Chris Brown's Gang Sign Use Addressed By Bloods

Members of the Fruit Town Piru set say they've given Chris Brown a pass due to what he's done for their gang and the community.

An anonymous member or members of the Compton-based Fruit Town Piru set recently spoke with TMZ to clear up any questions about crooner Chris Brown’s gang ties. According to them, Brown was never officially initiated into their gang.

Additionally, they revealed that although Brown isn’t an official member of the Fruit Town Piru set, they have no issue with the Virginia songster throwing up gang signs and shouting out the Pirus due to what he’s done for that particular gang and the community.

According to TMZ, Breezy has hired several Fruit Town Piru members to work for him, he’s hung out with them, and also donated thousands of shoes to kids in Compton.

Over the past year, Brown has been pictured throwing up various gang signs and has also made possible Bloods references via his Instagram page.

In addition to various pictures and comments on Instagram, Brown was recently videotaped shouting out the Fruit Town Piru set during an afterparty for the BET Awards last month.

Video of the incident, which was posted by TMZ, can be found below.

Additionally, a lawsuit filed against Brown earlier this year due to a brawl at a basketball game states that the singer and those in his entourage are members of the Bloods.

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  • briminial

    Bloods is gangsta. ..crabs id scary wit it..!! Nigga big GTBRIMS WESTSIDE RIDER...

  • Brandan

    And this is good why ? let me sponsor a street gang. smooth move lmao

  • chmorie

    Chris be careful you don't know the these streets like i do.don't want any thing happening to yo fr fr...

  • COCA


  • la

    most streets in compton thats named after a fruit or tree is the ones where the gangs are at.

  • Anonymous


  • lopester

    Yo, so this hot head bitch beater has gotten himself in quite deep with some L.A. motherfuckers, its good for them because they get some clean publicity and they hungry. Brown gets complex credit, they kinda own each other...ynwis?

  • Anonymous

    "He tried bangin on me and a friend after they had words at a pickup game at smc (school in Cali)... I had an s dome on and I guess he thought I was bangin so he tried that fruit town shit lmao chris brown a lame. Nobody in L.A scared of him... niggas laugh at his gang "ties"" LMAo u the only one gettin laughed at, how you allow a lame nigga like Chris Brown to roll up on you like that

  • Compton Representing

    As dumb as it may be....It's called FTP because all of the streets in the neighborhood are named after fruits....Plum, Pear, Cherry, Peach, Fig.

    • Anonymous

      lmao nope youre wrong about every part of that hahahaha i hope youre trolling

    • Catch Wreck NEVER

      no it's called 'Fruit Town' because Mexican males would come through the neighborhood pushing fruit carts selling fresh fruit (cherries, strawberries, apples, peaches, etc.) so the neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA is called Fruit Town. and Piru is a boulevard that goes through a part of Los Angeles, CA. so the Fruit Town Pirus took the name Fruit Town Brims. there are also Fruit Town Crips if im correct.

  • Ocidelife

    Man,when's the last time you a seen a nigga swing thru the hood banging outta Lambo's & Phantoms? Haha NEVER! So,Understand that the reason why these Busta Ass Industry cats are so quick to promote this Gang Banging shit is bcuz "They've never actually had to be in the trenches"..They've never had to experience the lose of losing a love one to this shit (Which is a wound that will never MF heal!) These niggas are so quick to promote this shit to the youth..Fuck up our streets & school systems..While they safely tuck they kids a way into private schools somewhere just so they won't have to deal with the madness!!

  • tuspac

    hello how are you doing. m name is tu spac am so happy to meet you hear to day .hope everything is going well with you of so am sop glad to met you today my love for you is so long than ?

  • fruit fly

    so his gang affiliation was bought not earned ? thats the definition of fake.

  • Bwahaha

    The Fruit Town Pirus? Bwaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. That sounds about as gangsta as Lindsey Lohan. Fuckin morons.

  • Anonymous

    slowbucks gotta stop the snitching mane wtf why is nipsey letting this rat do biz with him breezy about to go back to jail over a snitchbucks instagram

    • undefined's just a matter of time. Got out of jail and went straight to the club. Seems that he traded one set of losers for another.

