Math Hoffa Reacts To Dizaster Punch, Says He "Did It...For Attention"

"Dizaster, you're not built like that," Math Hoffa says. "You was never built like that."

Releasing a video blog over the weekend, Math Hoffa responded directly to Dizaster after being punched in a battle late last month. Addressing the fight itself as well as the aftermath, Math said that Dizaster chose a “safe environment for [himself].”

“The reason that you did it is again for attention,” he said. “You felt like people dislike me enough that if you did something like that you would get some love. You did it in a safe environment for yourself. I came out there by myself...Then niggas jumped me...Even in my situations, I knew what I did was wrong. You a grown man. You got common sense. You know it’s wrong. But for a nigga to go online and just be bragging and saying he did this and selling the wrong story because you obviously had help. But no matter what I kept getting back up. It doesn’t look good for ya’ll. It really doesn’t. It’s sad. It’s really sad because I don’t think you would have that same opportunity over here...I just feel like for the sake of trying to get a name off of me, you ruined yours. It was stupid. It doesn’t reflect a real nigga. It reflects a real bitch. You look at that footage, all that shit, people holding my hands, I’m still standing.”

During the video, Math also addressed his own history of punching battlers in the ring and said the fight was completely unexpected.

“Dizaster, you’re not built like that,” he said. “You was never built like that. You hang around people. You wanna be down with them. You wanna fit in. I guess that’s why this happened. When I got booked for the King of the Dot battle, I didn’t think anything suspicious about it. Not at all. Even with the blogs of niggas saying that they was gonna do shit...I really never had the thought in my mind that Dizaster was possible of something like this. It’s not to say that I was naive, I know Dizaster. Dizaster came out to New York for Armageddon. DNA told me he was with him. I said, ‘Yo, bring him through. Let me meet him. Let me talk to him.’ He stressed to DNA, ‘Is Math gonna do something to me? I don’t know if I wanna go over there.’ He met me in a fucking restaurant by myself. I told him, ‘Yo, there ain’t no drama. You just be getting crazy on Twitter, you don’t need to do that. Just be official my nigga. You feel like you have a point to prove for some reason.’”

Read the full story and watch the video blog on Battle Rap.

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  • bane

    fuck math.....he lost respect after punching my nigga serious Jones.....he a bitch....that deserved to be fucked up in that type of way

  • the don

    diz planned it. he did get good surprise hits in tho.. but it was completely planned and you could tell up to the point of the hit, diz was shaking/scared. once he started tho it was done for math. but no respect to diz for that SUCKER PUNCH upper hand.

  • Anonymous

    Math got his ass kicked. Now that's official.

  • Anonymous

    hes not built like that but he chumped math? what does that make math then?

  • tmosbeatz

    First off....if Disaster fought real street nigga the other day, how is he not built like that. At least the man backed up all his talking. Also why battle rappers harder than these main streamers???

  • Anonymous

    hoffa actin like a real bitch.. u got got, u done got other people. jones, dose,, smacked a few others off camera.. now the bully gets bullied and hes cryin..tell him take that bitch shit elsewhere

  • LOl

    If muthafuckaz wanted to JUMP ths fool in California... he wouldn't come out without a scratch on his face. He would be half blue by now

  • LOl

    Karma is a biaatch Math Hoffa! What comes around goes around. And you didnt even get jumped, I watched the video a few times. Niggaz was protecting you holding you away from Dizaster.' Pussy ass muthafucka

    • big bang

      Meant no one held back Disaster. Its shameful u geeks got a voice since the internet.

    • big bang

      Hay nerd he did get jumped u fuckin geek. And he was held back wen he got up to fight disaster and know one held Disaster. Fuck Math but that's real shit.

  • Anonymous

    ill give the nigga two things 1. he did understand what did to serius jones and dose was wrong, showing some remorse. as far as i know diz doesn't. 2. it did sort of look like diz planned the whole incident with all them niggas jumping math.

    • Anonymous

      LOL he said remorse..hoffa still uses those lines battle raps (recently, used in episode 1 of the battle show with slaughterhouse AGAINST diz (before the fight tho))

    • Anonymous

      Whatchu talkin bout? He didn't show no remorse, every interview, he was giggling and braggin about it.

  • Anonymous

    The energy you give out will be the energy you receive, Math has punched two different rappers in his battles and now he has suffered the same fate so while I don't agree with the ignorance I have no sympathy for Math.

    • Anonymous

      ^ so that makes it ok.. its like i stole something from ur house and u catch me and i said its ok bro i admit im a thief its ok u dont got the right to steal back from me..answer would be NO hoffa caught that karma now hes crying.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think he's askin for that. Math owns up to being an asshole.


    and as expected, all the "he got what he deserve" trolls are MIA...we are pleased... #2WRONGSDONTMAKEARIGHT

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