Lord Jamar: Iggy Azalea Blowing Up Because She's Pretty & White

Lord Jamar questions Iggy Azalea's use of a Southern accent while rapping, suggests that she "rhyme like a fuckin Aussie."

Prior to Australian rapper Iggy Azalea’s recent, mainstream success, Lord Jamar says he predicted that those behind Iggy’s career were going to keep pushing until the Aussie musician was “the shit.” Speaking on what’s likely the music industry, he added that Iggy Azalea is their “wet dream” because of her looks, the fact that she’s over-sexualized, and most importantly, because she’s white.

Queens rapper Nicki Minaj was also brought into the conversation as the Brand Nubian lyricist stated that Iggy Azalea’s the preferred artist. He then informed those watching that Iggy is where those in the industry “want rap to go.”

“Didn’t I already tell you, Iggy Azalea, they’re not gonna stop until she’s the shit,” Lord Jamar said during an interview with Vlad TV. “Iggy Azalea is who they want—She’s part of where they want rap to go. They’d much rather an Iggy Azalea than a Nicki Minaj. But the only reason that Iggy Azalea hasn’t blown up the way they want her to yet is cause she ain’t got no hits. But once they start getting her some fuckin hits, you watch. I been called this Iggy Azalea shit [a] couple of years ago. When I first saw her. Cause she’s everything they want. You know what I mean? Pretty, fat ass, over-sexualized, and she’s white. Most of all she’s white. But what’s funny about her is like ‘Okay, she’s from Australia, but the way she rhyme it’s almost like a caricature.’ It’s almost like you making fun. Cause you don’t talk like that…You from down South alright. Down under. Rap like that. Rhyme like a fuckin Aussie. But no, you gonna fuckin rhyme like you black or some shit.”

Lord Jamar later shared a brief hierarchy of artists. He says that Nicki Minaj would be preferred over an artist like Lauryn Hill while Iggy Azalea would be preferred over Minaj. Additionally, Jamar revealed that if a white female rapper came along that looked better than Iggy then she too would lose priority.

“They’ll take a Nicki Minaj over a Lauryn Hill,” he said. “Because she’s lighter and not talking no positive shit. And she’s over-sexualized. But if we can get the same type of Nicki Minaj in a white girl. Well, shit that’s their wet dream…This is a concentrated push. This is a concentrated campaign. They have already decided a long time ago that this girl’s gonna blow up. They’re just gonna keep chipping away until it happens. Now she just better hope that another white girl don’t come along that looks better than her. That has some real hits. Cause then they’ll fuckin throw her to the side and go with that girl. You know what I mean? But until that girl comes she’s the one they’re putting their money on. Trust me.”

Iggy Azalea serves as one of a handful of white artists Lord Jamar has critiqued over the past year. Other artists include Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, and Macklemore who seemingly inspired Jamar’s now notorious “white rappers are guests in Hip Hop” comments.


  • Vanessa

    I think her voice is aggravating.

  • 48GOAT

    People in music and even acting have often dropped their accent like you'd never know they're not from the US. Dude that plays House, the chick that played in the Terminator Series, I watched those shows and never knew they had an accent til I saw an interview. Same thing goes with singers and apparently rappers. I'd have expected someone who pretends they're so enlightened to have figured that out.

  • Taylor

    OK, I'm white, female and 21 years old. I love hip hop and it's all over sexualized OF COURSE. That's what majority (not all, majority) of hip hop / rap is these days. I have been hearing about Iggy at least 2 times a day, whether it's on the radio, some chick saying "She's so pretty" or some dude talking about her "fat ass". Ya she's gorgeous and obviously has a shit-ton of confidence. But, in my opinion, nothing on Nicki Minaj. Nicki is just a natural, and way to cool. Iggy's accent sounds SO forced and un-natural, I want SO BAD and tried so hard to like her but I just can't! If she wan't attractive she would literally be no one. I agree, it would be way doper if she just rapped with her australian accent. She should be herself and stop trying to hard to be someone else, it's almost insulting to other rap artists. I really don't understand why Iggy is who she is, or why people like her so much, I try, but I just can't.

    • 48GOAT

      Sorry but Natural? Nicki talks like Fran Drescher. And she's anything but natural... all the freaky flamboyant wig colors and all that? Seriously?

  • Anonymous

    Nice try Jamal, she looks like a tranny.

  • Brian

    I'm black and even I can see this stupidity for what it is. She is a music artist who loves hip hop. Why is it that we insist on making music seperate but equal? It's pure idiocy and the people who agree with this guy can't really justify it with any sense or reason. They'll just go on their usual racially obsessed rants. Plenty of artists have blown up, some with no talent. Why are we overly criticizing and analyzing one artist because she's white? What if she does connect with the rest of America? Don't some of you complain that Hip Hop is too mainstream anyway? Make up your minds. Except you can't, because many of you couldn't make a rational argument to save your lives. Iggy is a human being and she deserves success so long as she continues to do her and work hard. It's not that complicated, use your brain and promote living in a society of equality, not ideological BS

