Tupac Shakur's Murder Explored In National Geographic Channel's "The '90s: The Last Great Decade?"

The murder of Tupac will be discussed as part of a three-night, six-hour documentary.

The still-unsolved 1996 murder of rapper Tupac will be the focus of a segment of National Geographic Channel's forthcoming The '90s: The Last Great Decade? documentary, according to Rolling Stone

The three-night, six-hour documentary is slated to air in two-hour blocks July 6-8 starting at 9 pm EST each night.

The Tupac portion of the program features commentary from "2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” video director Gobi Rahimi, who was with Tupac the night he died in a Las Vegas hospital.

After Tupac was shot, Rahimi says that he and the Outlawz took turns watching over the wounded rapper. "I think they had weapons in their car,” Rahimi says, "because the whole time we were there, we were fearful [whoever shot Tupac] was gonna come finish him off."

Outlawz member E.D.I Mean says there’s a reason why Tupac’s murder remains unsolved. 

"Law enforcement around the country weren't big Tupac fans," he said. "I'm absolutely positive they know what happened. This is America. We found Bin Laden."

For more on Tupac Shakur, view the DX Daily Breakdown below. 


  • R.C.


    • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

      Ya, no doubt, my boy. Can't believe some of these fools online. Makes me laugh, homie. Some people can't seem to put two and two together.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga life was over in 6 days they taking 6 hours to tell it

  • Young Black Man

    Soulja Boy > 2Pac

  • Verbal Tim

    O V E R R A T E D P O P R A P P E R

  • Anonymous

    If you think the 90s were better than now you are either focusing only on positives or you're romanticizing the past. We currently have in our pockets SMART PHONES. A smart phone is a key to the entire collective knowledge of the human race, the INTERNET. If you don't think today is better you're not using your time wisely. Collective information is the greatest social construct humans have ever created, without it we wouldn't even have a language to speak with. We have an extremely easy and efficient way to access all of mankind's collective knowledge. If you are only spending your time on this site, facebook, twitter, etc., no wonder you think the 90's are better, it's because you're letting the opportunity of unlimited information slip through your finger tips.

    • Anonymous

      Some will see tech as a powerful tool to assist their life, others will see it as a way of life. The ones who think way of life tend to be the weirdos.

  • LFW

    Most fucking overrated rapper. dude had thousands of songs and they were all the same fucking thing. thug this, thug that, fuck the east coast, smoke lye, drink henessey, run from cops, fuck the police, love women, fuck bitches, and "bustin gats" hes ballerina (digital underground) ass never had.

  • Chad "Daddy" Warden

    Was Pornhub around in the 90's? Nope. Today I can beat my dick 24/7 Now > 90's

    • Anonymous

      Lol hahahaha yah everything is easily more accessible now than before. Lobstertube>>>Pornhub btw easily. hahahaha

  • Big 18th Street Gang, E'z up!

    The 90's was dope! Everything was better. Hip-hop music/culture/style was obviously way better. NBA basketball was way better. WWE was better. Boxing was better. Movies were better. President (Clinton) was better. People were better. Most everything was fuckin' better in the 90's. I can respect the technology thing nowadays (it's go it's perks) but honestly, I'm not so sure it's all that necessary. It's made people more cold, selfish and less communicative. You see people walking down the street nowadays looking down at their phones. They can't put their phones away for 5 mins. It's like humans are now being brainwashed and controlled by technology (iphones, computers etc.). If I could go back to the 90's with my family, I definitely would. I could care less about this iphone/computer generation.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong. There's no such thing as better or worst, just different. You judging this current decade based on the 90's is a form of ethnocentrism, which is a big no-no if you are trying to be a decent person. Instead try practicing a little bit of cultural relativism.

  • Hollywood

    Today's internet troll are the same children who ride their bikes full speed in the middle of a busy intersection. You see the faces on those kids as you hit your brakes & how they continue pedalling as if to say they wasn't 3 milli seconds away from losing their life. If you see no logic in chasing that child down to explain to them the dangers of riding their bikes so reckless it's no sense in having a conversation with that same kid who traded in their dirt bikes for the internet. That's today's hip hop fan ya'll. go out for a drive now & see how tomorrow's fan will be worse.

  • Corrected that 4 you



    immitation voice. "I sit in front of my computer all day and comment on everything. I'm an expert on everything. Everything sucks."

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I can't believe people were fooled into giving respect to this faggot Tupac Shakur. Really shows you how low people have gotten in society.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Tupac was always corny as all hell and a trashy simpleton. I can't think of one person with self-respect and dignity who admires this man.

