Nas Can't Let Slowbucks Return To Queens, Shyne Says

Shyne also says Nas influenced him and asks the "Illmatic" emcee how he's been "so hot for 20 years."

During a series of posts on his Instagram page, Shyne addresses Nas about a variety of topics. 

"How U been so hot for 20 years my G ? @nasnyc #backstage," Shyne says in one post.

A series of images and captions followed, including two referring to a chain snatching incident at this year's Hot 97 Summer Jam. The most public chain snatching featured Slowbucks getting his chain snatched while 50 Cent and Fabolous performed

"& how that bum ass n++ got his chain snatched at summer jam? He can't be from queens bridge.... #QB# #lake @nasnyc the g*d #illmatic 20 years," Shyne says. "Then they kicked him down the stairs in front of his girl esco, U was performing tho..... Esco, my g, U can't let him come back to queens tho.... #illmatic #20 years all time greats." 

While 50 Cent denied any knowledge of Slowbucks' chain snatching, Bucks has reportedly launched an investigation about the incident

The series of Instagram posts are below. 

For more on 50 Cent, check out this DX Daily.



  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Man, Nas doesn't give a fuck about that clown shit. He's a grown up. Why is Shyne even speakin' on this shit from half a world away? He should have bigger fish to fry. These niggas look like they're in my apartment and shit.

    • Anonymous

      "I don't fuck wit no rats tho!!!!!! #MrEveryThing They gotta get the Fuck Outta The Business!!!!! No room 4groupie snitches livin that Fake Life" That's what Nas bro Jungle had to say about Slow

  • SleepyOne

    dude forgot that 50 is from Queens too... Stupid Ni$$a! What in the "F" does Nas have to do with it! Nas is making that money...F what you heard! Nas the greatest of all time why bother with a nobody!

  • Anonymous

    Shyne hasn't been relevant ever lol Go do something crebible besides shooting up a night club, then come back and talk.

  • Anonymous

    these rap guys rly think they are bigger than they are.. u cant come back to my city LMAO why bc u say words over a beat lmaoo..rap guys are clowns.

  • Dick B

    lol @ Nas controlling who goes in and out of Queens.

  • Anonymous

    SMH Farrakhan ass niggas. I can hear from miles away wtf they talking about Shyne: yo nas I just peeped that hidden colors 3 Nas: oh word did u see how the moors where europenized Shyne: word to allah I seen it Nas: I concur Oswaldbates: preach my brothers

  • Anonymous

    Shyne says this like Nas word holds any weight in the streets of Queens. Nas been out the hood for 25 years my G.

  • Anonymous

    They gonna cut him off from the streets and anyone dealing with him is in serious danger of being food for the wolves. Thats how you body someone w/o even touching them. Nas aint gotta do a thing, anywhere this slowbucks is in nyc he gonna get dissed

  • Anonymous

    shyne also said 50 cooperated the cops to ruin irv gotti and murder inc ..hiphopdx did that story in november last year so go check it out.. ps ja rule kicked 50's ass

  • POPE

    You're right Shyne he isn't from Queens Bridge. He's from Queens Village aka Shady Ville you dumb ass.

    • Anonymous

      Queens village the softest hood in Queens, thats were bitch ass consequence and q-tip from. no wonder he cooperated with the law like a bitch.

  • p

    who makes the rules? DROOG.

  • Anonymous

    He right. But most artists today dont care about all this, they just wanna make money.

  • 354 Y.O

    Has shyne fixed his voice yet tho??? He still got bars but his voice sound like he drank bleach


    Rappers still supporting the Snitchbucks movement and co-signing talking to the police, incriminating niggas to get them locked up, holding press conferences, dry snitching in interviews with Breakfast Club and telling TMZ that niggas took your chain but they can keep it... - WAKA FLOCKA FLAMER (needs all the free clothes he can get) - NIPSEY HUSSLE (even looks like a rat) - MEEK MILL (meek is my nigga i hate it had to be him) - TRAV (MEEK MILLS WEED CARRIER) - JUELZ SANTANA - JADAKISS - SNITCH HOMIE QUAN - YO GOTTI (AND HIS SNITCHIN BRO KEON) Real men like Nas, Jungle and Fab cut this rat out of their circle instantly, not sucking his dick on IG for some free shirts

  • Anonymous

    The US Government can't let Shyne return to Queens says the US Government

  • Anonymous

    REAL NIGGAZ COMMENT ON MASTER SPLINTER/SLOWBUCKS PRESS CONFERENCE "Sitting back thinking "What Happened to my City?" Smfh...certain shit is just not cool. One time for my niggas who live it foreal. And being a "real nigga" is not just a slogan used to get in the door wit. #KOB2ontheway #prayersfortheweakniggas #cleanuptime" - Maino "These are not the same streets i was raised in. what goes on now was not tolerated then. things are very different now. sad days upon us" - Red Cafe retweeted by Fabolous "I wanna delete it but me & babygirl look good!!! I don't fuck wit no rats tho!!!!!! #MrEveryThing They gotta get the Fuck Outta The Business!!!!! No room 4groupie snitches livin that Fake Life" - Jungle (Nas brother on a picure with Slow on his IG) "That can't go down!" - Meek Mill (after the press conference) "SAY IT AINT SLOW" SMH...This is what yall turned the hiphop culture into, these the cowards yall have allowed to infultrate and prosper off of a lifestyle which had rules and perameters... #SnitchesAreTheNewCoolNiggas #slowbucks #50cent #gunitreunion" - Mysonne "Slowbucks mentions right now are some of the worst I've ever seen on Twitter... Shit." - Joe Budden "I heard homeboy took a picture with his son and with a middle finger. You know, every action has a equal or greater reaction. It's cause and effect. So it's like we can't expect to just do certain things out here in this world and not feel like there's gonna be ramifications. you know what i mean? No matter what circles we're traveling in." - Lord Jamar "I never heard of Slowbucks. I don't even.. I'm still trying to figure out who that is...cause I wanna know about this hip-hop stuff, I get lost there's so many rappers these days I don't even know who's getting robbed, who's getting jacked. I wanna figure out who Slowbucks is so I can like really know, so when somebody says his name I know who it is, I don't even know" - Game #ShoutOut The coward @slowbucks For Snitching On the Homie Aka Tio #MikeyFingers !!!!! These @slowbucks Cats talk about killing drugs and gangs But when the block Is flamming these be the same Cowards Snitching and pointing People Out .. #Free my ni*** #MikeyFingers !!!! - Mike Lighty (Chris Lighty's Bro)

    • Anonymous

      just some real dudes who aint feeling a cat violating the code of the streets

    • DeadHampton

      Meanwhile all of these dudes rap about materialism, tellin about what they are selling & how & dissing women while supporting white supremacist culture within capitalism. They have all sold out before. All these rappers need to shut up, come together & form a union/network to push the culture vultures & vampires out of the picture. Beef everywhere got white billionaires laughing at all of them while they are organized & controlling the world.

  • JT

    what's with the 50 link

    • Anonymous

      it is relevant because the only reason this is an article is because 50 had that niggas chain took.

    • CS

      Was just asking myself that ... After that long Shyne, Nas, Slow post.. 50 pops up. Ha. No relevance to anything in the article. You can't escape that Brother. .. just stays on the DX's mind.

  • Anonymous

    Shyne said this a few weeks ago about Winslow "Let me get this straight....they took his kilo chain, his Daytona, the bands in his pocket, kicked him down the stairs in front of his girl & nobody died????? F#%^ing rappers!" GTFOH - Shyne

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