Stacey Dash Responds To Kanye West Comments Comparing Paparazzi Attention To Rape

"Go to Rikers for a little while and then he'll know what rape is," the actress says in an appearance on Fox News' "Outnumbered."

In a segment of the Fox News program Outnumbered, actress Stacey Dash responded to comments made by Kanye West comparing paparazzi attention to sexual assault. During a speech at a performance in London over the weekend, West reportedly compared frequent media attention to rape.

“I want to bring my family to the movies without 30 motherfuckers following me,” he said according to The Independent. “Everybody here, they like sex right? Sex is great when you and your partner are like, ‘Hey, this is what we both want to do’. But if one of those people don't want to do that, what is that called? That's called rape. That is called violation. So if I walk around and say look sir, I’m not feeling so good today, I need some space, can you please not fuck with me today? I need cut-off space, not violation.”

Appearing on Outnumbered as a recurrent guest this past week, Stacey Dash responded to West’s comments while on the show yesterday (July 8). Speaking about a host of celebrity reactions to paparazzi, Dash began with a general comment about the backlash.

“I don’t know if they mean it or not but for Kanye to say ‘rape,’ maybe he needs to spend some time on Rikers Island,” she said. “Go to Rikers for a little while and then he’ll know what rape is. I don’t get celebrities not understanding that the paparazzi are doing their job.”

Using her own experience in the industry as a reference point, Dash went on to say that the celebrity complaints prove “they’re just not understanding what the business is.”

“I’ve found that if you’re nice, if you’re polite to them, they leave you alone,” she said. “It’s when you start to call them names and act crazy and put your hands up and do all this drama that they make it a big deal.”

In 2004, Stacey Dash starred in Kanye West’s “All Falls Down” video. The actress appeared as the rapper’s romantic interest in a video that also featured cameos from rappers Consequence and GLC.

In 2012, Dash publicly endorsed Mitt Romney’s Presidential campaign. Last year, she Tweeted sharp criticism for Jay Z and Beyonce's vacation to Cuba.  “Do you care that The Jay Z”s have taken the capital you have given them and funded a communist oppressive regime,” she wrote in a since-deleted Tweet.

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  • Anonymous

    she just wish she had the paparazzi following her she a wash up has been

  • wstr

    She's right that it's completely inappropriate to make rape comparisons, but "Using her own experience in the industry as a reference point"? She doesn't even get 10% of the paparazzi attention that Kanye does, so that's laughable.

    • ddd

      also, i dont thnk kanye acknowledge this, but he meant as a metaphor/comparision.. not as bad as rape, but it fucks you up, just like rape

  • Anonymous

    if someone does something you dont want them to do.... RAPE

  • Anonymous

    Stacey Trash. Mean bitch who talks smack cuz of her ego

  • lol

    this bitch took Kanye's comment way out of context.. just because he used the word rape lol.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: lol did some research on ol' girl, found out she got 3 ex husbands (all are white dudes by the way): Brian Lovell (m. 19992005) James Maby (m. 200506) Emmanuel Xuereb (m. 200710) AANNNNND, she's a republican!!! LMAO bitch even dissed Hov and Beyonce for going to Cuba Posted12 hours ago it makes sense.

  • larry

    nobody would know who this bitch is if it wasn't for kanye, thesehoesaintloyal

  • bigblackdave

    kanye is just comparing/using a metaphor. In some ways he's kinda right, it's invading your space just not as serious as rape

  • Black Snake Moan

    "She's a hot black female.. Why the fuck would she be with black dudes?" She is half white, her mother was a hot white female who couldn't resist Black dudes.



  • Howard

    Kanye need to sip a bowl of shut the hell up. It is not comparable to rape. Not in any way. Besides, you can't on one hand constantly seeks media attention and self promotion and then get mad when the paparazzi tail you constantly. You put all these private moments on social media, making sex tapes and constantly showcasing your self and not think there is not a penalty for it. Please have a seat home slice.

  • Stacey Dash should get Slapped

    That feminist bitch need to shut up. The dude is just making the comparison because he feels like he can't get any privacy. He's not saying it's as bad

    • Anonymous

      lol she's far from feminist brah she the type of person that say "boys will be boys" to a bitch that just got raped by a pack of niggas

    • Anonymous

      bitch has no class. who the fuck says some down low shit like that? a big headed ho who think she can get away with it cuz she never got the fuck slapped outta her before

    • Anonymous

      fuck feminism

  • Anonymous

    The Pap do get out of hand a lot of the time, but Kanye should have known what he was getting into when he got with Kim. They deserve their privacy, but the Kardashian's thrive off the limelight so Kanye don't complain too much when you wake up and find them in your closet with a camera!

