Dizaster On Punching Math Hoffa: "It Was An Instinctive Reflex"

Dizaster also reveals he hadn't finished battling when he punched Math Hoffa.

Speaking for the first time since punching Math Hoffa following their battle at King Of The Dot’s “BOLA 5” event Saturday (June 28), Dizaster spoke on the phone with Rap Grid and details the commotion of what happened. 

“He kept on doing funny shit at the end of my round, he was distracting me, I remember I was distracted,” Dizaster says. “I was trying to remember my shit and then I just said that. I was like, ‘I should just punch you,’ while I’m trying to remember my final thing ‘cause I still had one scheme after I punched him. I’m trying to remember it and he’s just like, ‘Do it!’ Then I couldn’t remember anything at all. As soon as he said, ‘Do it’ the first time, automatically my attention looked at him. When I looked at him, he just looked at me dead in my eyes and he was like, ‘Do it.’ It was like me and him were the only two in the room, bro. Everything got blacked out again. 

“I just looked at him bro and I just fuckin’ swung,” Dizaster continues. “It just happened, dawg. I don’t even know how to explain it. The best way I can explain it is it was just an instinctive reflex of all the shit that was built in.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Dizaster recalls “laughing” and even taking a picture with Math Hoffa prior to their battle and discusses why himself and his opponent appear to be cool with each other in the Eminem-backed “Total Slaughter” event. 

To read the full article and listen to the interview, visit Battle Rap.


  • nictendo

    good hit dizaster, way to get your name out there. i like this

  • Anonymous

    Dizaster is going to PR this lame fight into the ground. He should just shut up and focus on his career. Shit like this doesn't get you respect. It makes you look like a child.

  • Rey

    This is really childish.

  • DeGrande

    "Anonymous: "Like watchin 2 niggas arguing at a bus stop" dead" Fuckin'... Hilarious!

  • A Trillionaire

    Math Hoffa posted on Twitter "Niggas tried to jump the god... lmao". First of all, Math, you are not a god. Not even close and never will be. Secondly, you did get jumped. Diz rocked you, then his crew jumped you, then Diz knocked you again and threw your ass over the guard rail and continued the beat down. You're done.

    • Anonymous

      If you have knowledge of self and who God is and you strive to manifest that and the qualities of the supreme being who is originally from the east,. The family of God were those that were conquered by European nations and brought into reversed state of being of what one might call dog in the 21st century.

    • anonymous

      no O.G means original gangster NOT original god..... tf?!?!?!

    • higher infinite power healing our people is a dumbass who thinks hes smart

      Actually gangster is the long word for G and that doesnt even sound correct you dumbass you cant even write and make sense its G is an abbreviation for gangster wtf is a long word? stop tryna sound smart ur dumb af god is some five percenter shit trust i was raised in nyc i grew up around real old school 5 percenters that actually know what theyre talkin about wen they try to kick some shit

    • Anonymous

      Kanye West, please stop posting here.

    • Still Learning

      Oh my! so O.G. really means Original God?

    • Anonymous

      I thought it was originally 5 percenter slang

    • higher infinite power healing our people

      you do know that GOD is long word for G right... you wouldnt have hated if he said G right? you do know about HIP HOP right? you do know G means GOD right, not gangsta... and you do know hip hop stands for HIGHER INFINITE POWER HEALING OUR PEOPLE.... fuck outta here fake boy

  • Anonymous

    smh @ Diz's disgraceful behavior. The guy is confused. And fuck Hoffa. He fronts like he's a real dude but he didn't handle that shit like a real nigga. A lot of my friends/fam are real niggas - rangers, marines and navy seals with combat experience. Cats who served 2 or 3 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. They don't run around saying how real they are. They know that they are. Now if someone snuffed one of them, I'm certain they would not retaliate, instead choosing to not blow things out of proportion. However if a nigga crosses certain boundaries, or runs his mouth like he accomplished something by stealing on a nigga: shots fired, man down.

  • Lil Wop

    Math Hoffa got worked over in this fight. He was getting stomped by Diz's crew then he got up and was looking for some more and Diz gave it to him. And at the end you see Hoffa's boy telling everybody to clear out like "move along folks, nothing to see here". I wouldn't feel very much like a man today if I was Math Hoffa.

  • Scs

    Who cares? That battling shit is DEAD. These queers don't even battle over beats anymore, it's just a fake-ass acapella shouting match.

  • Anonymous

    These wiggers should grow up and get jobs.

  • x

    zzzzzz....try writing a song with some actual content instead of more adolescent punchlines about how u the man and everyone else aint ish

  • david

    It just happened... Anyone with half a brain can see he set him up to get jumped with whats his face, Daylyt. This is what happens when you constantly have to outdo your own antics to gain exposure, its always some stupid drama with these fools. In the end its all about who gets the most attention, how you get it doesn't matter anymore, no need to be a great lyricist anymore, just be the loudest. Battle rap is finished.

  • j lorenzo

    i dunno bruh. i just keep having flashbacks to when diz said this - http://youtu.be/zVQSZxF_Zrc?t=13m40s -easier said than done, no?

  • Anonymous

    Hoffas the bully that fucks around with every slappin ppl n sucker punchin ppl til he gets squared up and cries. lol. no sympathy

  • Renzo rolling

    Bad thing for battle rap all this childish fighting. Battlerap is about fighting with words.

  • Anonymous

    Math is the classic sissy bully. Acting tough against people smaller in size and got slaughtered by Diz, why? Because he's not used to fighting anyone his own size.

    • Anonymous

      Somebody with sense on this site. Reminds me of the two rednecks holding a sign that said: " People in 'are' country speak English." Although I do agree, you live in a country, learn to speak the language (Look at the (predominantly white)Mormons, they go to other countries and speak the local language as well as, if not better than, the natives, still 'are', c'mon man.

    • ASEE

      @foh are you serious? get off yourself. The word "bully" is henceforth banned from the mouths of all males because this asshole thinks it's not "manly" enough. why don't you propose a more "manly" word the means the same thing then? A bully is a bully. Men bully other men. Women bully other women. Police bully civilians. Nations bully other nations. The word describes something real.

    • foh

      what MAN uses the word bully describing another man? you fuckin punk smh...

  • Dizaster Punches Math Hoffa During King

    Even though I don't know the history between these two guys or what their beef is, I will say that human emotions came into play, and for those saying that this is supposed to be a classy event or whatever, go fuck yourselves. Get off your soapbox for a second and then tell me you wouldn't have done the same exact thing. As humans, we're inclined to act upon our emotions; it's our nature. And while we do live in a society of rules and regulations, there is no law powerful enough that can restrain, halt, or alter the human emotion. Actions have consequences, and I'm sure that Disaster will promptly pay for what he did, but in the meantime, lets not act like many of you wouldn't have done the same. ^^^^^ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I WAS RIGHT YA SORRY ASS MOTHERFUCKERS!!! NEXT TIME LEARN YOUR PLACE!! TALKING ABOUT IT'S RULES AND REGULATIONS! MAN FUCK RULES. EMOTIONS RULE THE WORLD, FAGGOTS!

  • Anonymous

    Dizaster looks like Alladin

  • Me

    I read the title but I don't know this clown but I do know he must have been getting his ass out rapped and he caught feelings like a bitch and he should be banned for being a sore fking loser you sucka ass fk bwoy...

  • Anonymous

    This guy is a total faggot. The end.

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