Dizaster Receives Lifetime Ban From KOTD

Organik says the ban can be lifted if Dizaster pays a fine and apologizes to Math Hoffa.

In a statement released today (July 2), King Of The Dot (KOTD) founder Organik said that Dizaster is banned for life from KOTD after the rapper punched Math Hoffa at "BOLA 5" Saturday (June 28).

The ban can be lifted, however, and turned into a one-year suspension if Dizaster makes a public, genuine apology and pays a $2,500 fine.

“This is not a case of having Dizaster back in KOTD,” Organik said in his statement, "but a case of taking the right steps forward in killing any sort of animosity these actions have brought upon battle rap as a culture.”

Organik also said that Math Hoffa should be commended for how he has handled the situation and says that Math is merely a victim of violence. “He’s [Math Hoffa] a professional,” Organik said, "and has always conducted himself as one underneath the KOTD banner."

To read the full story, visit Battle Rap.


  • Organik's fukin joke right?

    When math coughs up his 5k for the 2 punches hes thrown, diz will cough up his 2.5k.... organik needs a slap himself to get him off his high horse

  • Haha

    I hope the punch was worth it man!

  • RapRick

    What the fuck?!?! What about the time when Math hit that other guy and everyone on the stage didn't even step in? Why hasn't math gotten any penalty for that? JESUS

  • mitchskrill

    Why the fuck would he file assault charges if someone threatens to punch me as a man I'm expecting something. Should of been ready. Fuck snitching

  • Anonymous

    Battle Rap, It all went the sh!t after Grindtime anyways. KOTD champ should obviously be Charron but nah, who care about mic skill. They can't have a nerdy skinny kid be the champ of the league so they rather give it to that cornball Arcane and body builder Pat Stay. Now the best so called battle rapper can't freestyle for sh!t, play dress up as a undertaker with coffin ,flowers as background and choke for 10 mins and still be declared the winner just because he's from Brooklyn. Yes, battle rap is now completely corny

  • t

    They call themselves professionals hahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • lol

    lol battle rap so corny

  • Robba Shanks

    yall are too fuckin simple minded and arrogant. whats he supposed to do? let everything slide until people are getting shot? yeeeeah.. gotta keep it hood right?. Fuck outta here. these cats are trying to build a culture And a business. if you idiots cant understand how violence is bad for the progression of both of those things, your opinion dont mean shit anyway so dont bother.

  • Fofonymuss

    " ..... under the KOTD banner" . These emotional ass estrogen tanks need to stop punchin each other. This kinda shit never ever happened in earlier battle eras. When the majority was unorganized street battles!.. with mufuckas gettin embarassed in the streets in front of everyone. Its the whole point of battling.. to handle shit WITHOUT VIOLENCE you fuckin tampon receptacles!!. Shit gonna get outta hand and someone gonna die.

  • Anonymous

    organik looks bitch made as fuck. canadian pussy

  • dizaster

    fuck you organik

  • dazeone

    This is BS...All the ish Math Hoffa pops allot of stuff and he snuck two others...This decision is wack...karma is a mother...He got what he deserved...We rocking with you in Philly. ..plus Diz is nicer lyrically..Math is weak lyrically and can't rhyme that's why he tries to bully

  • 614grind

    I'm surprised more dudes don't fight. They all up in each others face spewing all kinda grease. They need to put some distance between the emcees so nobody is in range to swing.

  • Anonymous

    Diz is a pussy, he is on some bitch shit this faggot dont have thae balls to go toe to toe that little bitch, plus he said in a interview that beef is stupie

  • Anonymous

    Diz and KOTD both are weak as hell.

  • Anonymous

    "a case of taking the right steps forward in killing any sort of animosity these actions have brought upon battle rap as a culture" LMAO shut up u battling ass nikka don't nobody give a fuck about battle rap you bums this ain't gonna tarnish your reputation

    • get.your.shit.straight

      Actually alot of people care about battle rap. before social media became huge rappers made their name on the street battling others for repuation rather than posting youtube videos. The REAL emcees still battle rap cause thats how its done. Pussys jus make videos.

  • da Mayor of MN

    i dont agree wit this @ all...math provoked diz and got smacked up but it is over and diz already apologized to his fans on twitter so why drag him thru the mud he is still a man at the end of the day. i think there is more to this, these kotd folks must not fuck wit diz, but dizaster i say fuck em, you dont need em, on to da next one

    • Anonymous

      End of the day you aint supposed to let them get in your head like that. Them bars is supposed to be your punches. They both faulty, clean it up and move right for the future.

  • Anonymous

    this is battling, if you can't take the heat and go punch your opponent you shouldn't be battling period, so i agree with organik!

  • j rock

    yo Diz Should just pay the fine fuck a apologie

  • Anonymous

    These battle leagues are so pussy it's pathetic. A bunch of grown men standing around talking shit to each other. You can call it whatever you want but that's what a rap battle is at it's square root, 2 people talking shit........ Then when somebody gets punched in the mouth you wanna start talking about "Lifetime Bans" and shit. What's next, a lawsuit. This shit for little girls man, I don't know how anybody can take it serious.

