Hot 97's Peter Rosenberg Apologizes To Public Enemy's Chuck D

"Saying anything disparaging publicly towards Chuck D, that was not okay," Peter Rosenberg says. "For that Chuck, I am truly sorry."

Co-host of The Hot 97 Morning Show Peter Rosenberg apologized on-air to Public Enemy member Chuck D earlier today (July 7). The apology followed a public back-and-forth between the station and Chuck D that began in early June with comments from the rapper on Twitter.

Responding to Chuck D’s complaints that the station had made “a sloppy fiasco...of HipHop,” Peter Rosenberg said “no one elected you president of Hip Hop” and asked the emcee “what are you doing to support this culture?” in a segment of The Realness the same month.

Speaking on the same platform this morning, Rosenberg recalled his early memories of listening to Public Enemy’s “Fight The Power” before segueing into a short apology for his previous comments.

“It’s very real today,” he said at the beginning of the segment. “My mom took me to see Do The Right Thing 25 years ago this summer. I love that movie. Now, as a ten-year old kid, I’m sure I understood a lot of it but I didn’t understand everything. The one thing that I know I understood even back then was the feeling of the song that was pumping through Radio Raheem’s boombox.

“Now, that wasn’t the first time that I heard Public Enemy, but it was the first time that Chuck D’s voice truly affected me,” he went on. “So to think that 25 years later I would have a voice in this culture that some people would actually listen to a little bit is truly a blessing and something I’m very thankful for. To have used that voice in any way to show what was perceived as public disrespect to the great Chuck D is something that I am truly regretful for. Chuck D is one of the main reasons that I’m so passionate about Hip Hop in the first place. He’s one of the main reasons that I seek out revolutionary music like Dead Prez or Immortal Technique or Homeboy Sandman. It is with that same passion that I felt the need—as I have many times before—to defend Hot 97 and Hot 97’s Summer Jam. That part was okay. Saying anything disparaging publicly towards Chuck D, that was not okay. For that Chuck, I am truly sorry.”

The statement came just days after rapper Jay Electronica called for a public apology from Peter Rosenberg on Twitter. “Oh yeah, @Rosenbergradio you owe Mr. Chuck D and apology and we are gonna see to it that he gets it. Publicly,” he wrote in a since-deleted Tweet last week. “[And] for the record, i have no beef w @Rosenbergradio,” he added. “He’s been my guy for a long time. We just can’t stand by and tolerate some things.”

Responding to the apology in a series of Tweets earlier this afternoon, Chuck D said Rosenberg “was never the issue or point here.” The rapper included a rotation tracking report that lists the “10 Most Played Songs Overall” by the station for a two-week period in June and commented that "reports like [that] are a twisted fact to defend."

For more on Hot 97, view the DX Daily Hot 97 Breakdown below: 



  • Coldshouldah

    If anybody wants to complain about ebro and his group of idiots over there then you can complain here or here Mailing address: EMMIS Communications One EMMIS Plaza 40 Monument Circle, Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204 This is how you deal with these morons. Hit them where it hurts.

  • 901DATSME


  • Anonymous

    This white boy need to stop, what the hell he know about hip hop and hot 97 is killing off the real hip hop with the water down no message hip hop that sucks

  • Anonymous

    Doesn't matter, I'd still knock the teeth out this cornball's mouth. We all know he would never apologize if people didn't star shitting on his wack ass radio station 24/7 Angie Martinez took the W for leaving that sinking ship

  • Anonymous

    two words....CHUCK D. thats all.

  • Anonymous

    i think roseberg is a good dude, he's just trapped in the system. he was attacking nicki almost the same way, but hot97 is his employer. not saying that's the end all be all, but hes obviously conflicted w/ the two poles of hip hop. making money and kicking knowledge.

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Only NY artist on that list was French Montana. Fucking ridiculous.

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  • Har-magedon, G.O.D.

    Too little, too late. We, as a people, are too forgiving. Oh, yeah, fuck Rosenbitch and E-bitch.

  • Anonymous

    The moral of the story is: just when you thought it was safe and black folks would be kumbayaying and baw, you get on on the chin.

  • jew4life

    jews still run hiphop and blacks are just jealous

  • junMaf*ckn

    Good Move By Rosenberg. Absolutely Necessary. Legends Are NOT To Be Disrespected. Period.


