Nas Signs Fashawn To Mass Appeal Imprint

Exclusive: Nas calls Fashawn one of the most underrated in the game and says he is excited to have him as part of the Mass Appeal "family."

When Nas looked to sign rappers to his Mass Appeal imprint, he looked to Fresno, California's Fashawn

"Fashawn is one of the most underrated in the game," Nas says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “The world is gonna know soon. We're excited to have him as a part of the family." 

Fashawn's prepping The Ecology for his Mass Appeal debut, a project that follows a series of past efforts from the emcee, including his Ode To Illmatic piece and his critically acclaimed Exile-produced album, Boy Meets World. Fashawn has been working on The Ecology, an album with the same name as a cut off Boy Meets World, for many years. 

"I took the time to really work on this project because I knew it would be important not just for my career, but for Hip Hop," Fashawn says. "I can’t wait to finally share my new project, especially through a label that gets my vision."

In October 2009, Fashawn earned praise for Boy Meets World in a variety of publications, including HipHopDX, which awarded the project a 4 out of 5 X rating. "Boy Meets World is the product of dutiful students of the culture and genre, students who soaked up the works of artists before them to create a new piece of art with a vintage sound," HipHopDX said in its review of the album. "Be it rhyming about introspective topics or just spitting on the mic, Fashawn’s rhymes backed by Exile’s beats provide one of the year’s most solid and balanced efforts, an inspired album." 

In March 2014, Fashawn spoke with HipHopDX about what he and Nas had "brewing" at the time. "This is kind of a new beginning for me," Fashawn says. "Simply just a glimpse of what's to come for my career. Me and the big homie have a lot of things brewing for 2014 and beyond. I couldn't have asked for a better MC to stand next to. It's not even even fair what we're about to do to Hip Hop from this point on."

That interview followed a SXSW performance alongside Nas at a Mass Appeal showcase.

"I got to share the stage with one of the most influential artist of our time," Fashawn said at the time. "It was an honor to share the stage with The Don and even more of an honor to [hear him] say that he is a fan of what I do."

During that interview, Fashawn also spoke about what fans can anticipate from The Ecology. 

"Expect the return of Rap in its purest form," Fashawn said. "Expect an album music listeners and Hip Hop fans have been waiting to hear for a long time. I put my all into this project. I can say that The Ecology is going to be something special. My 2014 just got that much more interesting." 

Photo Of Fashawn Via: Chris Elise

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  • Yo

    Honestly I never head of Fashawn over here in the Midwest but I just listened to one of his songs "The Beginning" and he's fucking SICK!!! I can understand why Nas signed him... those lyrics man! That flow! fucking sick!!!

  • Joe-G

    Yo this is some real shit about to pop da fuck off in the rap game. Hip Hop is dead and we all know that, Money, Cars, Hoes, That's all niggas can talk about, but my nigga Boldy James a real detroit street nigga with skills. Then Nas got lil bishop nehru who is creative as fuck and a spitter. Fashawn is a west coast don and he puts in work on the mic. Who's fuckin' wit that roster?????????

  • kennyken

    if we don't get to technical, we'll realize this is the best signing ever.

  • Anonymous

    For everyone dissing Nas for Quan still waiting on albums from Olivia, Spider Loc, Kidd Kidd, Rell, Criston, Chris and Neef, Rita Orta, Jay Electronica, King T, Stat Quo, Bishop Lamont, Pill, Tedra Moses....

  • Not Impressed

    The problem Nas had before is that he didn't really care about having a label, he just wanted to rap and put out his own music. He had Ill Will on Columbia and The Jones Experence on Def Jam but nothing major ever came out of them. I think Nas will put out music here and there, but he seems to be at the point where he's ready to take a break and help newer artists out. I don't believe the artists he's signed have the potential to be huge, but they well definitely have more exposure than they would have if they were just doing this on their own. I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    He signed to a dude who's way past his prime.

    • Thabtos

      To say that Nas is "way past his prime" is lacking insight. Nas' last album was in 2012, it debuted at #1 in the United States and received critical acclaim.

  • Anonymous

    Fashawn is good but I though ELZHI had the better tribute to Illmatic...

  • Rozay

    Damn, i feel bad for Fashawn, another Quan in the making. R.I.P. Fashawn's career

    • Truth B. Told

      Technically, it kinda is Nas' fault since Jungle is a member of Braveharts and his brother. #guiltybyassociation #accomplice #nepotism

    • Word

      Thats not nas fault that bravehearts suck and no one was checking for that trash

    • Truth B. Told

      Ill Will/The Jones Experience had 4 artists, including Nas. Quan didn't put shit out, and blamed Nas for not attending his daughter's funeral or showing him any support. Horse and Jungle(Nas' brother) of Bravehearts, left the group, leaving Wiz and Nashawn as the only two existing members. After releasing a Lil Jon produced promo single, "Quick To Back Down", featuring Nas, the Bravehearts saw little to moderate success. After releasing Bravehearted 2 in 2008 on Money Machie Records, the Bravehearts were never heard from again. Tre Williams appeared on some track on a LOX mixtape in 2004. He was going to release his debut album, but due to label politics and Nas being a terrible label owner, the album was shelved, thus Tre left The Jones Experience. And there you have it: Nas: hip hop's greatest emcee, one of rap's worst CEOs

    • DaStreetzLuvMe!!!

      Everybody clowned Nas founds with his failed attempts at turning "ill Will Records" into a respectable music label. Remember "Bravehearts" , the only good release his fans liked was "QB'S Finest" and that was a compilation album and ode to the legends and young guns from Queensbridge. I'm sure Nasir has learn from that experience and partner with people who know what there doing .

    • Anonymous

      You act like Nas imprint is as washed up as G Unit Records or something

    • Anonymous

      Riiiight, because MMG would've been better for him. FOH!

  • carAnthony

    That's my bruh right there!! #GrizzlyCityRules

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