    • Jess

      Cain, if you are indeed "black" and cannot see how her entire career is laced with white privilege than you sir are blind and I (as a fellow black person) am embarrassed by your condition. This may seem unrelated, but have you ever heard of a dance called "capoeria"? It's a traditional Brazilian mixed martial arts dance. It's development was by african slaves residing in brazil who needed to disguise their battle practice with dance, just incase they had to kill their slave masters in a revolt. It is a dance/fighting style that holds a lot of weight, pain and cultural history that descendants of slaves all across the globe can relate to. Google it, I dare you. Because all you'll find now, is videos and pictures of white and Asian people doing it simply because "it's cool." They even have official world wide capoeria championships and everything, completely unbeknown to the fact that- that "cool" dance was created to kill them (the white slave masters) What does this have to do with hip hop? Blues? or anything else black people create as a result of oppression? it is reduced to nothing more "cool" cause black people are just so "cool" right? And everyone else wants a piece of our "cool" and we're just a bunch of racist slavery but-thurt hypocrites if we don't give the entire world a piece of our "cool" cake aren't we? Forbes did an article about how they feel this white girl "runs hip hop." I would like to know why forbes has not done an article about FM Supreme. Awkwafina. Dominique Young Unique. Rapsody. Jean Grae. 3d Na'Tee. I would like to know why Lauryn Hill is swept under the rug and deemed a crazy crack head, while Iggy Azzealea is supposedly "running hip hop" Oh never mind I remember now, because shes a white girl and nothing more. I will admit, there is one thing Jamar and i do not agree on. Sorry Lord Jamar, but Iggy Azzelea is not very pretty either. Iggy Azzelea being "pretty" can be attributed to her whiteness as well but that however is another story for another time. If you would really like to "promote living in a society of equality" as you have stated, then stop going along with the propaganda of denying white privilege to pacify the fear of being called a butt hurt racially obsessed black person. Or you know, just fuck society all together, because it clearly states how it feels about you... "When it really starts I'm a runaway slave... master" -Lyrics courtesy of the masterful Iggy Azzelea. Have a god day sir.

  • Cain

    I don't see no hate in his words and I agree with him completely. Iggy really is a shit artist, not even an artist cause she don't write shit. but yet they still pushing her, like goddamn. I been said it's cause she white and pretty. It's disgusting when you really think about it. Even a retard could see this is all a setup. Manufactured af. smh hard

  • troywilliams.1967@live.com

    lord jamar is very wrong, and this from someone who i thought knew hip hop history. iggy azalea is successful the same reason eminem is succesful because she is good not because of her race. hell, in hip hop that would actually be a burden not a savior for her. how many white succesful rappers have had a long and great career in this game in the past 35 years? i'll tell you less than the fingers on your hand; count eminem, the beastie boys and there you have it. what has happened was a fair amount of one hit wonders such as mack miller, asher roth, bubba sparks, kid rock (who is now a country artist) and of course vanilla ice. if iggy can survive all of the haters she will hopefully have a long and successful career but please black people stop hating and understand that the more people try to follow our art the better.

    • Cain

      I just said what @Rapghostwriter said and I didn't even read his comment before I wrote it lmao. Her fans are straight fools. There's no better way to say it.

    • Rapghostwriter

      Lol. What cracks me up is that you would say em and the beastie boys name in the same breath as this chick. Iggy is a novelty rapper, and rappers like her actual do horrible shit for white rap. You know who else was a novelty rapper. Vanilla Ice. He was a white dude who changed his persona to come off harder than he actually was. The only difference is that he didn't rap in an accent that wasn't his. So while you go and celebrate the wonderful that is Iggy. Sit back and really think. Think about the fact that she doesn't write her own music. Think about the fact that she is acting like she comes from an area that she isn't from. Think about the fact that she is hiding her accent to give more of a wow factor. Think and then you will kind of get what this guy was saying. SMDH Iggy stans lol.

  • wtfdotcom

    New YouTube channel: Lord Jamar Live Streaming 24/7 Opinions on Hip Hop

  • Anonymus

    Commenters on DX sure love defending sellouts and white people. Ya'll niggas are scared of the white controlled media so of course it's easier to attack the black man that points the shit out, just like it is easy to kill a black man in your neighborhood but you don't even balls to go kill a white man in his.

    • Anonymous

      white nerd ^^

    • Anonymous

      Lotta these comments are white teenagers son, lol all you gotta do is hit hotnewhiphop or worldstar and see for yourself. If you cant tell the difference between a black person or white writing then you aint gonna ever get it

    • Anonymous

      reading the comments of internet clowns is no reason to become one, guy

  • Anonymous

    Why is it every time they interview this bitch, he's sitting on the same damn couch, in the same damn room. What's wrong Lord Bitch? Afraid to leave the house you shook ass fag! I can't wait for some "white person" to catch you sleeping and beat the living shit out of your fucking monkey ass! As a matter of fact let me catch this mother fucker out on the street! I'll make this stupid fucking ignorant ass shit his fucking teeth for a week! Fucking egotistical, delusional, arrogant, know-it-all, racist piece of shit!

  • wade

    is anyone else fed up with this racist old man? smh

  • Anonymous

    Dx aint wanna run that forbes story because they woulda got flagged by the alphabet boys for the racist content hits I actually have this broads 1st mixtape. When i saw her i knew it was gonna be a race to get this chick to the top but when jimmy iovine, boss of dre, em, gaga, bep dropped her w/o even trying that told me something's wrong. End of the day i will watch to see how long they deceive you into consuming her music and personality.

  • Anonymus

    Iggy is using rap as a stepping stone, she's either gonna go the Pink/Kid Rock route and become a rockstar or the Markie Mark route and become a movie star. She's gonna forget the rap shit once she gets there, trust me she will have no loyalty to the genre she used to get on. Mark my words, watch and remember what I said.

