Bang'Em Smurf Calls Ja Rule, Prodigy Suckers

Bang'Em Smurf says both Ja Rule and Prodigy incriminated others in their tell-all books.

Former G-Unit affiliate Bang’Em Smurf took aim at both Ja Rule and Prodigy in a newly-released interview with Mikey T The Movie Star. The rapper criticized both artists for releasing tell-all books he feels have incriminated others.

During his interview, Smurf was first asked how he felt about Ja Rule writing about his fight with 50 Cent in his book, “Unruly: The Highs And Lows Of Becoming A Man.” He went on to question the rapper’s portrayal of the fight and recalled what he heard happened during the altercation between 50 Cent and Ja Rule.

“Ja was getting all hyped and out of control,” Bang’Em Smurf said. “50 is like a calm nigga. He ain’t really the type of nigga to argue face-to-face. So, he punched the nigga in the eye. And whatever happened after that happened. I know he came home—He wasn’t injured. I know Ja had a black eye cause he couldn’t do interviews or none of that…How you beat a nigga up you got a black eye and you got your chain took? Then the nigga 50 walked off…I even wore the nigga’s chain.”

Bang’Em Smurf later compared Ja Rule to Prodigy who also released a memoir detailing his music career. Titled “My Infamous Life: The Autobiography Of Mobb Deep's Prodigy,” Prodigy’s book was released in 2011.

Smurf went on to call both Prodigy and Ja Rule “sucka niggas” and called them out for incriminating others with their memoirs.

“He doing the same shit Prodigy did. You know Prodigy did a lot of fuck ass shit,” he said. “Incriminated niggas and all kind of shit in his book. You know what I mean? Like this is what sucka niggas do. Sucka niggas write books and try to incriminate niggas for money. I don’t respect Prodigy neither…A lot of these rap niggas writing books telling on niggas. All kinds of homo shit going on in this rap shit right now.”

In a previous interview with Mikey T The Movie Star, Bang’Em Smurf gave his thoughts on the chain-snatching incident involving former G-Unit affiliate Slowbucks at Summer Jam last month.

“Yeah, you got robbed. You shouldn’t have been on stage,” he said during an interview last month. “Fuck you doing on the G-Unit stage for anyway, nigga? You just fuck with everybody then. Maybach Music, G-Unit. You understand what I’m saying? Keep your circle tight. If he wasn’t bouncing from groupie to groupie from this team and this team and this team and that team, shit like that won’t happen to these lil niggas.”

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  • Anonymous

    how fuck does he know ! he wasnt even there SMH

  • Anonymous

    He didn't call them "suckers". He called them "sucka niggas". That's a big difference.

  • Anonymous

    The sad part is 50's not paying Smurf to co-sign him like this. This nobody bitch nigga is doing it cause he's jealous of Jeffrey and the 20 million albums he's sold. Who cares if he wrote about a fight? It's public knowledge anyway.

    • What

      @dumbass: that what you are a dumbass the nigga dick riding and 95% of these so call street nigga and rapper that you are talking about are coward, i see it everyday, they talk way to much and will never never do anything or dirt by they lonely because they are scared to death

    • dumbass

      you dumb ass hell.....street niggas don care bout that...and just coz he sayin something in 50 favor dont mean he cosiging...bang'em can get wierd but he a real nigga from a real nigga era , you sound like a computer age foo! ....just go comment on B.O.B shit

  • ny daily

    bang em WHO THE FUCK ARE YA WHO?? NOBODY the only person ja imcriminated is himself for beating 50's ugly ass u stupid fuck

  • Anonymous

    this nigga dont even like 50 and he saying ja is lying

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    And his name is "Bang Em Smurf"? You are calling someone else a sucker? Didn't Game ether that dude?

  • Anonymous

    I knew Ja was lying.

  • Anonymous

    ...coming from a guy who bangs smurfs, has got to be the worst name in rap

  • 199viq

    Bang em Smurf is my favorite rapper

  • Danielle Harling is a sucker

    You gonna write an article about a nobody? What if Bang em Smurf let a fart? You gonna write an artcile about Bang em is farting. These articles are pointless bitch

  • 0-1

    This nigga!! I was there when that shit went down in atlanta with ja and 50 , 50 was with yayo and a couple of other niggas then ja came with them murder inc niggaz, ja went up to 50 . Ja was going wild jumping around screaming at the nigga saying I dont like you and ill fucking crush you what up !! Lol ja pulled out a bat 50 punched him ! Ja hit him with the bat pulled his shirt over his head and started punching him !! Them murder inc niggaz started jumping 50 dudes they left and that was it ! Then I heard them murder inc nigga stabbed him at the hit factory aha im from queens I knew ja he was not a sucker real nigga ! Dont belive everything you hear from 50 !! Peace

    • BlackRobbb

      You fulla shit nigga! Everyone knows Ja is a clown nigga no taller than 5'6". How did Ja do shit when he got his rope took??? #fool

    • blunz

      nigga do you here what he said bangemsmurf said i wasnt there but 50 told me what happened !!! fail nigga its murderrrrrr ahaha

