Lil Wayne Explains Jay Z Shout Out On "D'usse"

Lil Wayne: "Hov is the god."

When Lil Wayne released the preview to "Dusse" earlier this year, many wondered why he referenced Jay Z on the song. 

"Hov is the god," Lil Wayne says in an interview with MTV. "I’ll give Hov a big shout out at all times."

Lil Wayne says the Jay Z-endorsed drink played a part in the making of the track.

"We was just on that D’usse heavy," Wayne says. "I don’t write none of my music. I don’t write it down, so I just go in there and say whatever come to my mind...So what came to my mind that night, was what was on my mind that night." 

"Hov, fuck wit' your boy," Wayne says on the track. 

Wayne's reference to Jay Z follows a rumored feud between the two emcees. In February 2012, Lil Wayne appeared to rap about Jay Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne. "I met a bad red bone, I took the bitch home," Wayne rapped during a show. "I asked her what she want to watch, she said surely not The Throne." 

He reportedly was upset with a Jay Z line off Watch The Throne's "H.A.M." "I'm like, 'Really, half-a-billi?' / Nigga, really, you got baby money / Keep it real with niggas, niggas ain't got my lady money," lines that some believed were a shot towards Cash Money's head, Baby.

Wayne also appeared to respond to this on "I'm Good" off Tha Carter IV. "I got your baby money," Wayne raps on the track. "Kidnap your bitch, get that 'how much you love your lady' money." 

In June 2013, Jay Z appeared to address Lil Wayne on Magna Carta...Holy Grail's "La Familia." “Wanna kidnap wifey," Jay raps on the song. "Good luck with that bruh / You must gonna hide your whole family / What you think we wearing black for / Ready for that war / Ready for that war ready / You ain't ready, yo, you radio."

In July 2013, Jay Z addressed a botched Roc-A-Fella deal with Lil Wayne. “This is the first time I ever told this truth,” Jay-Z revealed. “The truth is after I had a meeting with Wayne—I had a relationship with Baby, when I used to go to New Orleans I would meet up with him…So, I felt it was only right to call him. I called him out of respect like, ‘Yo, I was talking to Wayne. Just to let you know. Boom boom boom.’ So, after that I think we received a letter at our office for like torturous interference from a lawyer…And it all just went from there. I would rather lose that situation and do the right thing than the opposite. Cause I think I could have signed him. I could have signed him and then told him after. I did the right thing and I’m cool with that decision.”

In March 2014, Wayne addressed his appreciation for Jay Z. “I loved Jay so much,” he said at the time. “And then at that time I was super young and I was still—I was a fanatic of Jay Z…So, when he said he was retiring, I looked—I was like a basketball player looking up at Kobe or looking up at Jordan…LeBron. Somebody gotta step up. And you know, I felt like you said, I felt like nobody cared about what I said, so when you’re that person then what you say means the world to you.”

During that interview, Wayne also spoke about the botched Roc deal. “It wasn’t like Jay was reaching out for me or nothing,” Lil Wayne said. “Like needed me, ‘I need—I want you over here.’ He expressed interest. And I took that and you know me…I was on the first thing smoking. So, I went over there and we met. I met with Jay. But the history turned out to be where history is.”

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