    • tyler

      neither do Paris hilton.. or Kim (pre-knife).. but look at them today.... Started.. *drake voice*

    • Anonymous

      shes too ugly to be a movie star & not enough talent to be a real musician

    • Anonymous

      She's a signed model. Only the uneducated cant see whats happening and the bigots will defend it to stoke their supremacy fetish

  • onelove

    if I ever happen to run into Jamar, I WILL BITCH-SLAP HIM! for real

  • Latifa

    About time someone call out that racist white bitch.. No white people in the industry plz..

    • more oldschool than you

      White people have been listening to rap since the 70's. There is a difference between a wigger and someone who respects and celebrates a culture, and who has been doing it for 35+ years .... hello ?

    • Anonymous

      you being racist aint gonna help nobody

    • Anonymous

      No, its about weeding out the posers. Good amount of white hiphop fans out there but you better believe they all dont comment on hiphop DX.

  • Anonymous

    Iggy probably isn't preferred by the industry over Nicki long term (sustainability). Record companies, management firms, marketing, hits, and modeling contracts all but guarantee her pending success. However I don't think she'll last very long. She's grating, awkward, mechanical, and lacks originality and realness (just listen to her rap). There's just something off about that white girl. Nicki is different. She has a "star quality" and despite what niggas say about her content she does have bars when she's not making ignorant pop tracks.

  • Anonymous

    I've always found it funny that he goes on a white Jewish dudes show to say nothing but negative things about white people

  • Anonymous

    Oh, thank fucking heavens. I've been waiting all damn day for a Lord Jamal story

  • David Stubbz

    A million articles about this clown... never a song... never an album... never a battle. Always just this washed up clown expressing his jealousy of white people.

  • Anonymous

    Jamar. Please do something positive for hip hop for a change. This does nothing. And vlad stop being a drama whore

  • Anonymous

    this guy doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.. she's been in the South her entire rap career.. from Houston, Miami, Atlanta, etc... sometimes people get influenced by their surroundings.. not necessarily talking "black and shit"

  • Anonymous

    That's not Lord Jamar dumbasses, that's Bun B

  • Anonymous

    TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to how white supremacy worked, it's all true. Iggy is no real artist, but a clone of Minaj. Artists create their own material, creating their own image. Lord Jamar is on point considering the hijackings of Black Popular Culture inflitrated throughout history. Don't believe me??? Go read US History.

  • soundcloud brainiac1ne

    she blowing up because that song is touching the masses even if you don't like it I bet you know the first 10 seconds plus it's about that time for a new face and the songs on commercial now so ain't no way she not about to blow just saying

    • '

      Yeah but who are those masses and why should one care about their tastes ? I don't even pay attention to the charts

    • Anonymous

      Exactly, force fed. Dudes get these feedings constantly and cant see it, somewhere down the line we gotta curve around them if we wanna hold it down, fact.

    • Anonymus

      She's not touching the masses she's being forcefed to the masses, big difference.

    • Anonymous

      yep and the white media will do everything to help her. Why didnt HIP HOP DX cover the story of FOrbes saying she ran hip hop??? Hiphopdx didnt want that NO TALENT white girl to get dragged but she is gettng dragged on this blog now

  • Red

    Why doesn't this asshole go fuck a white bitch then fuck a white dude? did some white person piss in his fucking cereal when he was little? Fuckin homo.

  • Vlad

    Lord Jamar gives me great blowjobs so of course I let him get on my lame videos

  • chucknorris

    remember the way the game did 40 glocc, had him all in the bushes looking bitch made and scared like that right there. every time 'whore jamar' goes on a rant like this thats how i picture doin him lol

  • chucknorris

    this dude is a loser and has nothing better to do with his time but knock white people who were better than he ever was and until he can battle and win any one of the white rappers he puts down and says that they don't have skill and are just known cuz they're white and cute lol than shut the fuck up this dude never made it as a rapper and in his mind only, it's obviously the white mans fault for his lack of success, it's eminems fault, mgk's fault etc well sorry lord jamar but i don't think you're doing too hot as an activist for your people either suckaduck ass hoe ass mark ass busta ass fucka

  • Lord Jamar Stan

    Lord jamar are you jealous because you never blow up as sidekick of Brand Nubian? Lord jamar is 50 years old and he discovered the internet in 2014 and is always complaining about other rappers but what did Lord Jamar created? Lord Jamar never made: - never made a classic - never went gold or platinum - never had a hit - has zero fans - has race issues - is depressive because he was the sidekick of Brand Nubian

  • she look like wayans in white chicks

    she is trash she got a posh Australian accent when she talks but she raps like she from sum grimey projects in Georgia no bars n TI writes half her shit FOH

  • Anonymous

    If she rhymed like an aussie she would still be in australia cause xenophobes dont like the aussie accent in hip hop. and 99% of other female rappers that have been mainstream have been that because they have been pretty and black.

  • jae

    I would have agreed with you a year ago, but Iggy has two massive hits right now that are really good. Stop being ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    Does he ever shut the fuck up? He is the biggest bitch on the planet. Yap yap fucking yap.

  • D.G

    Hip-Hop music is based off of authenticity. Being creative and imaginative is also an important aspect but lets be real Lord Jamar is speaking facts. Iggy is an austrailian girl who raps like a black girl from the south.... that shit is corny and unoriginal, no matter what race and/or color she is.

