Kendrick Lamar Sued For "Section.80" Track "Keisha's Song (Her Pain)"

Kendrick Lamar is facing a lawsuit from Woolfsongs Limited.

Kendrick Lamar is being sued by Woolfsongs Limited regarding his 2011 song “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain),” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The case, which was filed in California federal court, centers around the song from the Compton, California rapper’s Section.80 album, which Woolfsongs Limited says improperly samples The Alan Parsons Project’s selection “Old and Wise.” 

The lawsuit says that the parties discussed the matter in April, but that it was not settled. 

Woolfsongs Limited, which manages the works of Eric Woolfson and The Alan Parsons Project, is seeking an injunction and an award of compensatory damages.

The Alan Parsons Project’s “Old and Wise” and Kendrick Lamar’s “Keisha’s Song (Her Pain)” are as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    thats crazy because i remember thinking they must of had a solid budget to sample such a well known song. i think b.o.b. used the same sample but that was on a free mixtape. somebody dropped the ball at TDE

    • Anonymous

      not really, its 3 years later... Kendrick got bigger things to worry about than this shit.

    • Anonymous

      Yall need to start clicking on the links, tde is the one who reached out to them, stop skimming thru dx' summaries and living it as gospel

  • OC

    Clear your samples or take some fucking piano lessons.

  • Yo

    as a Hip HOp Fan, I would listen to Alan Parsons Project all day over Kendrick Gaymar. That dude is mediocre

  • White_Boy

    In this day and age where lawsuits are filed so easily I can't believe any artist would be stupid enough to use samples without getting them cleared. It may have cost Kendrick/TDE $10k, probably less to clear the sample, but now it could cost a lot more!

  • Anonymous

    Fuckin bullshit, the first song is 100% dumb as fuck. OK you can thank Kendrick now for something that doesnt sound the same

  • Anonymous

    3 years later they see how big Kendrick is so now they want money. figures.

  • Ron B

    Section 80. is not a mixtape it was a digital only album with out a version that could be sold in stores. It did make money from online purchases and so is subject to this lawsuit.

  • Real Talk

    Proof this is all just a bunch of white teens that comment on this site.... Just look at the content on these comment sections.

  • KL

    This is usually happens when a nigga finally famous...

  • J

    Section.80 is available for purchase via iTunes. Since it's being legally sold it's free game.

  • David

    I thought mixtapes that were given away for free were kind of immune to this lawsuit shit? This same thing happened with Frank Ocean for a song on Nostalgia/Ultra and the ruling was that he couldn't perform the song live.

    • Anonymous

      Section.80 was never free you f*ckin bootleggers You've probably never paid for something in your life

    • Mike

      They didn't give away Section 80.. They sold it on ITunes

    • J

      It's available for purchase via iTunes. It's free game.

    • Anonymous

      That's what leaches always think... Those bands don't give a fuck that these stupid ass rappers want to give their music away for free. Those bands spent thousands to record and master those songs. That shit came out of their budgets. Labels didn't pay for that shit. They take it out of your advance. That lame ass "it's a free mixtape though" got the game all fucked up! It's free but it's putting the artist in a position to make money. When they get paid to perform what songs do you think they're performing? Those "FREE" songs... And on the other side, why the fuck do rappers keep spending crazy money on studio time, mixing and mastering to give their shit away for free? This is the hustle backwards generation. And if anybody says "to put them in a position to make money"... There goes the reason for suing stupid!

  • Beatz

  • Elijah Peep the latest in Hip-Hop! 2nd EP from the Summer of Slaughter series - Critikal

  • Media Mogul

    If the original song wasn't good they shouldn't be able to complain.

    • Anonymous

      Spoken like a little dick head nigga with no respect... You don't have to like the song! Shit is considered a classic by the generation of people that are fans of that music. And like the brother said above me, shit doesn't matter if the song is good. Without their music you wouldn't have a song to sample from. If you were selling bud and somebody didn't want to pay because they said your shit is wack even though you don't think so and the rest of your customers don't... aren't you going to let that slide? What am I saying... You pussy ass probably will because that's your menatlity. SMH!

