Dame Dash Says He Taught Jay Z & Kanye West Ways Of The Industry

Dame Dash reveals that he left the music industry because he "couldn't help it" anymore.

During an interview with Hip Hop Motivation, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash spoke on the knowledge he spread to others while at Roc-A-Fella. According to Dame, Jay Z, Kanye West, Cam’ron, and Jim Jones were among the artists he taught the ins and outs of the music industry to.

Despite a handful of falling outs, Dame revealed that he doesn’t hold any resentment towards anyone and instead says that whenever artists like Kanye West or Jay Z succeed, he also succeeds.

“I know what I do,” Dame said. “I make people rich. So, I can’t be down. As long as Jay is rolling how can I be down? As long as Kanye is rolling how can I be down? Nobody beat them yet. I have no reason to come back out of retirement. Just cause they doing it without me that’s still me right there. Every time I see that nigga I’m like ‘Psh. Y’all think I’m mad? I’m happy.’ The bigger he get the bigger I am. Unless my ego would get involved, but that’s fuckin—that’s corny. I don’t have a vagina. You know what I’m saying? I don’t want that nigga to go away. I want that nigga to win. And make me look good. The more he win, the more I look good. That’s my motto…I never locked none of them niggas up like slaves. Right or wrong? They could all walk away, which they all did…Dipset, Cam, Jim, Jay, Kanye, they all living, right? They all eating. I taught em all. All of them how to do it.”

Dame later revealed the reason why he bid adieu to the music industry. He says that he left the industry because he could no longer help it and couldn’t afford to hire his former employees after choosing to go independent.

“What happened was I left an industry because I couldn’t help it no more,” he said. “You understand what I’m saying? All the people that I was employing, I was going independent. So, I was like ‘Yo, I can’t pay y’all out my pocket. Go let them pay you. It’s not they money’…So, I went to go do my own thing and let everybody live. But what I did start to see was people weren’t in a better place. You know, the culture wasn’t better. Hip Hop is suffering on a whole because people aren’t making money like they supposed to because they’re getting robbed.”

A great deal of Dame’s interview was also spent discussing music executive Lyor Cohen. He also addressed Cohen in an interview with Vlad TV, which was published late last month. In his interview with Vlad, Dame named Cohen as the person who ruined Roc-A-Fella Records.

“It was like they have people that their job is to create beef,” Dame said. “So, that they can monetize it. Pause. But they don’t let their culture feel it. But they make money from it. And they can’t make any money or get any respect in their culture. That’s why they’re in our culture. Because the minute that they were allowed to be there, they would go. But they just can’t…Never had a beef with Jay. Always with Lyor and his whole crew. He’s the one that ruined Roc-A-Fella. Lyor Cohen.”

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  • 614grind

    Re-Post so you all can let it sink in ya brains : 50 Cent is a real nigga as he went to a Pittsburgh, PA Best Buy and bought all copies of Trey Songz new album. what Dame Dash doing but sitting here broke...

  • Anonymus

    Some of the commenters on here are too slave-minded to get what Dame's talking about.

  • Danielle Harling Leave rap alone

    Tomorrow on DX: Dame Dash says he used to fart hwen Jay-Z was rapping in the studio witten by: Danielle Harling Next week on DX: Dame Dash says: today i bought some new shoes by Danielle Harling

  • Chewjore

    People can hate all they want but the fact is that Dame Dash, in his prime, needed Jay Z. Whereas Jay Z is even more successful now than he was when Rocafella was still together. If Dame was such a business maven, how come he is ONLY relevant right now when he talks about other people?

  • Anonymous

    dame and biggs were the money and masterminds behind the roc, jay like always was just the face of the company.

  • 614grind

    50 Cent a real nigga he went to Pittsburgh, PA Best Buy and bought all copies of Trey Songz new album. what Dame Dash doing but sitting here broke...

  • Damon Dash

    well of course im mad ima broke old ugly faggot

  • Anonymous

    "He even criticized Jacob the jeweler for taking rappers money is this nigga crazy? Lmao what's Jacob supposed to say? "No I don't want your business I'd rather you use your money more wisely?"" LMAO

  • Respecter of The Real

    "Man's failure has always been to lose focus of the word because of their fixation on the man giving the word." - Anonymous ^^^^^^^^^^^ = Realist words that will ever come out of this comment section.