  • LOL

    1st of all Math Hoffa is the one that hit the little kid at URL a couple of years ago and started a huge fight! /watch?v=QZ0yZTzG4kI&feature=kp Then Math Hoffa hit Serious Jones and started another Fight!! Why the fuck should Dizaster apologize?????? He did us all a favor ps: dont fuck with muslims, period. dizaster will fuck you up

  • Anonymous

    someone ghost wrote the script for this shit

  • Jamar

    lol @ Lifetime Ban! This aint the NBA. Battle rap is corny, I'm sorry. It's so white washed now ;/ Where are the brothas?

    • Cpt Obvious

      dont be sorry. no room in battle rap for your narrow minded hypocritical views anyway. you are no different than the "blacks took over sports!" people. you are aware that Math Hoffa is Black right? Do you even watch battles? i bet youre just a white kid tryin to prove how not white you are.

  • Anonymous

    $2500 you might as well ask him for one billion dollars.

  • Capitalp

    This is a good move. I'm glad he got that ban. And I hope Math never battles in a league anymore as well. Math already bruised the battle league with his antics and now this idiot. Ban them all. Battle rap is an art, if you can't be a part of the art, be gone.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahah, Organik is a fucking queerbait. I wanna piss on his gay little face right now, what a bitch, so many hoes out there these days

  • john12

    Why does organik care, everyone signed off on the videos. In 5 years the footage will become valuable. He'll be living in mansions, while the battle rappers will be dead, in jail, on welfare or stuck at a 9-5. They don't care if anyone got hurt during the event. All they said was footage is safe. Not is anyone else safe. If I was Math I'll file assault charges against Diz and sue KOTD for not providing proper protections.

    • FuckJohn12

      @Sk313tOR, your a pussy as well, only faggots get police involved, I'm not a gangster or a thug either but I am also not some little bitch who would go file charges cause I got my ass beat.

    • Anonymous

      John12 got the slowbucks syndrome, lol

    • Sk3l3t0R

      @fuckjohn12 - Hell yeah, I'd file assault charges, too. I'm not a gangster nor a thug, and have no desire to be either. I also don't front and play like I'm one, like your dumb ass. We all know you're a fat ass 12 year old trying to act hard. Pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      he was talking about the footage of the entire rap battle and not the fight at the end.

    • Fuck john12

      You'd file assault charges? Dude your a fucking pussy without the hair, what a fucking little bitch, someone should smash your punk ass for saying that. You are what's wrong with society, wanting to file charges cause you got your ass beat, fuck you cunt & fuck your mother. I hope someone beats her ass too.

  • Anonymous

    These battle leagues should set up like boxing, write the bylaws and elect a council. Then compete for belts and purses. I think once that happens the sponsorship and broadcasting will come. Aint kotd drake's crew? Lol

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. Meant crew like homies not staff.

    • T.B

      And I think thats a good idea, should be like boxing.

    • T.B

      KOTD is not Drake's crew. Its a battle league tht started in Toronto. Drake has been on it as a Judge but its not his crew.

    • Anonymous

      Who thought we would ever have weed stores

    • triPAUD

      both are good ideas. especially the title thing. I think then i'd start to care a little more. The union thing would be hard to implement, but if players can do it, maybe artists can as well.

    • Anonymous

      Funny part is cats were calling for a rap union 20 years ago and billions of dollars made later all they ended up with is 360 deals, smh

    • Anonymous

      In order to do this they need to UNIONIZE and that will not happen. Rap won't pay dues and they're is not enough money coming in. It took BOXING, MLB and so on 40 plus years to make it happen.

  • john12

    Banned for life. Like that shit really matters. They are not the government and it's not like battle rap companies have any power anyways. Diz can make more money battle people 1 on 1 and posting up the video's himself.

    • DOT

      doing his own battle shit would be a waste of time, mays well jus make albums. better off jus going to a different battle league or jus man up and bite the bullet, along with the money its about the exposure as an artist. KOTD has a strong following and provides exposure of artists through battle rap. Exposure = Money

  • Klone Killa

    W W motherfucking E

  • Anonymous

    True that was URL and not KOTD

  • Sincere

    Fareal, save your money Diz. Record some records and move on from battling, you've already proved yourself. Props to Organik tho, keeping it professional as he can. And yes math did sock someone during a battle, not sure if it was KOTD tho.

  • @N0N

    I don't get it - Math is the one who's acted unprofessional, has punched Dose & Serius before, and Organik calls this bully a professional. Meanwhile Diz just is the coke-head he's always been, but this time he got double-dared by this bully and strikes at him, and now he's banned for life? Organik Seriusly must've had his fair Dose of Math in his mouth...wow.

  • Anonymous

    Rap battle company beef's!

  • Anonymous

    Didn't Math punch somebody not to long ago? lol He's not talking cause he's embarrassed. Save your money Dizaster, and use this opportunity to strike out there and finally get your just due as an artist, not just some dime a dozen battle rapper.

  • M

    it's cool to talk about killing and shooting each other, but if you throw a punch, that's crossing a line.

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