  • Anonymous

    Some people are soooo small minded because they have never left the tiny corner of the planet they inhabit for more than a vacation! When I moved from Toronto to Montreal.... a year later after moving back was being accused of faking a "Montreal accent" to get girls. People just dont get it!!

  • mike

    who is this irrelevant MF and yea she's a pretty girl and white, so!!! What's wrong with looking good? It helps with marketing, sex sells, who is this guy and why is he always on this site talkin sh*t?

  • Anonymous

    This reminds me of when the whole UK LOST THEIR MINDS when soul singer Joss Stone said " Ya'll " at the Britt Awards after living in Memphis. The whole country swore to never buy another album again...calling her FAKE and betraying her homeland!! LMFAO!! Ya'll NUTS!!!

  • Anonymous

    WOW! You people are ALLLLL CRAZZZZZYYY!!! No one can accept ANYONE achieving success in life without finding a reason to LOSE THEIR MINDS!

  • dopenshi

    hah this is hilarious... if she was a black american no one would dis her, its like ppl are mad because shes a white australian rapper.

    • HH

      UR CRAZY. Blacks diss NICKI MINAJ all the time. ALL THE TIME JUST ACCEPT the fact that this white girl cannot write or spit to save her life. TI writes for her

    • Anonymous

      If she was a black American she would be no big deal. That's the whole point.

  • COCA





    Is he not speaking the truth tho?

  • Curtis

    People should understand that music is evolving. Hip hop changed for the better. I think Iggy Azalea is much better than Brand Nubian, her songs are more catchy and well mixed/produced. As a black man, I prefer Iggy Azalea and modern hip hop like Young Thug over old boring music.

  • 7 Execution Style Murders

    Yo this westside to the death, no NY love on mine, but Lord Jamar the realest when speaking that game! Fuck is a Aussie hoe doing acting like she know the dilly yo? Busted face hoe, bitch is wack as fuck just like the rest of these over privileged wack rapping white boys. Every single white boy is straight garbage! Fuck they rap about? Killing they moms, fa66ot ass uncles, pops fucking they sisters, getting high off of drugs they bought when they lawyer dad and Eco friendly council head bitch mom was out? Fucking these dumb-ass bimbos, restaurant servers; can't nobody relate to that ol bullshit. Hoes they be fucking straight getting them for that paper, out west blacks and Mexicans fuck hoes for free, ain't nobody paying no hoe to fill up her gas tank! Sucker ass white boys, feeding a bitch and shit, but that's besides the point....oh yea, and white boys go on killing sprees because those same hoes didn't wanna repeat, hahaha then kill themselves, that's the best news ever, when white boys 17/35 kill themselves, privileged fucks won't EVER understand real struggle life, act like minorities owe 'em something! Eat a dick, straight up! Cuz I know white hoes DO be on black and brown dick! Anyway, what I wanted to point out! Yo, DX, Lord Jamar just called Eminem CORNY, I don't usually check twitter, but just to see wuz hannin I checked him and he told some retarded white boy who (typical) asked why overrated ass sellout trash lyrics having h0m0 Em was always top 10, Jamar said cuz he corny. I know you uncle toms at DX can't pass this up, you looking at 300 comments PLUS! Have these white boys up for hours defending that f4g Feminem! Haha outies!

  • IggyRacist

    She even dissed her own country in the Billboard article. This is what she said ""We get so caught up, especially in rap, with what's authentic, and I wish people would think more about what the f- that even means," says Azalea, 24. "One critic was like, 'Why didn't you talk about more Australian things?' I don't understand why I'm supposed to write a song about living in the outback and riding a kangaroo to be authentic."

    • bjhix

      From what I read about her, she has been living in the US since she was 16, so it's possible she has more in common with the US now then she does with Australia. Either that or she doesn't want being an "Aussie" to ruin her image as a rapper

  • IggyRacist

    Not only can't she rap for shit, but she is a RACIST! piggyazaleaDOTtumblrDOTcom She even said some backwards shit about her country on the Billboard article, like what is she supposed to rap about, Kangaroos and outbacks? Like Australia only consists of Kangaroos and desert This bitches ignorance runs deep, you can see that in her fans too just google: Iggy is a racist

    • bjhix

      That isn't a racist remark - that is a remark about a CULTURAL. The Australian people (which is the cultural) are Caucasian (that is the race). So she was talking bad about a cultural, not a race...there is a difference. Sort of like people bad mouthing rednecks from the South - get my drift?

  • Anonymous

    I prefer Iggy over Brand Nubian or Public Enemy, and I'm a proud black man. It's just music...

  • LordJamarsUncle

    Man, Lord Jamar is a Troll, nothing else. Not sayin you or I isn't trolls either, but Lord Jamar is a mega troll. 1. Change his name to Blue Magic Jamar, or Peasant/Villager Jamar. (or if u must use "lord"....Lord Crack Cocain or somethin) 2. Of Course it's a popularity contest. Thats why rappers like Asap rocky, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller are famous. Their good enough to be popular with people and catch a following. 3. It's not racism 4. Iggy Azalea looks ok. 5. She raps the way she does because all her rap influences are black. It's gotta be hard to rap Australian when there's no Kangaroo rappers to look up to /learn from over there. What do you expect... 6. Again. Even IF, the industry is tryin to push her because shes white, shes only going to see marginal success. No matter what the people who gets really big. 7. Interscope dropped her, It's just TI and his ppl pushing her

    • Otto

      Look at this imbecile with his numbered list. What a homo. T.I isn't "pushing" shit, he actually dumped that bitch bc she is super wack. Def Jam is "pushing" her... you know the same people that signed Trinidad James, another joke!