  • Anonymous

    Red isn't broke but he's far from where he should be. he knows he got raped by the industry and all this "coulda woulda shoulda" shit doesn't help. Add to that the fact that red never talks about other people or their business and you get Dame ranting and his barber cheerleading while Red just waits for the subject to change LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Lol my nikka Reggie said like five words the whole video, nikka tight lipped like a muthaphuka lmao. But seriously, I don't think he's cosigning any of that salty ass shit Lame Dash's spitting, listen closely and u'll see he's just a bitter man ranting

    • Anonymous

      if red was sitting there soaking up game as you believe, why didn't he show any signs of agreement? no "true dat", no "word", no "believe dat", no "true indeed" no nothing? when a nikka talking jibberish to me I zone him out like that, ain't no agreement. there's dialogue with agreement, not bored silence

    • Anonymous

      I thinks he's just sittin there soaking up the game Dame is spitting.

  • mikey

    redman be like.. man jus pass dat B!!!

  • RGeezy

    Redman is too high to understand the game Dame is spittin to him.

    • Anonymous

      I can see why Red's lookin salty... He ain't get paid off them albums and tours like he was supposed to. He had hits and classics in hip hop and he performed for def jam and he was never schooled on how to get good deals/spend/save and dame is basically throwing that "this is what was supposed to be taught to you but it wasn't" shit in his face.

    • Me

      He definitely looks like he can't understand the words comin' out of Dame's mouth and I don't think he agrees with what Dame is saying.. I felt high watching it with all the dead air and then the barber had to throw in a few words, I'm wondering who' planning this shit.. I feel Dame but I think it's other ways of proving points..

  • MIke

    Ehh I feel like him and Jay learned at the same time. But let's say Dame did teach Jay...Jay perfected the ways of the industry though.

    • Urban Sound Master

      Naw, Jay didn't master anything but how to be an obedient puppy. The music industry is only made to spit out those who dare go against their system and think outside their box. Dash reached a point he went against their system and they spit him out. Jay is still because he willingly does what they want him to do. Same thing for Dr. Dre and his beats headphones.

    • Anonymous

      I've been hearing for years Dame and Jay never liked each other from the jump, and Biggs was the one keeping them together. But maybe it's just ducktales.

    • Anonymous

      but do you know how long he was with Dame? You mean all those endorsements and ventures set up through a long musical career to the point where he doesn't even make the type of real hip hop record he used too, like he actually changed side or fliped the coin around, money don't define a person.

  • onelove

    who gives a FK about dame dash?? he sounds crazy insecure....redman def doesn't want anything to do with this conversation. yaw need to do away with all this corny-ass dame shit, just like all the jamar shit yaw were posting a few months ago! by the way, Rachel Roy has been shut down by its parent company for not generating enough revenue. dame is full of shit!

    • Objective Hater

      dame asking the snake to teach you how not to get bitten by it, nah b it don't work like that, you're responsible for your own education. He even criticized Jacob the jeweler for taking rappers money is this nigga crazy? Lmao what's Jacob supposed to say? "No I don't want your business I'd rather you use your money more wisely?" Lol I agree with some of the shit he's sayin but c'mon how come he didn't say it when he was in the game

  • jimjim

    they gonna kill this nigga

  • Anonymous

    Dame gots to chill. Go and check out thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good videos on there too!

  • troy ave

    wearing shorts above his kneecaps n shit WIERDOS

  • Anonymous

    redman like.... this is why i only come thru here once a year...

  • Shone Jones

    This whole "I scored four touchdowns in my high school championship game" Al Bundy syndrome that Dame needs to come to an end. It should't be hard to see that homie is on a verge of a nervous breakdown and seems hell-bent on taking everyone down with him. He had a career of being a nut, screaming on any and everyone for every little thing(read just today of him screaming on and berating old Roc A Fella employees in front of media who was there to interview Jay). He gets dumped by all business associates and seemingly falls on hard times. He let's time pass and comes back as this new "hippy" Dame who smokes and is into art and culture all of a sudden. Curren$y situation goes sour and $ is funny and again he dips off the radar a lil bit. Comes back as a crusader against "culture vultures" and for the artist and the integrity of the industry. Sounds good. THEN TALKS too much and goes OD and talks himself out of all the progress he made. That freedom fighter schtick is phony and ya'll are falling for it.

    • Anonymous

      props for the al bundy football reference. forgot bout that.

    • Anonymous

      Man's failure has always been to lose focus of the word because of their fixation on the man giving the word. Dame aint no saint but there's truth in the words. For example, young thug and his contractual situation and his new savior is lyor cohen. Should be the time when you kick it with up & coming about the game but yall still wanna speak on what dame did and what you think he trying to do.

  • Anonymous

    "I have no reason to come back out of retirement." The states of New York and New Jersey thinks otherwise.

  • me

    the best 45 seconds of this would have been enough. #uncle #longassramblingshit

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