    • Terminator

      It doesnt matter if the song was good or not. If you're taking somebody else's original music and using it without permission to make money off it. You should pay period.

  • GTa

    The Alan Parsons Project is on GTA 5. I suggest everybody get that album its fucking sick. This is comin from a Hip HOp head

  • robbe264

    First of all , i have heard this before. It was used for the song "Champaign" from B.O.B. , which is the first song on the "Fuck em We ball" mixtape. I'm not sure if it's really sampled from that , but i sounds a lot like it. Second , i think this is complete bullshit , pulling the lawsuit on a song thats 3 , almost 4 years old. If it is taken from old & wise , i can agree thats not the right thing. But i don't hear the sample , can someone help me and tell the part in Kendrick's song where they think it's sampled ? Thank you for reading !

    • LOL

      LOL Don't you know?? They on purposely wait for years, sometime up to 5 years, until they sold a lot of records and then BOOOM they hit'em with a lawsuit. Everybody does that. Anyway, it's bullshit that they didnt pay up for that SAMPLE, plain and simple. They deserve to get sued

  • Anonymous

    Spit syndicate/shadows approaching Good use of this sample

  • marinasellarsetu

    My Uncle Oliver got Mercedes E-Class Diesel by work using a laptop. try this out

  • G

    Im a different G than the one below by the way

  • G

    This sounds close, but not sampled from that song. Fat Jon actually fully sampled the beginning of old and wise. He shouldn't be sued

  • Hollywood

    Gotta love how common folk become lawyers, industry executives, & philosophers with the mind of Plato, Aristotle, & Socrates when commenting on a hip hop site.... Lol... None of these com mentors have heart & if you go "boo" they flinch.... Hey comment boy, if you so smart start a company ....

    • Anonymous

      @Hollywood you just described yourself

    • Anonymous

      You cant slander information like that it makes you look bad son

    • Kdot

      Kendrick/kdot brags about the money he made off section 80, black lip bastard remix....

    • Anonymous

      nerd alert

    • Anonymous

      Lol! I just dropped a jewel how DX' parent company owns a country music website. Barely any comments on that site. No blacks over there trolling, talking about flop, acoustics, net worths, singing techniques, typing like how country white folk speak. Look at white folk here though. Country is more their environment but they know it all when it comes to urban music, business, and life, typin n*gga trying to use hood slang. There's levels to this sh#t.

  • robvanshow

    Whoever says Kendrick gave the Alan Parsons Project exposure and that they should be grateful are truly idiots. Anyone who isn't living under a rock has seen a Michael Jordan video package or sports video packages in general has heard the song "Sirius" from the Alan Parsons Project. They are already well known. Kendrick's camp already acknowledged that they sampled one of their songs and didn't get the deal done, so they have to pay. He made money off of Section 80, so he has to pay up.

    • Anonymous

      "You can tell these dumb asses don't know shit..." You just claimed that the album was free when it has NEVER been given out for free.

    • Anonymous

      You can tell these dumb asses don't know shit... The mixtape might be free but they're getting PAID to perform those songs from that mixtape so they're getting paid. And the Section 8 wasn album. I salute T.D.E. for not feeding you bum ass nif=ggas with FREE mixtapes. Go spend $12. If you don't have that, kill your self!

    • Kdot

      Kendrick brags about money made off section 80, black lip bastard remix... Boom!

    • Anonymous

      "How did he make money on it? Section 80 is a mixtape." *facepalm*

    • mando

      Section.80 was an independent album bro. Tde is strictly opposed to free mixtapes

    • Anonymous

      section.80 is not a mixtape Section.80 sold 5,400 copies in the US solely based upon digital downloads within less than a week, debuting and peaking at number 113 on the US Billboard 200 chart with minimal mainstream media promotion and coverage - however some sources suggest the album entered at number 104. Within a two-week period the album sales had totalled to 9,522.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9] As of October 2012 the album has sold 78,000 copies

    • israe109

      How did he make money on it? Section 80 is a mixtape.