    • Callum

      Trolling a hip-hop website and you talk about dignity and respect . The Irony is so fucking apt loser

  • Anonymous

    Tupac belongs to white college students now and 40+ washed up rappers. Nobody black and young gives a fuck about this man.

    • I'M 16

      ^I was making a statement to the old white troll above me .. But here's one for you SUBURBAN white troll go eat your daddy's dick pedophile bastard

    • Anonymous

      great you're 16. another douchebag pac fan who only heard about him 2 years ago. shut the fuck up. you werent alive when he died

    • I'M 16

      I'm black and young.Sorry old white troll so you are incorrect You should step out of mom's basement get a life meet a girl/boy if that's your thing

    • ^

      Nothing he said was true, you fucking hipster loser.

    • ^

      LOL butthurt pac stan. Everything he said is very true people cant handle the truth

    • That's original troll

      Said by an internet troll who hasn't achieved shit in his life so yep your opinion really holds a lot of weight . lol

    • most overrated rapper ever

      2pac is the most overrated rapper ever. Stans are acting if he was a god or something. but he wasnt. 10.000 songs of pac are the same: thug here and thug there, smoking weed and drinking hennesy. Lyrical he was average, just like his flow. Some songs had a meaning but pac was very contradicting.

  • Mush

    Way too much weird stuff that went on with this case, the "facts" sound as ridiculous as 9/11 and the JFK incident. Autopsy photos messed with or faked a few things , it's just weird how PAC knew something was going to happen so soon around that time too, he made an unbelievable amount of music with important messages in them , hoping we don't get so caught up with the Rick Ross's and young thugs of music that we don't continue to be thirsty ass motherfuckers for more real shit and more PAC.

  • dentaldamboy

    What most of you don't know is that my boss, Birdman, was a mentor to Tupac. Before releasing "Hit Em Up" in it's final form, Pac actually had recorded a song called "Split Em Up", where he talked primarily about contributing to the dissolution of Biggie's marriage with Faith. However, Birman reminded Pac that talking about divorce is not gangsta, but talking about murder is. Birdman then helped Pac come up with better lyrics, which is why "Hit Em Up" is a classic diss record, just like Ether, I'm Good, Stay Schemin, Hail Mary Remix, I Smell Pussy and Back Down. What many of you also don't know is the close relationship that Afeni Shakur has with Cash Money. When I first started working as an accountant for YMCMB, Birdman showed me an email from Tupac's mom where she said that her son could finally rest in peace when Wayne put out the Carter in 2004, because he know that the rap game was safely in his comfortable hands. Birdman also showed me an email where she said that Tupac had once told her that he planned to lynching Jay-Z, not in effigy but the real Jay Z at Summer Jam, and that Kareem Biggs Burke was okay with the idea.

  • UT

    I miss pac. R.I.P He was a danger to the NWO, he could've easily became a politician and fucked shit up. He had the ability to round up people actually protest.

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is DEAD y'all, D-E-A-D. Get over it.

    • Nicole

      anonymous....you are dumb as shit.....no one is denying that he is dead.no wonder u are too weak too put ur actual name.....or come up with anything creative. Whoever you are you're DUMB, D*U*M*B!

  • Anonymous

    The last decade has been way better than anything the 90's could even dream of. The internet and smartphones have changed the world. We are in the middle of it and we don't even realize it.

    • Anonymous

      And with all of that tech people are dumber, This tech dont teach you perception, comprehension, critical thinking nor give you actual life experience Things you need when the power shuts off and people are trying to survive. They got you new consumers plump, lmfao

    • Anonymous

      Loved the 90s, by comparison this is a very ant-social error that we live in, but it has it's good points, as e-commerce, and social networking through the world wide web make it easy to connect retrieve information and educate yourself

    • nicole

      you must not have lived through the 90's...this technology you speak of...we are still not flying cars around like the Jetsons (doubt u know the show, look it up) not all that impressed by the cell phone that makes talking to people in person or on the phone something ancient. Kids in the next generation are going to be antisocial with no communication or people skills...also, technology has taken lots of jobs and let's take a look at gas, food, the economy.....this decade and the last suck! it frightens me that people like u think it's so awesome! yes! unemployment and poverty rule! school shooting were non existent in the 90s how many in the last year?

    • Anonymous

      I think I enjoy this decade and the conveniences we have. The people who say that a particular decade was better than the rest are letting their nostalgia blind their logic.

    • dunk

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    • Anonymous

      Oh no, we realize it, thats why we're shaking our heads at your comment

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