Robin Thicke's "Paula" Sells 530 Units In United Kingdom, 54 Copies In Australia

UPDATE: Robin Thicke's first week sales of "Paula" reach 530 units sold in the UK and 54 copies sold in Australia.

Robin Thicke has sold 530 units of his album Paula in the United Kingdom, according to MTV

The MTV report refers to the sales figure as "a disastrous debut" and points out that it is a 98 percent decrease in sales from Blurred Lineswhich approached 26,000 units during its first week in the United Kingdom last year. 

Thicke's US sales of Paula were stronger than the singer's UK sales figures. 

Thicke's Paula debuted in the #9 spot this week, selling 23,765 units in its first week of availability.

Paula is believed to be a dedication to Paula Patton, Thicke's estranged wife. 

During an interview with Hot 97 recently, Thicke explained the album's concept.

"The album is exactly what happens when you lose the love of your life and you're trying to figure it out in your head," he said. "How am I going to move on and get through it all? We just weren't happy together anymore and I still had so much I wanted to apologize for, and things I wanted to take responsibility for, so that's pretty much what the album's about."

More from that interview is below.

(July 9, 2014)

UPDATE: Following the above report regarding Thicke's sales figure in the United Kingdom, MSN reports that Robin Thicke's Paula sold 54 copies in its first week of availability in Australia. 

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  • Anonymous

    Damn, producers are really powerful. This guy needs Farel so bad

  • nigga dick big

    who cares about this white motherfucker

  • wtfdotcom

    So Robin Thicke's hip hop now? Wow times have changed since the 90's!

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  • Anonymous

    Any actual hip hop news? Like anything on Vinnie Paz, la coka Nostra, classified, maybe some g unit or something about new mixtape even?

  • Anonymous

    marvin gaye did it too it didnt sell, mary j blige did it its her best album, lenny kravitz did it the music sucked, nas did it it went kinda well, music artists do what robim did frequently To even report uk & aus sales about this is stupid

  • ash

    Actually in Australia it didn't even crack the top 500 (number 500 sold 54 copies) so it actually sold less than 54 ahahahhaha

  • Chi-Ill

    Why don't they have the Hip Hop sales of the week list anymore?

  • Anonymous

    if he got that unreleased ja rule feature on there this album wouldve been double platinum by now.

  • Anonymous

    TuPac should have named his album FAITH cus he FUCKED THAT BITCH LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Since when has this site ever talked about UK sales. Just trying to lure in the ignorant readers that think it says US. This is shameful by HipHopDX just trying to report negative news. Can't wait until Complex buys you out and shuts down the site

  • Come On

    Blurred Lines album hardly had time to breath on the market before he released this one. 530 copies is horrid tho WOW!!!! I thought this album was risky but WOW!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I don't udnerstand this album. It came out too early, and it had only 1 weak single....

  • Paula Patton

    Just sign the papers and keep it moving.

  • LaNiiigga

    He got a cold ass intro tho! Youtube that shit my niggaz. Album is actually really good. But that intro cold!

    • Anonymous

      Shit do go hard lmao But honestly, I can't listen to that shit. I ain't finna hear this nigga saying "I know I fucked up but please feel sorry for me" for 50 minutes straight lol And before y'all call me out on this, I don't listen to "Confessions" either.

  • Anonymous

    i prayed every day for this faggots downfall thank you god!!! we dont need more white people encouraging ppl to be sluts with corny pharrell music

  • Anonymous

    Also Paula cheated too on many men, even tom cruise. Why is thicke getting blamed and not paula?

  • Anonymous

    Robin ticket traditionally ain't big in uk. Except for blurred lines, his albums generally sell less than 1000. Uk prefers their beatles crap. Hes still doing well considering last minute promotion. Robin isntlooking for big sales. Only his wife.

  • Anonymous


  • Frank Wonder

    @J: Confessions wasn't about Chilli. They were still together when he was working on the album. Chilli said it herself.

  • Fish

    Good, it makes me proud to be British that we don't support homos like Robin Thicke.

  • Anonymous

    arent they coke heads, i guarntee she was fuckin someone on the side while he was out performing in other countries..

  • Anonymous

    Lol ain't nobody tryna hear u simping for 50 minutes, c'mon son, u lost her already, at least try to talk to her privately not on a fucking album

  • Anonymous

    Because nobodies wants to hear you whine and simp after a bitch who had every right to dump you. Take it as one to grow on and stop boo boo'n about, you making yourself look like a real clown.

    • Anonymous

      You're all cunts.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ Ain't no way I'm reading all that LMAO But on the real son, fuck Robin Thicke. Dude basically want us to feel sorry for him, I mean seriously how the fuck you cheat you Paula Paton's fine redbone ass??? Ol girl was cool with you rubbing your cock on Miley Cirus on the VMA's, she even let you have all them naked bitches on the Blurred Lines video, all she asked was don't cheat on me, and you still can't keep your dick inside your pants??? LMAO my man, maybe you don't need to be married to her

    • Hollywood

      Just saying it's easier to enjoy the music or not enjoy the music rather than having people comment on the quality of the art or the lack there of. Every Wednesday non qualified hip hop comments are about sales. R&B & country music is supposed to have a album full of wining & crooning. The best music comes from the singer who just banged his knee on the funny part of the coffee table. You think Mary J Blige's "My Life" could have been released today? Usher "Confessions" ? And all other great R&B albums of pain suffer & sorrow to these non emotional commentors who aren't built to appreciate art or science? At some point these comments need to be tested & chin checked. Let's focus on the art forget the sales... How does hip hop dx know if the album wasn't under shipped? Or if there was a full promotion overseas? If we are going to talk sales let's talk about how Robin Thicke coming off a number one single of last summer sold less than 25K signed to a major instead of talking about how it's his fault he went in the booth to fulfill a contract while going through it personally.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, I got it. Hollywood's saying that every Wednesday, we have the album sales, and everyone acts like industry executives and thinks they have so much knowledge about the ins and outs of the industry.

    • stereotype75

      Im not sure but I think Hollywood is saying Meth head moms , have sons that experience a culture shock once they get in the industry and make clowns of themselves. This is multiplied when they get some of that good good which really fucks them up... again im just guessing

    • Anonymous

      HOLLYWOOD, I laughed at that first sentence.. but that last one you lost me. what the hell are talking about? PS paula patton can jump on this white dick!!

    • j

      you obviously dont know R&B history. There are plenty of songs, and albums doing the same damn thing. True, it was blatant in this cas as opposed to an Usher who did a whole album about Chili. I understand people's annoyance because they hated that he cheated or that the media put it in your face eveyday, but to say that no one want s to hear a man say that he misses his woman means stop listening to a good chunk of R&B. it also means that R&B has taken on the same, unfeeling, invulnerable traits of hip hop where dudes dont have feelings anymore, everybody is a player, and only chicks have emotions. sad world.

    • Hollywood

      You couldn't sell 5 glasses of lemonade on a corner during a hot summer day. Stop worrying about music sales idiot. That's why music is flopping. Got soccer practice boys thinking dressing up as record execs for Halloween which comes every Wednesday.

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