  • fifflaren825456

    not a fan but Imma support kendrick for this

  • izz6ki

    he took a bad sample and made a classic song, respect kendrick.

    • Anonymous

      SMH!. You little niggas got peanut brains... You don't respect the music but the generation of people from the time of that music consider it classic. You probably never been off your block though so I'm not really surprised to read this. LoL

  • ffreeman87

    he gave you exposure, fucking retard.

  • Anntee65

    law suit for a sample in 2014 LMAO

    • plantation speak

      "them white folk" you sir are a heavy troll

    • Anonymous

      Spoken like a bum ass leach. LMAO! Your bum ass could think it's funny all you want but them white folk will be the last ones laughing to the bank. It doesn't matter what year it is, you use my shit without permission, pay up! In the street you get your head smashed, in business you get sued. You bum ass internet trolls know nothing about business though. You can tell from your "lil nigga" comment. LoL

  • colemaid

    hopefully Woolfsongs Limited get cancer and die...not even a kendrick stan but they shouldn't do that

  • jazzboat

    you know you're big when retards sue you for an indie song

  • hg23r6rg

    keisha is my favorite song of the last 10 years

  • alm

    they should thank him tbh

  • arun

    they sued the king of hp ? lmao fucking morrons

  • Objective Hater

    Hopefully he'll lose the lawsuit and go bankrupt.

    • Anonymous

      he made close to 10 milli last year, more than the biggest bawzz rick rozz so even if he loses the lawsuit he wont be close to bankrupt! TDE OVA EVERYTHANG

  • G

    If kendrick got paid at all for this song, or mixtape, he does owe somebody money, Im all for sampling and remixes, but dont try and get paid for it if its not yours, jmo

  • Anonymous

    Very goood! these rappers and producers dont make there own music but always steal other peoples music. bottomline they are thieves

  • ky

    I detest it when people sue for properly used samples. From listening to the original, the .80 track was truly "sampled," not at all the case when a producer totally rips the whole main melody of an old song and puts on new drums. Guess this is what you have to deal with once you get noticed. As for the Old and Wise song, the piano/strings sound like some old studio ghibil tunes and I dig it. I'll check it out too...

    • Anonymous

      Spoken like the type of dude to lay down and let people take his shit in the streets and in business. When you don't have any respect for other peoples work and art, regardless if you like it or not, the response you gave is what usually spues out of peoples mouths. SMH! Those people spent money out of their advances which was probably chump change at the time... Probably even had to come out of their pockets because their advances weren't shit, spent time writing the lyrics and the actual music, then playing the shit on instruments that most Hip Hop producers don't know how to play.. Then they had to pay thousands for studio time, mixing and mastering... All for some producer with a cracked version of Fruity Loops and some Rapper to make money doing shows performing those songs his stupid ass was dumb enough to give away on a "Free mixtape"... No real business man, let alone a REAL MAN will stand for that bullshit. You young clowns got the game all fucked up.

  • poetic assasin

    There are different ways you can look at this - you could say that people are just trying to get a quick buck because Kendrick is making money now, or you can say the artists feel some type of way because their work that they busted their behind creating has been used by someone else without their full permission. I know many people, writers or producers and were home trying to make ends meet would be pissed as hell if they heard their lyrics or beat on the radio and weren't compensated for it.

  • poetic assasin

    Is that how it works, you have to pay/settle based on how much the project sold? if that was the case independent artists would be sampling left and right

    • Anonymous

      well i mean you cant expect to get millions out of a struggling up and coming artists.. thats why they dont usually bother suing cats until they blow up and start selling... then everyone comes out the woodwork with their hands out.

  • Anonymous

    too bad the song wasnt on GKMC they would get some real money i dunno what they expect from this though.. album barely moved 100k

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