Lil Eazy-E Addresses Lack Of Role In N.W.A "Straight Outta Compton" Biopic

Lil Eazy-E: "I am my father. I look like him. I sound like him."

Lil Eazy-E reportedly feels that Ice Cube has betrayed his father's wishes by not casting him in the role of Eazy-E in the upcoming N.W.A biopic, according to TMZ

"I am my father," Lil Eazy-E says. "I look like him. I sound like him."

Eazy-E says his father would have wanted him in the role and points out Cube has his son O'Shea Jackson Jr. playing Ice Cube in the film. 

Dr. Dre's son Curtis Young was not cast to play Dr. Dre in the film. Recently, Young discussed the matter

"I actually tried out for the role, ’cause the casting company called me,” Young says. "But my father wanted somebody with more acting experience, and I haven’t been acting for a long time, so I’m happy for the guy that got the role. It’s one of those things where we want what’s best for the movie and for the film. I had a lot of fans that were upset about it, but whatever’s best for the film, that presents it in that light, then I’m for it."

Nevertheless, Lil Eazy-E says he is set to support and promote the film. 

TMZ also posted the following image with cast members from the upcoming motion picture. 

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  • Rosalindr

    That sad we black folks can't stand for our own kind to get ahead it would be better place if we black folks help each other smh sad.

  • Brill

    Not gonna support the nwa movie al wait until it come to DVD I feel easy jr should have played his father role the bulshit about ice cube wanted a more Polished actor I've never seen that guy playing easy in nothing these industry dudes are funny no real love for the kids of of legends

  • OG Still Nigga

    Fucc all these niggas man. Aint nobody can replace the real NWA. Eazy, cube, ren, dre, ruthless, and the rest of the niggas involved was 500% and rapped from the soul. These niggas grew up on rich daddy's check and never been through the hustle the original niggas did, and niggas like myself are still doin. 4 finger twist on yah niggas

  • foekist

    This is a multi-million dollar movie they're creating- not a pantomime.

  • foekist

    ....The majority of you muthafuckaz will download the shit anyway!

  • foekist

    Dre's son said it best; "What ever is best for the movie." Lil Eazy might look like his Dad, and sound like him- but that doesn't mean he is an actor. No disrespect, but when his father died, is was a baby- so he doesn't even have any frame of reference. Dre's son knows he hasn't much experience as an actor, so he wasn't bitter he didn't get the role and wishes the next man the best of luck. Lil Eazy could learn from that. Dude- go create your own legacy and stop riding on your dads shirt tail. And chance your name if you want people to take you seriously. Ice Cube's son obviously has acting skills or they wouldn't have cast him. I am reading comments from people saying that they should let their kids play their roles. GTFOH with that stupid ass logic.



  • Anonymous

    The nicca that's playin Dre should be playin Ren, and Eazy's son should definetely play him

  • Anonymous

    wack juice! lil homie is right he is his dad. All the kids should've played their dads. forget what dre's talkin bout

  • What

    I see ice cube returning a favour that Eazy-E did him back in the day how you not cast lil Eazy-E but you cast your own son and dont talk about Dr Dre that nigga stay getting screw in the rap game, how you dont cast your son. mean while Cube keep all the money in his family Nice

    • Anonymous

      Actually ice cube isn't the casting director. It wasnt up to him

    • a nigga that happens to be tha realist in da game

      fucc lil eazy

    • minnesota slick

      actually i don't believe that one bit. i think o'shea has much more class than that. i love cube and nwa but regardless the movie's gonna bomb. niggas won't even show up to shoot the theater up (no boyz n the hood0

    • minnesota slick

      maybe it's a lil payback for eazy and that jerry heller fuckin him outta money. why should he put food in eazy's kid's mouth when eazy took food outta his?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, he should of been in there playing his dad. Go and check out thegrandreport(dot)com, they have some good videos on there too!

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