Lupe Fiasco Says He Didn't Want To Appear On Kanye West's "Touch The Sky"

"I didn't wanna do that," the rapper says of the 2006 hit single. "That wasn't my piece."

In the latest segment of an interview with DJ Skee on SKEE TV, Lupe Fiasco touched on his near-signing with Roc-A-Fella Records in the early 2000s and initial relationship with Jay Z, Kanye West, and Pharrell.

Asked about his connection to Jay Z, Fiasco explained walking away from a possible signing with the rapper’s label.

“Jay the homie,” he said. “I was gonna sign to Roc-A-Fella like in 2002, 2003. Me and my partner Chill—free Chill—we decided to start our own piece. He already had a company called On The Rocks so we decided to start 1st and 15th, 50-50, down the middle. Young Vice President, fresh in the game, trying to do what it do. Through those travels we met a ton of people: Kanye, Jay Z, Pharrell, all these different folks.”

Speaking on how he developed the relationship with Jay Z, Lupe recalled being present for different parts of the recording process for The Black Album.

“Just built this rapport with Jay,” he said. “Being able to go to Baseline [Studios], see him put together joints like The Black Album and stuff like that, be a part of that, give him joints for that. So, he’s always been in the mix, not so much the past couple albums or the past few years but still the homie though.”

Baseline Studios, once owned by a Jay Z affiliate and later sold to producer Just Blaze, was shut down in 2010. Jay Z’s “Public Service Announcement,” Cam’ron’s “Oh Boy,” and Jay Electronica’s “Exhibit C” were all recorded in the space.

Detailing his initial encounters with Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco remembered travelling in different circles while still aspiring artists in Chicago.

“I never met him through any Chicago connections,” he said. “He was always in a different world. He was in a Hyde Park, Common, backpacker world. We was more in like the streets world.

“Anyway, he was in that piece,” he continued. “We were more over here. But in Chicago it’s a very small city. Doing different events you bump into people. We never really clicked up tough until maybe ‘Touch The Sky.’ That was even through my partner. I didn’t even wanna do ‘Touch The Sky.’ I didn’t wanna do that. That wasn’t my piece. It was like, ‘I’m over here, I don’t do that.’ My partner was like, ‘Nah, you gotta trust me. You gotta do this.’ Then from there on we kind of clicked up and kept it moving up until this day.”


  • da1

    Lupe just go away dude. I really truly was a commited fan. I even bought Food and Liquor and The Cool twice. How can you talk about what you was talking about on those albums and act the way you act. You a clown in my eyes now. Lost most respect for you and everything you stand for. Just go away people are getting tired of your inconsistent ass.

  • Anonymous

    I saw that whole Skee interview live. That nigga looked high and out of it. How this fool is able to write some good songs I don't know. He must have hella ghost writers cuz every interview I see with him (hell ANY rapper for that matter) he look like he don't know what the fuck he talking about.

  • Anonymous

    Lupe ALWAYS talks like he was a street rapper except he never was. He's been saying this since he screwed up ATCQ lyrics, fronting like he's some street rapper who shouldn't be expected to even know Tribe lyrics. He never infiltrated that street part of hip hop. He was always loved by the backpackers and "real hip hop" crowd, and it kills him, but him denying it is stupid. He's never been a street rapper, he needs to stop with that. What "street anthem" did he ever have?

  • Anonymous

    Shame he made a lot of bad decisions, musically. Shame, one of the best MCs ever.

  • Anonymous

    The Cool is the realest.

  • Anonymous

    lupe was a gangsta rapper in the beginning.

  • Anonymous

    I like some of Lupes music. But something about the way he conducts himself fucks me off.

  • Come On

    You should thank your boy and Kanye for offering and Convincing you to do that song...As much as I like you Lupe without that song you would of just been a Mixtape dude...wouldn't have made it to where you are now without "touch the sky" be grateful and not try to make yourself look like a big shot for saying you didn't want to do it. But I'm Glad you did cause now your one of my all-time Favorites.

