Ma$e Looks To Work With Lauryn Hill, Recalls Kanye West & Pharrell Collaborations

Ma$e says "Now We Even" is set to feature Rick Ross, Kanye West and Dipset.

Ma$e says he has high expectations for his upcoming album, Now We Even.

"This album is going to be amazing," he says during an interview with REVOLT

In the interview, Ma$e also discusses the amount of time that it has taken him to craft this project, which is still not finished. The album is Ma$e's first solo effort since 2004's Welcome Back

"When you want to do something great, it takes time," he says. 

Ma$e has a few features lined up, including Kanye West, Rick Ross and Dipset. During the REVOLT interview, Ma$e also says he is looking forward to working with Lauryn Hill, Jeezy and Seal. 

Ma$e has collaborated with several acts in the past, including Kanye West and Pharrell, who contributed work on songs for the rapper's debut album on Bad Boy, Harlem World. When reflecting on early work with Kanye and Pharrell before the two rapper-singer-producers became household names, Ma$e says he hopes to continue working with new acts to help them find their place in the industry. 

"I always like to help new talent," he says. "It keeps it fresh." 

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