Lord Jamar, Sadat X Bet On Hollow Da Don At Total Slaughter

Lord Jamar and Sadat X also talk about the transition of a rapper going into Battle Rap.

Lord Jamar and Sadat X discussed during a VladTV interview their opinions on who would win a Battle Between Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don at Total Slaughter, which is slated to take place Saturday (July 12).  

If they had to make a bet, they'd put their money on Hollow Da Don because he's been a steady Battle Rapper for a long time. On the other hand, although Joe Budden is a respected rapper, Lord Jamar and Sadat X says they aren't sure if he's ready to make the transition into Battle Rap. 

"I just hope that he's [Joe Budden] going to be ready for it,” Sadat X says, "'cause you know Don's going to come with that shit."

Lord Jamar added, "I would have to imagine he [Joe Budden] knows what he's going up against."

To read the full story, visit BattleRap.com.

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  • Edubb

    While some of you lost souls hate on Lord Jamar you need to listen to what he saying cause dude does speak the truth. I dont agree with everything he says but for the most part he dead on it.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Sadat X finally gets to talk.

  • Anonymous

    Woot Woot ...You go surburban cornballs vent online let off steam it's good for you ..lol

  • Anonymous

    fuck this racist ass bitch

  • White Boys Taking Over Hip Hop DX

    The anti Lord Jamar agenda is real out here in DX lmao

  • Anonymous

    Lol @ this old hemroid azz nigga Lord Jamar. This dude need to sniff some anthrax.

  • da Mayor of Mn

    ima go wit joey

  • imho

    id like to think this is how the convo went :turns on atari puts in jungle hunt: SX- ayo jamar i know you hate white people but do you wanna sponser this battle rap event by eminem? LJ- you know how i get when i have to take my alzheimers and constipation meds i get a lil cranky when its not stirred in my oatmeal correctly SX- yeah, yeah.. i know 3 stirrs and add in a lil OJ with henny but anyway hollow v budden want in? LJ- hold on im tired as shit i been up for an hour and a half, its damn near 3pm i need my nap but ill stay up and politic real quick.. let me take off my tims, du rag and 3 xenyce cloths and hop into some sweats in the wash room.. SX- wash room? LJ- yeah nigga the fuckin washroom, oh wait im sorry your from the middle class, mr fancy i mean the powder room..damn rich people. SX- aight u old mf lets make a bet how much u want on it LJ- i bet 50 pog coins i win ill even throw in the one with the skull, the motorcycle one and the one that looks like a saw, u know thats my favorite one. SX- DEAL!

    • Anonymous

      whats the fuckery white people do tho? rap? lol we never claimed we started rap this or that, we just rap lol then LJ came out with a comment in the left field. if whites said we started it then i could see a comment like that but his comment that got him back in the light was more heart felt hate then putting something taht didnt need to be set in place, in place.

    • Anonymous

      @okcornball- upset bro?

    • Anonymous

      ^^ He even did a joint with R.A the Rugged Man OP still think calling white people out on their fuckery = hating all white people

    • Anonymous

      Yeah,not sure what all that was about. Lord Jamar said he was a fan of Eminem in one of his interviews.



    • Anonymous

      Describes LJ perfectly

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamal is still spending money from 88

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar put 1,000 empty Pepsi cans on Hollow.

  • Anonymous

    Didn't know these five percenters actually had money to bet on something.

  • PAhiphopFAN

    Lord Jamar at a white man's (Eminem's) show. lol

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