    • Wtf

      Did you just say Kangoroo rappers? Racist much? She raps in a fake black southern accent bc "all her influences are black" That's the lamest excuse ever. Why doesnt Eminem rap like that? or Mac Miller, or whoever the fuck is white. Nobody does that wigga shit but her. She was 17-18 when she came over here so it's not like she had to start speaking English all over again. She obviously still talks in her aussie accent when doing interviews. Truth is she is a wigga She raps like that bc she is a dork who doesnt know how to rap. The Industry is specifically lookin to make a mockery out of Hip Hop.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar never blowin' up because he can't spit except when he has 5 percent nations cum lodged in his esophagus

  • Hmm

    No Lord Jamar, she's blowing up because she made a catchy song. And she isn't pretty, she's busted.

    • exactlyt

      That's EXACTLY why brainwashed MTV children are buying her cds. She can never appeal to real people.

    • Anonymous

      "If you play bullshit a 1000 times a day on the Radio eventually you are going to like that Bullshit. Its called programming the brain" That happens when you have a small/weak brain, not when you're actually a grown man/woman

    • ITO

      Catchy?? LMAO She's on TV bc Industry is shovin her down our throat. Same with Trinidad James and Chief Keef, nicki etc. If you play bullshit a 1000 times a day on the Radio eventually you are going to like that Bullshit. Its called programming the brain

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ that click bait headline HHDX baiting y'all niggas

    • hh

      We know. They are desperate for clicks b/c they dont know anything about rap and so they post a bunch of pop stories. whatever they need to do to survive tho. This website will be gone in a few years anyway. the new people that run it know NOTHING about rap.

    • Anonymous

      They like tepco in japan.

  • Anonymous

    Yes she's white. but that chick is not pretty

  • Sham

    Even though neither of them are above average rappers. The most important thing.. Hahaha

  • Sham

    Even though neither of them are above average rappers. The most important thing.. Haha

  • Sham

    Lord Jamar was right that she was obviously the next thing that was gonna be pushed out by Def Jam, but he makes the labels out to be more malicious then they really are, they obviously put iggy out because she's hot and makes dumbed down catchy singles for the radio. The thing about Macklemore is that he became popular of the internet independently, so you can't say Macklemore was pushed on to you by "white America" when in reality it was just people on the internet watching his stupid thrift shop video. So I don't see why he hates on Macklemore especially seeing how Macklemore even thought kendrick should of got that Grammy and shit, and respects the black culture and doesn't steal from it. Unlike where iggy uses a southern accent to rap to make her voice more catchy, and relatable to you, so more people give her spins on the radio.

  • imho

    i hate that i agree with him on this, but hes right.. sweet white girl in the media, tough southern black girrl when rapping

  • Bren

    you can see his skeleton through his skin! why would anyone take him and his opinions seriously?? he needs a doctor and some water, and a Higher Power other than himself!!!!!

  • Bren

    Throw this guy in the shower then take him to an NA meeting. Damn.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn't call her pretty. Same goes for Nicki Minaj. I'd fuck em both though if it came down to a Minaj e twa

  • Yes

    Jamar is right. Iggy is what they want. They are trying to make a mockery out of rap. The very 1st time i heard iggy I thought she was a comedian trying to make comedy songs... and then I found out she is is dead serious with it. I can't stand wiggas. White/Black people that have no mic skills, no rhyming skills should NOT be in HIp Hop. But this is the plan of the White zionist muthafuckas, they are trying to destroy Hip Hop. You dont see any Country Artist that can't actually sing. All the country artists are talented but we are stuck with Kreyshawn, Iggy and Chief Keed etc

    • LOL

      Bigot? Do you even understand what that word means. Seriously, if you fuck with Iggy's music then there is NO HOPE for you, son! If you can listen to a Wigga that raps in a fake black southern accent and has 0 lyrics and 0 flow then CONGRATULATIONS! You went full retard

    • Anonymous

      we been talking about this since "keep it real", pussies on dx dont even like iggy, this is the chance to be a bigot like ya parents taught you how to be.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar you do not own hip hop. Nobody has to ask ur permission to do shit in hip hop. Either like it or don't like it. Listen to it, or don't listen to it. You sound like a bitch when ur constantly complaining and throwing shade on ppl shine. Ur a crazy hater. "Old folks talkin bout back in my daysss" -Kanye West

    • Anonymous

      No I don't fuck with her music. I think it's whack as hell, but I'm sick of this old ass dude sayin all this racist shit to get attention it's corny and dumb as hell, like ur mom giving birth to u :)

    • LOL

      LOl this fucking pussy fucks with Iggy's music. What a lame! He must be still a virgin beatin his little wiener to Iggy's poster ROFL

    • Anonymous

      Like you f#cks with iggy, lmfao at you weirdos

  • Anonymous

    isn't it sad that the only time this dude makes headlines is when he says something racist? He has a problem with white ppl in hip hop. EMINEM IS BETTER THAN U EVER WERE. EVEN MAC MILLER. CHRIS WEBBY. APATHY. The list goes on. Just accept it. Black ppl make country music and u don't hear any white country artist saying shit about it. Just stfu. Realize ur old. Stay in ur home and play snake on ur Nokia brick phone