  • Anonymous

    Fruit boot town.

  • griz

    good thing this dude been famous since he was like 12. what a fuckin joke. we all publicly know that you aint hard bro. he's pulling some lil wayne shit. been famous his whole life and all of a sudden starts shouting out piru. those dudes are just takin this dumbass money

    • Anonymous

      None of you weirdos willing to go to fruit town and tell them they fruity tho Bk all day but real recognize real & lotta yall pussy

    • Bwahaha

      Actually, the only joke here are the 'thugs' calling themselves Fruit Town Piru's. They sound like a cereal made for gay dudes, not a gang. lmfao.

  • rideonemjixxer

    I wore red the other day. Vatos locos for life, miglo!

  • tyga sucks dick

    Fruit Town Piru ?? sounds like a bunch of fags

  • Big Gucci The Ruler

    Big gucci still the realest rap nigga still doing it. It aint even disputable its a un deniable fact.

    • Big GUcci The Ruler

      kurt you fuck nigga how dare you call gucci fake when he is realer than your favourite rappers. His music is still classified as rap you dumb ass nigga spewing ignorant shit.

    • Anonymous

      theres a difference between hiphop and rap so get all the way the fuck outta here with that shit KURT

    • kurt

      Gucci is the fakest mother fucker in the world. and He does not rap, therefore he is not in the rap game, trap music is not fucking hip hop, and Gucci is in the top 3 worst artists in the history of rap.

  • Anonymous

    fuck fruit town

  • HipHopTV

    grows up in va, gets rich as an r&b singer, then becomes a gang member. This is much worse than we know. Bhris Brown wont be around much longer. smfh! When dipset did the fake gang stuff it never went this far.

  • chad fiddes

    Wow. We have a R&B thug.Dumb c00n.

  • Dutch

    Crips & Bloods aint shit anymore, the mexican gangs and drug cartels are taking over by the numbers.

    • Anonymous

      Silly bastard, learn about medicinal weed and stop spreading that fox news garbage People growing their own now or have a caretaker. Places like oregon will laugh at you, aint no cartels or jamaican posses dealing weed, you can get that from bob, dave, josh, sue and there's so much going around its shared, the black market demand for weed is small Making it legal KILLS the cartel business, thats why states are climbing on board. Tuesday a cartel person said they have no interest in weed, they dont make any money. But yall keep worrying about n!99@ gangs and cartels, pfizer is the one who got yall hooked on opiates Teenager, LMFAO

    • HUH

      Dumbest comment ever.... Where have you been? The drug cartels have "always" been the most consistent suppliers. You must be a teenager...

    • Anonymous

      Ol fox news f#ckboy, cartels aint setting up shop in denver and washington, the whiteboys are growing better weed in town. Eat a thorny dick outsider

    • Anonymous

      That is because niggas don't have unity. These nigga gangs will never be like the mafia unless they unified.

  • Anonymous

    Basically he can represent Piru as long as he allows them to continue to extort him.....

  • Anonymous

    Chris Brown is more gangsta then those fake wannabe gasngsta rappers nowadays

    • Anonymous

      the guy who wrote money and honeys gets neither. thats why hes talking about cyber geeks and sheltered eunuchs... hes lonely

    • Anonymous

      Hanging around with real felons doesn't make you gangsta. Being one of those felons who gets booked into country is gangsta.

    • Tyrone

      "hustlers and players" "money and honeys" stfu fag, u aint nobody.

    • Anonymous

      Sheeeesh!!! Thank God almighty that these cyber geeks and lost niggas are infatuated with "gangsterism" instead of being hustlers and players....leave the money and honeys to us while you sheltered eunuchs type in bastardized Ebonics like its friggin awesome.

    • Anonymous

      that aint saying much... even justin bieber has a longer criminal record at 19 than a 40 year old rick ross, the biggest drug bawseee


    Chris Brown is gonna get himself killed if he carries on.

  • Tired pf fake thugs

    He only donates to Compton because he wants to be down with real niggas so bad. He's a child star from Virginia and he's throwing up gang signs and tryna be Piru. Straight trash.

