G-Eazy "These Things Happen" Cover Art, Tracklist & Album Stream

G-Eazy's album "These Things Happen" is available for streaming.

G-Eazy's These Things Happen landed at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart in its first week of sales, as reported earlier today. The album, which is available to listen to below, managed to surpass Top Dawg Ent.'s Ab-Soul's These Days... effort in sales with both albums dropping on the same day. 

The album title, These Things Happen, was recently explained by G-Eazy in an interview with The Source. "It was really a reaction to this crazy lifestyle we are living right now," G-Eazy said. "Being on the road almost all year and every night you sell out a show its kind of a mind fuck in itself. It’s like You work for something for so long so when it finally starts to happen your reaction is kinda crazy. You know, we would have these wild nights on tour then you would wake up the next morning like, 'Fuck, these things happen.'"

These Things Happen earned 3.5 spins in a review on DJBooth. "There is something universal about a melody and a catchy beat," DJ Booth says of the effort. "Which is why even though G-Eazy might stereotypically get clumped into the 'frat Rap' crowd, the closer comparison by far is Drake." 

G-Eazy, who has participated in HipHopDX's Hollywood Freestyle series, recently discussed the album with Billboard"It encompasses who I am as an artist," he said. "It's what I've wanted to make since I was a kid at Berkeley High selling mixtapes at school and on Telegraph Avenue. It's me in my 20s on a wild roller coaster surrounded by parties, tours and temptations."

1. These Things Happen (Produced by Blackbear)
2. Far Alone ft. E-40 & Jay Ant (Produced by Jay Ant)
3. I Mean It ft. Remo (Produced by Remo & Christoph Andersson)
4. Interlude (Produced by Christoph Andersson)
5. Opportunity Cost (Produced by Jordan Evans & Matthew Burnett)
6. Almost Famous (Produced by Christoph Andersson)
7. Lotta That ft. A$AP Ferg & Danny Seth (Produced byChristoph Andersson & G-Eazy)
8. Factory Girl (Skit)
9. Downtown Love ft. John Michael Rouchell (Produced by G-Eazy)
10. Complete (Produced by Christoph Andersson)
11. Let’s Get Lost ft. Devon Baldwin (Produced by G-Eazy & Christoph Andersson)
12. Shoot Me Down ft. Anthony Stewart (Produced by G-Eazy)
13. Been On (Produced by Christoph Andersson)
14. Remember You ft. Blackbear (Produced by Blackbear)
15. Tumblr Girls (Produced by Christoph Andersson)
16. Just Believe (Produced by Christoph Andersson)

Tracklist via ThatsEnuff.

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  • Anonymous

    Whack and it has nothing to do with him being white.

  • Maxee Whiteford

    I love this new album. I think his swagger and style is key in his growing to success. But, when it comes down to it, he makes good music. It doesn't hurt that he is attractive, but regardless, he has the total package. G-Eazy is going places and I'm stoked to be here watching and supporting while it happens. I mean it... (: http://smarturl.it/G-EazyImeanIT

  • Joseph Taylor

    And stop with the color barriers... That shit is weak and old... Nothing can change the past but the future. Think about that shit.

  • Joseph Taylor

    I first heard G-Eazy via Spotify about a week ago as he had a couple of singles on Billboard. The funny thing is he's actually very dope. I'm hearing a lot of hate on these blogs so I figured I'd be the advocate on the other end. If you are looking for an album that has a little bit of everything, this is it. In fact, I predict that this guy will top the charts and have them on lock for quite a while. There is a time and place for everything. Knock that hard core hip hop shit (because I do), but knock this when you're partying and socializing because the women are going to love this dude. If If I had a label I'd try to sign him because he's going to sell. Sure there are some elements of other artists such as Drizzy and Ye in my opinion, but overall this album is good. In fact, this is one of the hottest albums for hip hop this year by far. On the Westcoast, this is a huge win. For the Bay Area, even a bigger win.... Haters, lol. G-Eazy keep killin this shit mane.

  • whites killed hip hop

    this guy is a fucking white queer

  • B-Eazy

    I tried to like and respect this dude - him being from the bay and whatnot. The lyrics are so goddamned corny though, and slow, and monotone, and unoriginal/inventive. He's done everything right to "make it", but he's starting to become a less lyrical Macklemore - which is really, really weak. I bet your girl likes him though...

  • Anonymous

    this guy is wack as an artist



    • J

      I been saying this for year and the time is here and these white rappers are invading and taking over the game just as there ancestors once did when they can to America and took it from the Natives.. Black rappers have been slacking and thinking that it would belong to them forever and not it's game over.. I fks with the old school so I don't really care what the new school does because I'm still bumping Pac for life.. Lol ninjas, I know you feel like someone stole your bike, hahahaha.. Go read and get intelligent and try again..

    • Anonymous


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