    • Anonymous

      I've been listening to hip hip for years and this dude is nothing special. No1 talks about this dude other than when he says something racist. No1 talks about him being dope. People talk about Tribe still, pac, rakim to this day cuz they were dope. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ANY1 TALKED ABOUT THIS DUDE BEFORE HE STARTED GOING ON THESE RACIST RANTS??? So yes I think everyone I mentioned is better, and that's saying something cuz webby is brand new still. And any1 supporting him is supporting racism righ now, which is retarded, so therefor u just went full retard.. Retard

    • Sham

      Brand Nubians had great content, and positive thinking, and social commentary in their music, but their rapping skills, wordplay and flow might not be as good as Macs and Apathy. Idk who Chris webby is. But definitely check out Apathy. He's really good lyrically and has really interesting content. Overall I'd give it to brand Nubians as a whole, but jamar solo is not as good. Just keeping it real and unbiased

    • Ut

      You just went full retard. Mac Miller and Chris who? Better than Jamar?? ROFL! you just started listening to Hip HOp 3 years ago, its obvious

  • da Mayor of MN

    Lord jafar what have you done for hip hop recently...Aladdin come back on put my mans on again

  • Not Impressed

    Anyone who says Iggy isn't blowing up because of her race is delusional. She got popular sounding like a black female rapper from the south, yet all the black girls who sound exactly like her don't even have deals. For the last couple of years it's like white people have been on a mission to get as many white people out as they can. Every few weeks there's some white r&b singer or rapper popping out of nowhere, black culture is becoming very white washed. I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    I'm waiting for 2 articles from DX.. 1) Jamar files for bankruptcy, requests for donations to help his cause and 2) Lamar found dead in his apartment hanging from a rope, suspected suicide.

  • plooper

    it's funny how this site removes my comment for speaking the truth

  • fgh

    No shit monkey. And she can rap better than Nikki Minaj... Rap rappers have always dominated black rappers.

  • Anonymous


  • mac DIESEL


  • Anonymous

    lord jamal is a faggot

  • hiphopdx is blocking again


  • Anonymous

    They dont like jamar because jamar talks about their very existence comnenting on hhdx and in the hiphop game.

  • JustSayin

    It's totally natural and not wrong for people to support a talented person who looks like them. Tiger Woods having success in a traditionally white dominated sport caused many of us in black America to start tuning into golf. Also, it seems like more of white America supports black superstars than black America supports white superstars, with the exception of Bill Clinton because black America LOVES Bill Clinton.

    • nope!!!

      and fuck bill clinton!!,,,under his administration more black where given harsher prison sentences under the mandatory drug sentencing program,,,,,than ever before,,,FACTS!!

    • nahhh!!!

      i disagree,,,i love a lot of classic rock music,,,,and fucks with adam sandler and other white comedians,,,if you funny have talent,,,then you get support,,,,but when a artist is manufactured to appeal to a certain demo and like being australian but sounding southern thats when shit gets corny

  • my dick is so long

    she has a nice fat ass

  • it happened before

    everyone saying its 2014 and its not the same as before,, and lord jamar is a racist,,,,and so and so on,,,,are the main reason hiphop is the way it is because mutha fuckas buy,,,into anything as long as it does not effect them,,or it benefits them in some narcissistic kind of way that make them feel like they are part of the culture,,,,,,the races will never get along totally,,until the oppressors and the people with the power,,,,play fair or die off,,,,,cant systematically hold down a group of people and not think,,,heads wont fight back or speak the truth

    • Anonymous

      Way to many 99ers out there acting like 1%, but they talk about 5% and still think minorities are 2nd class citizens. They need to realize they are the expendable pawns on the board and always have been. These same "colorblind" rookie groupies perpetuate a racist society

  • dsad

    I finnaly agree with something he says, not all of it but yeah.. is the same as eminem, that could reach to a bigger audience, there is "finnaly" some bitchy-esque girl that talk like every other bitch wants to, so yeah the "females" are the ones who like her style

  • it happened before

    the truth hurts!!,,,,,people hating on lord jamar,,,,are the same people that fall for anything,,,,or dont care about the hiphop culture,,,,white people became supportive of hip hop when they realized they could capitalize off it,,,,,lets keep it official,,,,what message do white people send through hip hop that helps all involved,,,,black people kill each other everyday,,what white person uses the hip-hop platform to say stop the violence,,,,and why dosent the positive message that african american artist try to convey through music get played on the radio,,,,,is it because some person or entity dosent want a strong black nation!!!,,,hmmmm,,,,yeah its more white people and they have a bulk of the money,,,,so why use a called black art form to gain capital,,,cause we in america right?,,,,,,,,african american have different forms of expression to have their voices heard,,and once again those voices are being silenced because,,,of capital gain,,,,

  • a2thak

    Lord Jamar: Birdshit falls to the earth, not because of the force of gravity, because its white.

  • a2thak

    Lord Jamar: Cocaine is a helluva drug, because its white.

  • a2thak

    Lord Jamar: Snow is cold because it's white.

  • white women are the right women

    Iggy Azalea is fine as hell. I'm cool with more hot White women in hip-hop.