  • Anonymous

    if I could get laid with a real life woman I wouldn't be sitting here reading this fake ass article

  • Lupe early mixtapes / 2 albums classics

    touch the sky was a shit track anyway. Not trolling but kanye is a real average mc wit a shit flow n lame voice if he didn't make such dope beats hed be sitting with the yung gunz rite now eating a block of welfare cheese

  • Itu

    Lupe Fiasco is a intelligent man. All of you saying he spits some "psuedo Political" bullshit, you muthafuckas must've voted for Goerge Bush... TWICE This dude spits the truth and fakers hate it. Truth Hurts muthafuckas Anyway, Lupe Fiasco has the right to call anybody a Backpacker because he aint one! He's a conscious rapper, spittin about real life shit. He grew up in the projects unlike these other muthafuckas Id rather listen to him than some fake wanna be gangsters talking about something they enver did! Lupe is real

    • Anonymous

      ^^ C'mon b, just admit you're a die hard Lupe dickrider and keep it movin. You the only one taking an L.

    • BP

      ^bunch of stupid hater jargon Take an L nigga

    • fuccya

      His music is what it sounds like. And he is what he acts like. So his music is a backpack rap and he himself is a media bitch, no matter what southern shit he listens to or what you/his music says about him. Deal with it, dickrider. Conscious rap and twitter rants lmao.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is a top 10 rapper of all time

  • Anonymous

    Why is he sounding like a gay nikka on that damn interview???

  • Anonymous

    OH my god i cant stand this nigga!!! the fuck he tryin to diss backpack for this guy was and still is the backpack rap poster boy

  • Anonymous

    LOL at the niggas calling food and liquor a classic. i agree with the guy below ya'll throw around classic wayyyy too much

  • int'l J

    @ Siamakf yeah you might have given Lupe one or two too many good songs. @v nasty that's niccas problems yall throw around the word classic wayyyy too of much! Just because someone makes a decent effort with some songs you like doesn't make it a classic

  • Not Impressed

    I can't believe the same dude who was rapping about skateboards, anime cartoons, and pseudo conscious, pseudo political, bullshit, is now calling someone else a backpack rapper. He didn't want to do the Kanye record because he's from the streets and Kanye is not? Is that what this idiot is trying to say? You can't be fucking serious. This dude just likes to play the contrarian role and be difficult. Whenever he thinks someone has figured out his train of thought, he makes up some random bullshit just to challenge them and be annoying. I doubt he had any problem with Kanye or that song at all, he's just making stupid shit up to be an ass. I'm not impressed

    • Anonymous

      "he pulled a 360 and did a song with Rondonumba9" I think you mean 180.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah but he's always said he's a fan of southern rap more than east coast and all the backpack songs. I agree he changes his style too much but depending on how old yal are if you remember he used to basically say he only listened to Texas rappers and down south shit. Who knows if it's true or not

    • Anonymous

      Remember the time he couldn't remember Q-Tip's lyrics and the reason why is because he never listened backpack rap growing up? This was around the time when he himself was at his backpack peak. And not too long after he talked down on Chief Keef for violent lyrics, he pulled a 360 and did a song with Rondonumba9, who I believe is now in jail for murder. Yeah, this nigga is difficult for he sake of it.

    • DE

      COSIGN THIS SHIT!!! Lupe turning into a media bitch

    • Anonymous

      i really dont get this guy, remember when he was talking down on Chief Keef and Keef threatened to smack him??!!

  • Anonymous

    Lupe looks so gay nowadays. Like Future

  • Anonymous

    i dont blame him that song sucks but whys he acting like hes so different... kanye at the time was doing the same shit lupe was doing... but now he wanna say he was in the skreetS?

    • Anonymous

      idk about lupe but chilly was definitely in the streets. i'm guessing since they were so tight lupe knew about chilly moving work

  • siamakf

    Lupe, you got like 4 good songs man, but you talk WAY MORE shit than a person with your career should.

    • Anonymous

      I love how DX commenters always think their opinions are facts. Great how we can have intelligent debates on this site...

    • Chris+

      The Cool + Food & Liquor are both CLASSIC albums from start to finish. Enough said. No debate needed

    • Anonymous

      classic? good album ok but yawnsssssss lupe is boring

    • 850

      F&L, The Cool, Early mixtapes are all classic tapes. There's not a skippable track on the cool, it's his best album imo. Dude dropped 2 classics back to fucking back. Label pressure turned him into the weirdo he is today.

    • V-Nasty is God

      *not one skip-able song on it.

    • V-Nasty is God

      4 good songs??? Nigga you out your crack smoking mind. Food and Liquor 1 was a CLASSIC. There was one skip-able song on it.

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