb ass thing I’m diagnosed with,” he said. “I had a seizure one day. And so I passed out on the stage because of the heat. Heat flashes give me seizures. That’s one of the triggers. And I caught a fuckin heat flash. And ‘bong’ I just dropped on stage…Got better. Had to miss the next three or four shows though because [the] doctor said you shouldn’t be on stage…They had to play my song every night still because I wasn’t there. So, they still had to play my song, which was ‘The Block Is Hot’ back then. And so, the shows that I missed what Baby would do was—What Baby would say was he would say. He would tell the crowd ‘Aye, my little nigga Lil Wayne he’s sick right now. He couldn’t make it.’ You know what I mean? And so, the whole fuckin—He was like ‘But we still gon’ run this song for my nigga.’ And he was like ‘But the whole show.’ He said once he said that he noticed that the show went upside down from there. The whole crowd was like ‘Aww. What?’”

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  • Anonymous

  • Trolololol

    Can anyone read the last part of the article without having to decipher the stupidity? I think he had a seizure during that part of the interview. Half the shit is saying is misplaced and out of order. People look up to this guy?.

    • ^

      Look at the buuthurt stanley trying to defend his hero with his idiotic comment.

    • Anonymous

      Your value as a human being is down to how you speak and spell? Enjoy commanding whatever vast boon your immaculate grammar and prose has earned you. Fact is a lot of brilliant people are illiterate, if you're operating with a career outside the school system and middle class lemming workforce literacy has very little bearing on your success.

  • Anonymous

    I wish he would have died.

  • Michael

    Thats garbage back then Lil Wayne was the 3rd fiddle next to Juvenile and BG. I'm sure the crowd was fine.

  • sum place

    tramadol hydrochloride and Promethazine hydrochloride both known to cause seizures in high doses I had 2-3 seizures from fucking around with Tramadol. Wayne lying his ass off if he telling different that the seizures are cause of anything but drug abuse

    • Anonymous

      so youve spoken to him? hes personally told you hes ashamed? because if not then its just an assumption on your part.

    • carter 2 his only dope album

      he is ashamed to admit hes a fucking drug addict

    • Anonymous

      didnt know you were an expert in waynes medical history and didnt know wayne would be ashamed to admit that if it was true

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