  • Anonymous

    It's fact. White people love white artists that do black music good. Elvis was crowned king of rock n roll because he was the best white artist doing black music. Eminem has been called king of hip hop because again he is arguably the best white rapper. Vanilla ice was huge because he was this fresh white kid doing black music well. It's the novelty. Black people understand it. It stems from the past when your parents didn't want you to listen black music. But when a white person sang it, it became cool. That's why white covers of black songs are always bigger then the original black song. And that's why if you look at a lot of the black hits back in the 50s and 60s you never saw the black artist on there record cover. Because you were more likely to sell if they thought you were white. Same thing with hip hop. To get into the genre you have to hide the fact that the artist is white. Eminem first album cover you don't see him on it. Vanilla ices intro to his hit song you don't see him for the first 25 seconds in the video. But now things have changed when being white in hip hop is the norm and slowly becoming what's expected. In 20 years from now hip hop will be as much white as it is black. But I think black people will create a new sound and a new music genre way before then and move on like we always have to do once our music is diluted.

    • Anonymous

      Correct, its the system not neccessarily the people, but the people resort to tribalism and corporate loves this dissention

    • Truth

      The Biggest one would be the New kids on the Block... Maurice Star left New Edition got 5 white dudes and they went to the bank.....White people are fanatics and blacks are not, we dont supports artist like that our money has always been short...NKOTB made a fortune Merchandising... Pins,Posters lunch boxes, they go to town when they market an artist...Sad thing about Maurice starr is that he is black and he gave them terrible contracts like the Jews gave to blacks for so many yrs....What is funny is how black complain about a bad deal then then go and do bad deals to there artists.... Two wrongs don't make a right...I'm not being racist I'm telling the truth, the media, radio & TV is ran by white Jews and that will never change....If you don't believe me look it up.

    • d mac

      We see it. Our duty is to warn the young brothers and sisters and check these white folk talking sh#t. I think we gonna push contemporary rap and rock that new new, when whitey wanna fit in is when the young will see what culture vulture really means

    • QB

      Well said.. and very true.

  • Yup.

    Thank you, GOD for being thorough with the truth.

  • Cam

    The "race" card ALWAYS comes in to play with some black people! Its ridiculous already, no one cares about skin color but some black people. They always try to play victim.

    • The truth

      The race card gets played a lot for the wrong reason. When it deals with money we are usually on point. Seriously white Jews own all the record companies, Hollywood studios and Radio stations.....They also own all the sports teams in the 3 major sports.. We are pawns in the game. We have come along way but we don't even control the art-form that we started. 60 yr old cats dictate what sound and what will get played on the radio but have never been to the hood.

    • mac DIESEL


    • Anonymous

      You failed when you attributed racism as a card, stfu

    • Anonymous

      black people are victims look at the prison population Lord Jamar is true white people are guests in hiphop

  • Anonymous

    i'll give him the white part but she's not very pretty. all that money why cant she get that mole taken off her face. nice booty tho.

  • HipHopTV

    no white hip hop artist can be popular without a co-sign from the hood unless vanilla ices would be poppin up and running the game, Iggy is getting that co-sign from the younger generation who doesn't care what color you are. The old heads and reverse racism blacks think rap is only a black game. White folks were there in the creation of hip hop behind the boards. Now they gettin in front he camera. You cant want white racism to go away and then hold on to old racist ignorant black beliefs. And I'm black!

  • lol

    damn lord jamar is on that hate bandwagon, nigga this is 2014, relax, same shit would happen if there was a black country singer

  • Anonymous

    This was months ago before Iggy hit number 1. Lord Jamar stays saying the truth

  • chad fiddes

    Fuck this jealous c00n.

  • Anonymous

    Dude...no matter how true it is, this shit is racist man....

  • HUH

    The sad part about this is.....He's 100% correct. I think it's more about control. They can dictate what will come from white artists more than blacks, because they can easily target the paying demographic. People tend to respond better to a message attached to a similar likeness. Look at what happened to Christianity. Once the imagery was changed. The following increased dramatically.

  • Kon Plex

    We don't need this guy to tell us the obvious. And it isn't even as big as "the corporations bla bla bla...". People (more importantly high school age kids or even college students, but not just limited to them) flock to Azalea precisely because she's (and not just white) a hot chick. And she is. But that's all people see. She's a nice hot blonde AND she raps? Cool (is what people think). It's more the fact that her model-esque features are attractive to people more than the fact that she's white. Simply by being that good looking people are gonna flock to her, regardless of help from a corporation. Dessa and K.Flay have a hell of a lot better rapping styles and deeper material than Azalea but they're average looking girls who dress like tomboys (for the most part) that most people overlook. And if they do show skin it's done in a mostly artistic, rather than just gratuitous slutty, fashion.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully there will be more and more and more Iggys and Mackelmores untill the originators of the culture are pushed in the background and can no longer use the culture as a means of expression and as a revenue stream to escape poverty. Rock music used to look like Chuck Berry and Tina Turner now it looks like Sonny Bono and Coutney Love...HipHop used to look like Rakim and MC Lyte but now it looks like Iggy Azelia and Mackelmore.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all dudes are funny. On other articles, you guys always ask "What does Lord Jamar think about this?!" Then a LJ article pops up and you guys are all "Fuck this old nigga, don't post any more articles about him. No one cares what he thinks!" You guys are asking for it, and you guys are getting what you want. Simply don't mention Jamar's name if you don't want any more articles about him.