    Only reason a weak ass, no talent muthafucka like rosenbergenstein even has a job in the entertainment industry is because hes a hebrew.Its unbelievable how the jews have such a monopoly in the entertainment world. How the fuck else do you explain the squirrley jew playing the next lex luthor

  • Coldshouldah

    Ebro, where you at? Haha. I told you. I told you. Ain't it funny how things work out? Everybody can now see thru the bullshit. All these clowns like ebro and Rosenberg get payed to play the same crap music over and over again. Now they're being called out by everyone for their bullshit and now they're getting checked up and they have to make public apologies to try and save face. Lol. Hahaha. Bitch boys! Everyone is now looking at you morons and your decisions are now under a microscope and will be scrutinized by everyone. Do the right thing or risk losing your fucking jobs. When you're the most despised radio idiots on air, it can't be good for your parent company right? Lol. When you're fucking up the money because people hate you imbeciles then you're hurting your own brand right? Hot 97 is a shithole now and Ebro's egotistical ass is behind the helms of that ship and it's no secret you guys are going down fast. Chuck-D brought the facts about what you are doing. I would love to see how you idiots try and squirm out of this one, fucking weasels. Death to hot 97 or just fire ebro and Rosenberg dumbasses.

    • Ebro

      I'm not really Ebro you fuckin idiot. lol you got trolled like a bitch

    • Coldshouldah

      Oh come on ebro, what's wrong son? Got your feelings hurt bro? You scared now kid? You've been caught up programming some bullshit playlist that you're now being called out for and now you're feeling the heat. Haha. I think it's hilarious how you can just feel your confidence through your posts diminish. Where's the arrogant prick we've all learned to hate? Were still waiting for the explanation fuckboy! C'mon you lame, try and justify yourself. Lol. Anyways, if anybody wants to complain about ebro and his group of idiots over there then you can complain here or here Mailing address: EMMIS Communications One EMMIS Plaza 40 Monument Circle, Suite 700 Indianapolis, IN 46204

    • Ebro

      I don't need to explain shit to an internet nerd like you. Get a job kid

    • Coldshouldah

      What happened EBRO? Lol. Haha. What happened to all that arrogance son? What happened to all that "I'm a superstar talk"? You've been reduced to "you can do what I do blah blah blah". Haha. Waving the white flag son? Your boy Rosenbum gets checked up and has to apologize now. How does it feel to have the legends complain about your garbage station just like us "little people"? I'm still waiting to see how you try to explain that link Chuck D posted. I'm dying to see how you corrupt morons try and justify that. You've been caught red handed actively fucking up the culture now with your lists of people you chose to play only. Let's wait and see what happens and how Jeffrey Smulyan the CEO of Emmis communications feels about how bad Hot 97 is looking under Ebro's command.

    • Hip Hop Culture

      Ebro: nobody with integrity wants to do what you do on your best day. That's the whole point here. Carry on squirming.

    • Ebro

      You need to give it up. You can't do what I do even on your best day

  • Anonymous

    Hold up, so that record plays breakdown is saying there were only 25 independent songs played all week... and macklemore had 25 songs played that week? There isn't another independent artist getting any airtime right now?

  • Buck$$

    What was wrong with Summer Jam? He had a problem with The Roots and Nas? I wouldn't listen to a guy that cosigns Flavor Flav.

  • Anonymous

    I know this is sad news for a lot of yall

  • Yo

    Is this rosenberg guy serious?? "My mom took me to see Do The Right Thing 25 years ago this summer." Yeah right jew boy! I highly doubt a Zionist women took you to see a nigga movie. Keep lying to the MTV kids

    • Anonymous

      Been talking about paid commenters and how you gotta realize a lot of the comments are from people who are not hiphop music fans I know dudes who were miserable doing that but do you

    • Yeop

      yes you can, if you like to blog and talk shit. I'm not sure how much they payin though

    • Anonymous

      naw son i just like to stir the pot hahaha reputation management company... fuck are u telling me i could be getting paid for this shit?

    • Yep

      those "people" were a Reputation Management company that was hired by Lyon Cohen and Hot97. They go on every Hip Hop website defending the image of the people that pay them Shit is real, wikipedia it

    • Anonymous

      At least he realized he was on the wrong side of history, them dudes who were here on that jay electronica article aint happy with this news, lol

  • Jay Electronica

    I got this Industry by the balls and I have never released an album. WHAT! Where are all my haters now? ALLAH IS THE GREATEST

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