    • Anonymous

      "Hey, hey what... What can I do so I can m-maybe flash a gang sign on Instagram." "Fuccboi, buy some shoes for every lil nigga in Compton." "Y-yes sir, right away. Great idea, kids in poverty need shoes. Roger"

  • Anonymous

    "You don't start gangbangin in your mid 20s..." SMH #STUDIOGANGSTERS

    • Anonymous

      "Eh Drag-On from Ruff Ryders is repping Crip in Brooklyn in his 40s. Got put on 2 yrs ago. Im not making shit up" U SERIOUS?!?!? *DMX voice*

    • Anonymous

      LMAO @ Drag-on Crippin'!..... Hell LMAO@ Drag-on period!

    • Anonymous

      Eh Drag-On from Ruff Ryders is repping Crip in Brooklyn in his 40s. Got put on 2 yrs ago. Im not making shit up

  • bitches dont care if u gangsta

    why the fuck would you want to rep bloods you an r n b singer who ya trying to impress? souljah bitch tried n failed doing this shit only time he talked bout now is being laughed at in worldstar comments wit his fake thug videos he pays to get on the site. stay clean off drugs role model you can get that Justin timberlake / usher bread keep reppin a gang n doin dumb shit u gon end up like bobby brown / d'angelo

  • Julia

    Really!?!?!?! He is the leader of his own gang - the Chris Brown Gang - "I am an awesome actor and singer. Follow me!!! " So maybe he talks to someone and learns some finger moves from someone. Really. SO!!! Leave him alone! Let him live his life!!!

    • Lois x Brundage Vance

      You are absolutely right. Chris is an adult and can shout out whoever he wants. That doesn't make him a gang member or wannabe. It also looks like he's helping with keeping gang members out of trouble and working. What are the complainers doing???????

  • Shanibal

    Chris Brown is a goofy. How this dude gonna claim an LA based hood and his little pretty mouth a** from VA. GTFOH mark a** fake gang banging industry dudes like BIRDAMN, LIL WAYNE, JIM JONES, and now CHRIS BROWN. You aint from the turf stop claimimg gangs making kids think its cool. You artists are responsible for many deaths.

  • Anonymous

    his heart pump kool aid

  • Anonymous

    these new r&b singers are so concerned with not being labeled soft they go out of their ways to act hard... chris brown, august alsina, even trey songz.

    • Anonymous

      but chris brown was a child star he never banged in the hood if he was even from there

    • Young Guwop

      August Alsina is from the N.O. and not VA.

    • Quick

      Every singer you named was raised in hoods no different than Pusha T and Master P. Matter fact all three come from the exact same hoods. They not acting, this is who they are

  • Anonymous Blood


  • Anonymous

    Another article where we find out who's who

  • yvette seda

    I wish to GOD that they would leave this young man alone, he's done things that alot of us has done in our past the only reason the ppl have something about BREZZY is cuz he is a famous artrist, yes I noe that kids look up to him but, now a day's this kids noe wkat's wrong & right I'm not excuseing the young man for what he has done I can only hope & pray he learns from his mistakes. CHRIS like a mother that's what a mother want's from her childern so set an example to the generation now & for the future one's to come they do look up to you! GOD BLESS you!

    • Anonymous

      Stop it moral orel, humans are not immune from making mistakes. You wasnt there in tha lambo but you willing to give justin beiber a pass for his upbringing racism over a domestic violence issue with a woman many of you consider a dirty bitch. People see the bitchassness in yall w/o choosing sides

    • Anonymous

      2nd anon; are you comparing making a racist joke to beating the utter living shit out of a female on the side of the street?

    • Anonymous

      fuck outta here what kind of soft as r&b singer from Virginia worth millions is throwing up sets and repping piru? thats some clown ass shit.

    • Anonymous

      Yes maam! They giving Justin this pass because he was young but Chris will never overcome his past according to them. In life you deal with a bunch of hypocrites, recognize and deal with them accordingly

    • Anonymous

      My momma made sure I learned how to spell.

