Earl Sweatshirt Cancels Tour Dates

The rapper says a "lack of self maintenance" is the cause for the cancellation.

Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter earlier today to announce the cancellation of the rest of a planned summer tour.

Citing a “lack of self maintenance” for the cancellation, the rapper also ended the series of Tweets with news that he will take the time to work on a followup to his 2013 debut Doris. Performances affected by the announcement include festival dates in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the UK, and Canada as well as the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago.

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  • Anonymous

    honestly whatsnwrong with this guy? he looks like he has borderline down syndrome? was he really into heavy drugs?

  • Stephanie

    Had to miss him @ Woo Hah festival last Sunday in The Netherlands too. That really sucked but I hope he will feel better soon.

  • JhonDaAnalyst

    Believe it or not...it s time to go back to Samoa for a month, Earl........

  • Kramer

    Whats wrong with the dude

    • Yo

      @Come On: Are you talking about the EARL video? Are you fuckin stupid? That shit was fake and not real. Do you really think they'd do all that and still be able to put a video together? Fuckin whiteboy. Earl did smoke marijuana and drink alcohol however. But if you think that EARL video was real you're a fucking retard

    • Come on

      @nun from what you've read??? Are you stupid?? he has videos with him messed up on drugs and you tube and shit passing and vomiting. Where did you read that?? who ever told you this you need to slap them cause they just made you look like an idiot.

    • nun

      From what I read he was NEVER heavy into drugs. So idk why youre talking about him like you know em personally

    • DrebinSlevin

      He's a former child drug addict. Not saying that to be mean to Earl, but dude was into heavy shit when he was 16 BADLY. He's probably either relapsed or fiending real bad due to touring.

  • Anonymous

    Good to see him being responsible about his health. And good to know theres an album coming soon!

  • Anonymous

    In other words,his 7 fans cancelled.

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