  • Come On

    This ignorant hoe doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about. Does she need to be reminded that Princess Diana died because of the paparazzi??? The only reason why she says they leave you a lone if your nice, Is because they leave her alone cuz no gives a fuck about her. Kanye has every reason to be mad I don't like his comparison but all you ppl cutting him up try having a fucking camera in you face from the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to be bed. Be real ppl you'd get sick of too.

    • PATHH88

      STFU ?? REALLY ??? Take a listen to your own advice. A comparison is only good if it is comparable, if it is not then it is not a comparison lol Princess Diana did not die cos of the paps FACT As for going on a diatribe and dispalying my feelings HARSHLY WITHIN EACH SENTENCE, please show me where i display my feelings harshly within each sentence... i swear some ninjas think they smart but talk out their ass... No one claimed he said he would rather be raped you thick plank, now fuck off and go read HELLO magazine you groupie....

    • Anonymous

      It was a comparison..STFU and stop going on a diatribe and displaying your feelings harshly within each sentence. He didn't say I rather be raped stupido

    • PATHH88

      Get your facts correct sir. First off, no one asked the driver to SPEED away from the paps, breaking the law cos of the speed he was driving. Secondly, the driver had alchohol in his bloodstream, not a good mix- alcohol, powerful car, speeding. No paps FORCED Diana to get into the car when she knew the driver had been drinking. The "celebrities" use the paps when they have a product to promote or they want to stay in the mags/rags to stay "relevant" but oh shit, they have a bad day and they want the paps to stay out of their fucking lane?? If you choose to dance with the paps you need to accept that as part of your life and not bitch and moan about it. And for Kanye to compare it to rape is beyond belief, go to rape crisis centres and hear the stories and then tell me how this "say anything to be kept in the media" faggot ass Kanye is not being torn apart by support groups etc GTFOH

    • Where we going?


  • Anonymous

    kanye west is a fucking idiot smh dude needs a slap

  • Anonymous

    Why she shitting on Kanye? Wasn't she on the All Falls Down video??? Anyway, the fuck does she know about paparazzi? Don't give a fuck if she pretty, bitch was always a d class celebrity lmao

  • Brandon

    Negro bed wench mentality!

  • Anonymous

    WTF Kanye talken about when about 1,000 niggas have already fucked his slutty wife!!!

    • Anonymous

      he said in one of his rants he's taking all the backlash for interracial relationships lol is this nikka stupid??? he thinks he's the first black guy to fuck a white bitch?!?!?! he ain't even the tenth nigga to fuck Kim lmao

  • Anonymous

    This bitch sound like she been married to multiple white males...somebody do the reasearch.

    • Anonymous

      She's a hot black female.. Why the fuck would she be with black dudes?

    • Anonymous

      lol did some research on ol' girl, found out she got 3 ex husbands (all are white dudes by the way): Brian Lovell (m. 19992005) James Maby (m. 200506) Emmanuel Xuereb (m. 200710) AANNNNND, she's a republican!!! LMAO bitch even dissed Hov and Beyonce for going to Cuba

    • To The Bitch Above Me

      Have some fucking sense of humor.

    • Anonymous

      OH another ignorant fool bringing race into it! Man you are a dumb negro

  • goGOGadget

    she's absolutely right.

  • Frosty

    Ahh Stacey Dash, I'd still hit that.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ that stuff has a lot to do with what happens after your dumb ass gets her pregnant. all that is gon crash on yo head with 3am 4000 character text messsages

    • Anonymous

      ^meh. none of that bullshit has anything to do with her physical appearance and those nice big nipples she has on her tits

    • Anonymous

      I'd hit too, if she wasn't some crazy ass self hating deppressive republican bitch

  • Anonymous

    stop hating on stacy dash

  • Tex

    Rape is terrible, and Amway has financially raped millions of people. See for yourself, google "stop the amway tool scam wordpress"

  • Anonymous

    Anyone seen that recent picture of Stacy? She looked horrible.

  • Aaron

    umm yeah if you are a C list actress, of course they'll leave you alone! She still sexy as hello though! lol

  • Anonymous

    She is right!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ what does being popular have to do with the topic dumbass exactly stacy is right n yall just proved it

    • Anonymous

      i hate kanye but even a numbskull knows kanye is way more popular than stacey dash.why would people follow you if you are not well known

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