    • This Is How It Actually Went Down

      I have first hand info on the happenings in Atlanta. It was actually 99, my 1st semester at Clark Atlanta. Fif was on the strip doin signings along with Nas. nikkas wasnt showin Fif no love cuz all he had was How to Rob at that point. The nikka sat there and mugged the whole time, had the iced out watch on and a black leather FUBU lookin mad uncomfy, not shook but annoyed that Nas was gettin all the love. Thats the first time I ever saw Horse also. He stayed behind those 2 the whole time. Anyway, fast forward to a lil later that night. 50 and Rule were performin at the same spot, I forget the name of the club. I had a connect cuz one of my nikkas ran wit JD's "Street Team" and not the n8ggas that walk wit posters on sidewalks. So my peoples is at spot, Im runnin late waitin on my roomie, we get there and my dude tells me that 50 had to fukk Rule up right quick cuz the nikka was feelin himself too much and stepped to 50. Fif did blacken his eye and Rule had to perform wit shades on. And he swole that shyt up too. nikkas and bring it on fif, it was a fair, and the nikka Horse was there holdin him down and from what my people said, nikkas wanted "NO PARTS" of that nikka. I have no reason to lie for ole boy at that time, VVV was my shyt so I favored Rule. But it is what it is. and a radio host also confirmed 50 punched Ja in the face and was then walking around wearing sunglasses

    • Anonymous

      STFU nigga! If that's how it went down then why are u not saying how 50 ended up having Ja's chain and watch cos I don't see Ja loosing his chain in a fight like the one u ve just explained! U bitch ass niggas hate 50 that much that u ll hate any positive that links up with him! Shit is sad! That nigga ja said it himself that 50 punched him why is he changing now!??? Only a bitch nigga will buy his bullshit lies! This nigga Smurf telling u everthing how he got his chain back n shit no lies here and his not even a 50 friend no more like he's just said he doesn't like 50 !! Smfh!

    • Anonymous

      we dont believe you

  • Jack M.

    Yeah, you got robbed. You shouldnt have been on stage, he said during an interview last month. Fuck you doing on the G-Unit stage for anyway, nigga? You just fuck with everybody then. Maybach Music, G-Unit. You understand what Im saying? Keep your circle tight. If he wasnt bouncing from groupie to groupie from this team and this team and this team and that team, shit like that wont happen to these lil niggas. That's actually an astute observation.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga here lame as fuck who buying this shit ja book about him and his life tell how 50 wait until the fed was on ja rule before he started diss the and who sent the fed on them hell 50 was the one holla all the big dope boys names so who tell it all nigga don't know one give a fuck about this fuck boy here

  • Anonymous

    This nigga sound like he never made it out the 3rd grade and by the way you can tell the nigga is broke still living with is mother.

  • Lame, Never Was Ass Nigga

    Is the trying to get back to G-Unt???

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ja Rules goons will murk this no name faggot.

    • Anonymous

      if Ja's "goons" aint do shit back when Smurf rode with Fif what the gon do now he cant come back to the US

  • james

    50 took ja shhh and ja know it and ended his career now this corny nicka writing books...what happened to murder....gtfoh...and then 50 did ja just like slowbucks , gunplay...50 was bowling w gunplay chain Ja is too funny if 50 told the nicka lets box for a million in front of all the fans to see if your thorough

  • Klone Killa

    This clown is just trying to get in 50's good graces..Go back to work nigga, them fries aint gon' fry themselves.

  • Anonymous

    50 did actually get a beat down, that is actual facts, and the reason behind those first diss records The whole rap beef was 50 getting at ja because of this street situation, and the media sprouting contraversy basically turned into a war among and of the fanbases.

    • Anonymous

      WRONG it all started because one of 50's people snatched ja's chain and ja thought 50 put him up to it

  • Chase3

    True shit!!! I give it up to Smurf he and 50 aint been cool but he kept it a 100!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Ruvunja

    Prodigy's book had me alternately bursting out laughing and shaking my head. The threat and menace of violence pervades his entire thought process and I don't think there's a single chapter where he doesn't almost "pull out his razor", or "open his trunk to pull out his tech", or "tell his goons to do what they gotta where they then proceed to ""whip the clothes off that boy"" when referring to how they gave a beatdown to Noriega. No wonder Nore was pissed. If Ja's book is in the same vein of "almosts" and thug shit poppin off every few pages or so I'ma read the damn book just for its comedic factor.

  • Anonymous

    Who gives a damn now. There's 2 stories, and the truth. Ain't nobody going to know.

  • Anonymous

    New rule in the music world. If you arent releasing music, you get no interviews...Ever.

  • Anonymous

    No one believes Ja Rule

  • adsada

    I'd be careful calling people suckers with a stage name like that.

  • Anonymous

    So Ja had people with him, a bat & he still got his chain snatched? How you gonna have a bat and let a nigga leave with your chain, especially If your with 8 people.

    • Anonymous

      the chain fell off in the fight if you listen to both side of this ja when to where 50 was and they jump them so how he when and took ja chain cuz 50 not about that life the nigga wanted ja life and he diss ja about everything he was doing and started doing the same shit and y'all fell for it the nigga not real he is his name 5-0

  • Anonymous

    50's the last authentic mainstream rapper I laugh everytime i think about this nigga blackin his eye taking his chain and wearing it in that vid if that aint gangsta I dont know what is

  • Anonymous

    Even the people who dont like 50 say he is a certified real street nigga, Ja boasting about him and his people jumping him with bats and crutches and 50 still gave him a black eye and took his chain lol

    • T

      Man up & stop talking about other dudes! 50 didn't do shit but tap-dance whenever 'massa mathers' snapped his fingers. Sambo.

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