Game Discusses Reuniting With G-Unit, Recording "Bigger Than Me"

Game not offended by 50 Cent's bipolar comments, says the G-Unit rapper is also bipolar.

Los Angeles rapper Game once again shared his thoughts on the recent G-Unit reunion at Summer Jam last month. He revealed that it was dope that 50 Cent allowed Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo to “stack chips” and says that although he’s straight, the idea of reuniting with the other members of G-Unit would be dope.

Game addressed the G-Unit reunion during an interview with Hot 97’s Miss Info, after being asked what he thought about being labeled bipolar by 50 Cent.

“I think he bipolar, which is why we even worked together in the first place,” Game said. “I think that 50 is very, very rich. I think he doesn’t need to make music if he doesn’t want to. It’s like Dr. Dre. He don’t have to. I think that I got enough things going in my life and I’ve saved enough money to where I don’t even have to make music. I think it’s dope that he allowed Young Buck, Lloyd Banks, and Tony Yayo to go out and stack chips. You know what I’m saying? And he’s out there with em. And he’s doing stuff to keep them going. I think that’s dope. I think [as] separate entities we will be okay if I never reunited with G-Unit. If it happened I think that would be dope, but I mean, I’m straight.”

The West Coast wordsmith also spoke on “Bigger Than Me,” a song that takes aim at crooner Frank Ocean and a group of XXL Freshmen. Game revealed that since he recorded the song in August of last year, he couldn’t have taken aim at the XXL Freshmen 2014 class.

“It was a night where I was angry,” he said. “I don’t even remember—I was in Miami, it was just an angry night. I don’t remember what I was angry at…I made that song last August, which is crazy. It just makes sense. And you know what’s crazy? What people get twisted? I didn’t say a specific double XXL cover. There’s been 12 that I’ve seen. All I said was ‘Yo Freshmen cover a whole bunch of soft dudes.’ Which could have been anyone. But it went perfect cause I had the whole little ‘ChiRaq [To LA]’ joint popping off. So, I thought about it. And my homeboy Stat was like ‘Yo, you should put out ‘Bigger Than Me’ cause it makes sense.’ So, we did.”

Game later recalled working with English singer Ed Sheeran in the studio recently.

“He rode a bike to the studio,” the rapper said. “He worth about $15 million. He rode a bike, a mountain bike to the studio. From like—I don’t know where he came from…He came from Hollywood to the Valley on a bike. With the guitar on his back. I had no idea who Ed Sheeran was before he tweeted. But now I know. And he’s amazing…He’s a very, very cool guy. So, I tone it down a little bit. But when I step in the booth I gotta do me. And that’s what we wanted was for his world to meet mine and sort of collide and make beautiful music.”

In addition to his work with Ed Sheeran, Game is also preparing for the release of The Documentary 2 and the Blood Money La Familia album, which is slated for release on September 16.

Video of Game's interview with Miss Info can be found below (via HotNewHipHop).

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  • Anonymous

    Gotta give Game credit for destroying G Unit and going on to have a succesful career while the rest of G Unit are struggling for relevancy and still sucking off 50 just to eat crumbs and scraps off his table.

    • Anonymous

      im talkin bout the other interviews he been doing. he got nothing bad to say about 50 and them now all of a sudden hes sucking up trying to get invited back.

    • ATTN: Dumbfuck Above Me

      Game was asked about g-unit reuniting, he said he thought it was good. Then Game was asked if he would ever reunite with the unit, he said maybe, you never know. Thats not sucking up to anybody.

    • Anonymous

      nigga you aint hear Game sucking 50 off for the last month trying to get back in? LOL

  • Lil Meatball

    BOTH Game and 50 are bipolar, unpredictable, and have issues, which is why they click together so well. They need to reunite, Im so sick of Young Money, MMG, etc. At least G-Unit puts out good hiphop music.

  • attentionwhore

    Game is a decent rapper but not original or creative. He steals flows and is a biter and an attention whore. This nigga was never a G but his brother is a G. Thanks to rappers like game and 50 cent hiphop sucks nowadays.

  • The real Me again


  • Prince Daniels

    You are great Game, good job brother make life with out G-UNIT.

