Dame Dash Says Upcoming Clothing Collaboration Will "Change The World"

Dame Dash says his Fall collection is "gonna be crazy."

Dame Dash says he has high hopes for an upcoming collab with his clothing line's Fall collection.

"Designing @ddpoppington fall collection...it's gonna be crazy and doing a collab that's gonna change the world @raquelmhorn and ally are serious this year #dontgetscared #rushthethrone," he says in an Instagram post. 

Recently, Dash spoke with HipHopDX about his various business ventures and why he hustles hard.

"I’m from Harlem, B," he said. "All I know about is flipping. So if I buy a house, I’m not going to only be happy with the house. If it costs two million, I’m going to want one that cost four. If it costs four, I’m going to want one that costs eight. If I get a car it’s going to be alright...it’s a car. But then I’m going to want a jet. Then I’m going to want a yacht. Then I’m going to want a helicopter and then I’m going to want an island. And the money that you’d be making, you have to keep flipping so you can get more. So, I’m never going to be satisfied. I’ve already spent my first billion dollars. I want to buy a football team. I don’t plan on holding no money any time soon. I’m from Harlem." 

Dash's post is below.

For more on Dame Dash and Dipset, check the DX Daily below.


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  • Yuti

    Whats up with all these white boys pretending they are black? Everytime they say "Im a proud black man" and then sayt he corniest shit ever

  • Anonymous

    Another flop for this broke ass. This nigga could better commit suicide his life is like dogshit

    • Anonymous

      Some wigger just got OWNED

    • Peasants know best

      Very true but you maybe need to understand that not everyone can be as successful as you. No doubt you have meetings booked with your accountants,PA,Reputation Management companies ,Outsource Teams,etc I imagine you are a very successful/busy individual . So many thanks for stopping by and sharing your enlightened view's with us the HHDX readers

  • Insecurity equals Envy

    Dame is exploiting the new business model before anybody get to it. Truly an Idea Virus. Respect the movement or naw and watch mad.

  • Anonymous

    Never really noticed the size of this guys head before. Reminds me of the aliens from mars attacks. Regarding the change the world caption - what is he going to do, pay those in the sweatshops in co2?

  • imho

    dame dash is like fubu, old as fuck, irrelevant, and noone wants to be seen near it, and when u do see it again, u just shake ur head bc u know its not coming out for a good look.

  • Real Talk

    His clothing collaboration will change the world, just like the Rocbox changed the MP3 player industry. LMFAO No wonder Jay left this dude. What ever happened to Armadale Vodka? Another flop?

    • Anonymous

      ^ You WHITE ..O.K

    • triPAUD

      im black(though it doesn't matter) and I gotta admit Real Talk said all the shit i was really thinking. f*ck arrogant closet faggot Dame Dash and fuck yall who are gonna call me a 'hater' after you read this post. fuckin faggots

  • Anonymous

    that look on the dogs face says it all! lmao

  • Anonymous

    Shut up white boy

  • Real Talk

    This guy is corny as fuck what is he a designer now? Does he really need those glasses or is he wearing them just to look hip? It's funny how he changed his tune, he used to be such an arrogant piece of shit, then he got humbled when Jay left him. I remember his mp3 player that was dead on arrival, he was talking about going against Apple at the time. We've heard about all his money troubles and failed ventures, yet he's constantly talking money he doesn't have and material shit. This guy is the defnition of an ignorant Ni**er.

    • BIG EARL

      ^ I never mentioned race . I said your post was very effeminate . P.S, Not many people who are in fact black or mixed race would really feel the need to say "mixed race, but I look black" In other words you are a late 20s early 30s white guy whose trolling and pretending to be a black guy/girl .. Not exactly original but if you are having fun then enjoy yourself *Champ* no harm done Peace

    • Real Talk

      I'm actually mixed race, but I look black, not that it matters, my point is still valid either way.

    • BIG EARL

      @ Female Talk . You really sound like a gossiping bitch it's actually embarrassing. Re-read your post back to yourself and tell me you don't sound sound like one of those bitter old ladies whose husband left her for a younger model . Please,man up it's embarrassing don't watch another mans pocket gain your own assets whether liquid or otherwise . Failing that go post on Bossip girl or Necole Bitchie were you will be guaranteed an appreciative estrogen driven audience *Those who think they can don't* Peace

    • Anonymous

      TriPAUD is so obviously suburban white and corny .Your social engineering skills suck . PAUSE, No HOMO, ..LOL

    • Anonymous

      you're a clown

    • triPAUD

      im black(though it doesn't matter) and I gotta admit Real Talk said all the shit i was thinking. f*ck arrogant closet faggot Dame Dash and fuck yall who are gonna call me a 'hater' after you read this post. fuckin faggots

    • Real Talk

      Lol I see y'all just can't deal with the truth

    • Anonymous

      your the definition of a hateful internet clown

    • F.U.

      Eat a dick racist.

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