  • Chad Daddy Warden

    What this negro jamar doesn't realize is that Vlad is using his ignorant black ass and making money from these biased interviews.

    • chris

      what you don't realize is that he definitely realizes. vlad pays for interviews with the recurring guests that bring in views (charlamagne, lord jamar, daylyt).

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of skin color, you still need to be successful. Jamar just mad he's broker than Warren Sapp.

  • JMG

    You know why Lord Jamar is wrong. Because Hip Hop is ALREADY controlled by rich, white Corporate masters. That is why the culture trashes older Hip Hop artists and constantly puts music in this vacuum, why the art side of music is laughed at, and why anyone can get into this game and shine now. Because Hip Hop is basically the new Pop music. No one cares about your lyrics or your legendary status, they only care about your image and if you are trending because it is all about money. Look at the BET awards...anything that was considering my root driven or had more substance, BET dedicated a minimal amount of time to presenting it. But in the same show get to see Chris Brown battle it out with the August Alsina and Trey Songz...people who don't even have albums out getting nominated and winning awards because of their namesake, etc. It was the Young Money show basically, because Young Money is the most popular crew with the most popular artists. Then they promote a Jay-Z and Beyonce performace that never happened...why, because they are what's poppin! Hip Hop has BEEN sold out and LJ needs to realize that it is not about White or Black faces when Black faces are doing the same thing these Corporate masters want any artist to do to get that money. Go get shot and beef with other rappers on Twitter...it's all a facade and LJ is STILL thinking this is about color. Shit is crazy. Iggy to me sounds almost exactly like Nicki, who was more image than anything else anyway, so who cares if she is White? Especially when the Black female rapper acted like a delusional barbie doll.... All for the money, fuck anything else.

  • Brother D

    ^__^ I agree 99% with the GOD except the bitch aint pretty unless you judge beauty on the Europeon standard of beauty....an albino with piss colored hair and recessive genes looks like a mutant to the conscious..ya dig? The industry has looooooong wanted a white chickie to infiltrate the culture but they couldnt find an American born white bish who could pantomime the rhythms and vocal inflections necessary to pull off the bamboozle. Culture Vultures and Culture Bandits...... :( Sex sells and now the industry has an authentic Barbie Doll with porcelain skin and natural piss colored hair instead of the blonde weave that poor Nicki had to use in place of her 9-Ether.... geeeee whiiiiizzzzz Check GGAAMMEE:: The Aussie bish is a industry Frankenstein created by Sarah Stennett and Julia Greenwald amongst others, I predicted this Abomination nearly three years ago when Julia tested the waters with those Multi-platinum singles she cooked up with B.O.B and his entourage of white bishes...Hayley Williams & Taylor Swift and yepper both them singles hit the Top 20 on Billbard......PLATINUM PLUS.

    • Mr Co-sign

      "heck GGAAMMEE:: The Aussie bish is a industry Frankenstein created by Sarah Stennett and Julia Greenwald amongst others, I predicted this Abomination nearly three years ago when Julia tested the waters with those Multi-platinum singles she cooked up with B.O.B and his entourage of white bishes...Hayley Williams & Taylor Swift and yepper both them singles hit the Top 20 on Billbard......PLATINUM PLUS." - Brother D WHOA!!!! Cats ain't ready for this level of truth, Brother D. This is the wrong comment section for that. It will fall blind on the eyes of the ignorant. But I am not one of them. I see through the matrix. The great Immortal Technique once said: "You might have these house ni99ers fooled, but I understand"

  • Macvez

    Honestly fuck Lord Jamar...I actually don't care for iggy. But I am tired of hearing lord jamars opinion on every damn thing. If they go and dig up every fuckin semi popular rapper from the 80s and 90s for an opinion there will be no progression ever. Nobody I know under the age of 35 sits around listening to brand nubians ever. Society still has pockets of racism but I infinitely respect a Common sense over a fuckin lord jamar. Lord Jamar is just a tired old hater that doesnt do shit but bitch and actually attempts to hurt hip hops progression. Fuck vlad tv and star and anyone that thinks lord jamar is helping with shit. If your so fuckin good and such a legend address your grievances in a song. Im a latino and I hope this fool gets in a room with someone intelligent that can point out his negative impact on the world...IE: Common. Lord Jamar isn't even helping the new generation of black artists. Fuck him.





  • Tn

    I think people are getting confused here. I think hip hoppers need to wake up. There is smoke in the kitchen the fire is on its way. These incidents popping up in hip hop are warning signs of what corporations have in store for hip hop. This is not so much a colour issue but a power issue. It appears that someone or something is trying to gain a control of hiphop. It started with getting poor hip hop artists to sell their souls for money and not power. They were given advances but no real control or education of how to get control of themselves in the industry. Exceptions Wu tang. In turn rappers old out their integrity by disrespecting each other and the art. Well the tipping point is here for hip hop. I wish other artists would follow the lead of people like Chuck, Lord Jamar and others who have been vocal this year. I may not agree with everything they say but they all realise that hip hop is losing its essence and essentially just becoming a pop art form. Pop means popular which means corporations are trying to devalue hip hop taking away its ability for social cohesion and mobility. I don't think Chuck has anything against Iggy personally but he s just pointing out whats going on.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymoussssss

    Agreed busted

  • Anonymous

    She is not pretty, have you seen her face.

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