  • 614grind

    50 Cent got destroyed by Sheek Louch DDDDDDDBBBBBLLLLLLLOOOOOCCCCCCKKKKKKK and Game got destroyed by 50 Cent. GAME x 50 Cent 2 real losers

    • Anonymous

      jadakiss making songs and videos with white kids from the burbs rapping about maybachs and choppers LMAO. Check out it, Lil Ty ft. Jadakiss - Riding Around the saddest shit i ever saw.

    • Anonymous

      sheek louch still a bum though amirte and styles and jada both hopped on 50's new album. lol sucka shit.

    • Anonymous

      the biggest loser is you haha, both of them reached their goal in life, what have you don with your broke ass? stop hating and work nigga

    • Game is kinda weird yo

      Sheek slapped 50 n the crew around non-stop wit them disses. The whole d-block stomped out g-unit one the most one sided diss/beefs ever

  • Anonymous

    Niggas calling bipolar and a liar, fuck outta here. He's been taking his medicine, now let that man live, goddamnit.

    • Anonymous

      you niggas will say anything to get away from the fact that you aint shit and never gon be shit. yeah you asserted dominance over a man youll never meet in the comment section of a website. enjoy being alone when your social security runs out mr nobody and your grandkids figured a way to spend their inheritance without merking you

    • Anonymous

      "He's been taking his medicine" LMAO

  • Anonymous

    The more I hear game, the more bitchmade he is!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Game was never really G-Unit to me. He wasn't on the majority of them classic G-Unit Radio mixtapes.. He was on like 3 or 4 then ended up on the cover of one as a stripper in speedos. Lmao!

  • Lawrence

    Game should call 50 on the 'grownest of man'-ish & clear the air... They don't have to immediately jump in the studio together or anything, but at least be on talking terms & take it from there... We're on small step closer to this happening, people...

    • Anti-Lawrence

      I doubt it. 50 to calculated in how he move he not gonna sign a nigga who will turn around have a interview saying "I brought the real unit back it wont a unit without the g etc etc etc" or "Yea I destroyed the unit but now its back and Im back" or some shit like that. Lets be real here G unit got a buzz without Game and he was never a gunit member anyway u cant make one album with a already poppin group and then leave after that album and say that u were a part of that group lol

  • Bipolar Ass Lying Nikkas

    Then tomorrow 50 gonna say some shit like "Game will never be in G-Unit again". I'm tired of these niggas going back and forth with this reunion shit

    • Anonymous

      50 dont go back on forth with Game he said he will never work with him again and i hope he keeps his word.

  • Anonymous

    deep down he does

  • 50 Banks Game Buck Yayo

    I Support Game and 50 squashing the beef.. Fuck the beef! I wanna hear new Game and 50!!

  • Anonymous

    Game will never be back in g-unit so he needs to forget it

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Lotta haters on this page.. You people are stupid. Pick on worse rappers than Game. The G-Unit reunion would of been 10x's better if 50 and Game made new music together. If you think otherwise, your retarded N' seeking attention by hating.

  • James

    I think 50 will eventually get back fuckin w Game and Smurf...I would like to see 50 give them nickas anotha chance....they all older now ...definitely smurf

  • Anonymous

    tbh, 50 wouldn't mind game joining up for the g-unit reunion but i think all he needs is a lil consistency...the nigga is too he has mingled with all 50's enemies, & u know 50 don't play that shit

    • Anonymous

      50 wrote 6 of Games hooks. 3 became hits. Documentary was just as much 50 's as it was Game's hell, if not for 50's involvement Dre was gonna drop Game. 50 made Game, I know that hurts to except but it's true. BTW the first Chronic WAS basically Snoop's album, and 2001 was Em's. Next!

    • ^^how?

      hows it basically 50's album he only did 3 hooks in that case both the chronics are snoops albums you dickhead

    • ColdHardTruth

      Game only had Yayo and 50 on The Documentary. What the hell are you smoking? Dont forget that album was basically 50s 2nd album but he gave it to Game.

    • grush

      @ColdHardTruth: It has nothing to do with them all being on the same track together. On The Documentary, Game had all of G-Unit's members on at least one of the track and it showed that musically, he had great Chemistry with all of them. Especially 50.

    • Anonymous

      @HipHopfan Enemies can become friends, but once friends become enemies ain't no going back, simple as that. No one but Game groupies even remember those disses you talkin' bout.