  • Mark

    Pass or no pass y'all keep this boy alive by teaching right this ain't no fade or joke people die everyday behind this and he's no immune



  • Anonymous

    Fruit town? I wasn't aware that there was a chapter of Bloods in San Francisco.

  • Anonymous

    Community Organizations like the Bloods and Crips need to focus on philanthropy instead of criminality.

    • Anonymous

      History says panthers were bad for society, but the klan has a right to exist because of freedom of speech although there are recorded civil rights violations done by the klan in american history

    • Anonymous

      We had something like that with the Panthers, and you see what happened to them.

    • Anonymous

      lol, dope comment

  • Bruce Jackson

    When bullets start flying let's see how quick he throws up those Gang signs

  • You can't buy respect snitchnigga

    So this lil bitch nigga is snitchin on his security that they are gang members, smh.

  • Robert

    He wants to rep it, but is he willing to die for it? I doubt it. Who would want to?

  • kevin

    lol chris brown a clown ass nigga he is soft as poundcake thats like saying 2 chainz is the greatest rapper of all time

  • Anonymous

    1000 pairs of sneakers and we can all rep the bloods

  • Anonymous

    so he gave them money to be let in lol, these fakes dudes are funny, your going backwards

    • Anonymous

      They getting the burners from the white man tho, aint not one blackman on the roll manufacturing guns pussy and the gun laws are lax in the surrounding communities of a place like chicago End of the day lotta you bitches only here to demean blacks, you aint a participant of the community nor a hiphop music fan, we see you and gonna handle that


      Rozay forgot to pay his street tax in Detroit LOLOL

    • Anonymous

      im glad we got a rich young black men giving these gangs money to buys guns and drugs to pump back into their communities.

    • Anonymous

      U f#cked up when you mentioned 50

    • Anonymous

      A lot of rappers pay street tax and use gangs for security/protection its either that or nev go anywhere like 50 Cent.

    • JP

      I think that's smart. At least he's giving back to the community and not running around paranoid like Mr Rozay

  • Anonymous

    these rappers are clowns when you get money you supposed to leave all that behind you... now we got rich boys from virginia claiming blood because they think its cool.

    • Anonymous

      because he fucked with the music and the concept behind the product why would you have crips as security when you can have ex military gi joe motherfuckers?

    • Anonymous

      whats your point thats not so nipsey and the crips would protect him in LA LMAO nipseys not even an active crip.

    • Anonymous

      I see Jay Z spending 10k for a Nipsey Hustle cd

    • Anonymous

      so hire a fucking bodyguard not some dumb ass negros from the block that are going to get you into trouble. do you see jay-z repping for the GDS or the Crips?

    • Anonymous

      Sheltered human, when you have money is when you need security or the wolves will always be around sniffing you. Go outside and talk to the living inside guy.

  • Anonymous

    i didn't realize violent street gangs cared so much about their communities LMAO

  • Anonymous

    He tried bangin on me and a friend after they had words at a pickup game at smc (school in Cali)... I had an s dome on and I guess he thought I was bangin so he tried that fruit town shit lmao chris brown a lame. Nobody in L.A scared of him... niggas laugh at his gang "ties" Just another rich nigga who has life backwards. Nothing else to see here

    • Anonymous

      he did half of that video in the 60s, paid them to do it, and he banged on you cuz of the mariners hat lmao he shouldve fucked with yg n banged tree top at least they arent as turnt down as fruit town is

  • Anonymous

    I bee you Bhris Brown

  • Anonymous

    Which proves their gang is fake as hell. So you gon allow any nigga to rep your set just because he broke bread with you niggas???

    • Anonymous

      STFU you dumb bitch, an organized crime family will use and manipulate every opportunity to generate revenue but you expect a so called "street gang" to live by some corny ass code while the Corleones exploit Johnny Fontaine.

  • Anonymous

    you know it's fake when a so called gang banger talk to TMZ

  • Anonymous

    that slowbucks guy is clown for putting that video on his instagram of chris brown throwing up gang signs so soon after he got out of prison knowing full and well tmz was going to take it and his PO would see it.. dude really is a snitch.

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