    • ColdHardTruth

      Please name 5 songs with Game and the whole group....I'll wait

    • Hip Hop Fan

      50 DOES play that shit.. Cause he kicked Game out of G-Unit originally because he didn't want to join in on the beefs with Nas, Fat Joe and Jadakiss.. I think 50 has made up and recorded with all 3 of them since but not Game. If 50 doesn't ever make music with Game again, it's because the old wounds Game left on G-Unit from his old disses and G-Unot mixtapes are too deep for 50 to ever forgive him.. Its stupid cause the G-Unit reunion would of been twice as big, twice as talked about and made double the amount of money WITH Game and 50 back together than without him..

  • Dr. Drew

    Anger Management much?

  • Anonymous

    Game calling somebody else bipolar, is like Wiz Khalifa telling somebody else that they're a terrible rapper. It's retarded.

  • juan

    I wanted to say he's straight? is insulting who? You will the game not fuck but no longer exist g-unit returned with a new member kidd kidd singing better than you, and puts the heart to sing and all the excitement, you the game only decis in all your subjects motherfucker the only thing qe do know is insulting, so since we're the shit THE gaymen

  • Anonymous


  • jimjim

    dam he on e one dam that's kotch hope he gets paid

  • Anonymous

    Game needs to make music and stop doing interviews and posting on social media, because he just keeps embarrassing himself and making a himself look bad. Outside of the booth his sooooooooooooo corny.

  • Anonymous

    this guy is retarded! how is 50 the bipolar one? hes not the one who keeps changing his stance on you, he been saying fuck Game for 10 years.

  • Anonymous

    Game: G-Unit! Game: G-Unot! Game: I wanna join! Game: Fuck them! Game: 50 Cent is dope Game: Fuck that bi-polar bitch

  • Chi-Ill

    There goes him being bipolar again. First he wants a reunion, now he straight. lol He know he just saying that because he didn't get invited lol Failed !

    • lol

      it's not the fact that game hasn't had songs with them it's because he's way ahead of the whole g-unit they need the help wack beats wack lyrics when these guys gooing to start rapping about walking sticks and viagra

    • 614grind

      I agree GAYme a bitch and a male stripper

    • ColdHardTruth

      ^Please name 5 songs with Game and the whole group....We're currently waiting for that answer

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Nah actually it's 50's fail.. The G-Unit Reunion without Game will fail and will only be a spark of buzz going on about it for a month before nobody cares. Had 50 grew some balls to confront Game and squash the beef, then the reunion would be on fire. An abum with 50 and Game on tracks together?? Yea.. Easy big money made. In ways 50 not inviting Game in the G-Unit Reunion is a childish way to try to get Game back for all his disses years later.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Trick Trick owns Feminem

    • Anonymous

      trick trick owned ricky rozay da other night, no fly zone had a nigga runnin back to miami before he said shit

  • Anonymous

    he really wants back in the Unit

    • Anonymous

      Nobody talking about some vibe awards show shit some world tour shit thats the difference

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Thats a lie.. Game and 50 performed together several times. Game was on tour with G-Unit Spring 2004 in the background while he recorded his album. Game joined G-Unit in 2003 a week or so before Beg For Mercy was released so he didn't make that album.. He was on Banks, Buck, and 50's Massacre album as well as dropping his own on G-Unit. 50 & Game live for more videos of Game and 50 performing together type in "The Game 50 Cent Live"

    • Yepo

      You are very wrong. Fif and Game did songs on tv shows live and they allowed him to tour with G-Unit on the stage. There is even video from Miami. But he never toured with 50 like Buck, Banks and Yayo did.

    • 2Far

      lol like Yayo would say passport gang!!!

    • Tone

      ^^^True he missed out on that whole G Unit wave of hopping country to country

    • Anonymous

      Word plus he never toured with G Unit even though he did his own thing Game missed out on certain things in the beginning of his career. Him and 50 never perform none of the his songs off the first album.

  • d

    Next best rapper

  • Anonymous

    "He rode a bike to the studio, the rapper said. He worth about $15 million. He rode a bike, a mountain bike to the studio. From likeI dont know where he came fromHe came from Hollywood to the Valley on a bike. With the guitar on his back. " Game seems surprised that a rich guy would want to get some exercise and ride a bike.

  • Anonymous

    I find it hard to believe that Game wrote that Bigger Than Me record last year. Give me a fucking break.

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